Pirelli Spare Tyre Sizes & review

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The Pirelli Spare Tyre is a Temporary/Compact Spare tire developed for Original Equipment applications that allow vehicle manufacturers to increase available trunk space and reduce overall vehicle weight compared to using full-size spare tires and wheels. Pirelli Spare Tyres can help drivers regain temporary mobility in the event of a flat tire due to a puncture, cut, road hazard, accident or blowout.

Like all Temporary/Compact Spare tires, the Pirelli Spare Tyre is designed for temporary use only. It features a smaller physical size, narrower tread, shallower tread depth and lighter-weight construction than the tires with which the vehicle is normally equipped.

The smaller physical size requires Pirelli Spare Tyres be maintained with 60 psi cold tire inflation pressures and driving speeds restricted to 50 mph.

Temporary/Compact Spare tires do not include a wheel.


  1. Tire is a spare, unused so far. I did note that the manufacturing date was 2009, so I am concerned that it will be unusable if needed in the future, So far I see no cracks or signs of age, but I examine it every few months. I would have much preferred a tire manufactured within the last, say, 2 years.


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