Pirelli P6000 Sizes & review

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Pirelli pushes the performance envelope with the P6000. A totally innovative, freshly patented “new wave” tread design which incorporates an almost continuous, and therefore exceptionally stable, tread block running from the center to the shoulder of the tire, separated by elliptical water clearing channels running across the tread area. Born in CAD/CAM experiments, this unique tread design combines tread block stability with wet weather safety while minimizing noise generation. Pirelli’s warranty does not cover tires that develop compound cracking due to use in ambient temperatures below 45° Fahrenheit (7° Celsius), so the P6000, like all summer tires, is not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.

With the latest generation of silica based compounds, Pirelli technologists have solved the problem of mixing silica and black fillers with synthetic polymers to provide exceptional low rolling resistance and high wet grip.

The “unseen invention” of Pirelli, the P6000 casing has been specifically designed to reduce weight and to amplify the attributes of the new tread pattern and compound combination. Reduced unsprung masses, reduced rolling resistance, enhanced comfort and up to 186 mph (300 km/hr) performance in one technological package.


  1. I bought these to replace OE Yokos. The Subie dealer said they were all season. There are some tire sites that support that, however, Tire Rack has it right. These are not meant to be driven in the snow. I wish I checked this website first. Actually, anything other than dry, clean, smooth pavement is a problem for these tires. They are dangerous if you are not on a track. They are loud and reduced my MPG by 6 MPG. I have rotated these and spent the $$$ on alignments but after 25,000 they’re done. I was really disappointed and glad to get rid of them.

  2. I bought these tires to replace Centennial Interceptor 2 tires which I could longer get. I had heard good things about Pirelli so I opted for these. They were terrible! Road noise was horrible and anything other than smooth driving was not good. They wore very quickly. I would never consider buying these tires again for any car I have.

  3. Replaced the horrid Pirelli 6000s on the 95 XJS 4.0 with Dunlop SP Sport 5000 Symetrical on my mechanics reco. The Pirellis are old-tech hard-sidewall “speed rated” but theres no place to cruise at 140 in NJ. So 132mph with an “H” rated tire gives a docile quiet ride thru the neighborhood with sticktion in sanctioned slaloms. The stiff KYB shocks actually work without sounding like a ballpeen hammer on the frame. Its like a different car!

  4. These are the original tires on this vehicle. Traction and handling are excellent. They still have about 20% tread left but I replaced them with BFG Super Sport A/S’s because these have become extremely noisy and uncomfortable. It was so bad that I thought that there was something wrong with the car. The dealer checked it out and said it was just tire noise. The BFG’s made a dramatic difference. It’s like having a new car. I would never buy the P6000’s again.

  5. Two of the four tires lasted 21k miles, which is the expected life of this tire. The other two were replaced early, due to road hazzard damage. The tire performs well, but has short life and is prone to damage from pot holes, nails, etc. The profile is so small (size, not the brand) that I spend a great deal of time avoiding hazzards. Noise on the tire is very very high once you hit the last 25% of its tread life.

  6. The car is a sport quattro, and the tyre wear is very balanced front and rear. Only had one skid in it on a roundabout junction , but due to conditions and speed, the tyres had no chance! Grip and cornering stability is very good, and mileage is excellent (at least 30k miles and tread at 2mm). Had P6000 fitted to a small front wheel drive sporty hatch several years ago, and found that P6000 tyres werent so good. So I would say that these tyres are best on heavier cars. High speed stability in the wet is very good, with no indications of aqua-planing. Again, this is partly due to the weight of the A6 and also 4 wheel-drive helps.Recommended buy for the Audi A6.RegardsSimon

  7. I drive a supercharged 300+hp vehicle and these tires have performed well. I would buy them again if the road noise wasnt so bad. With about 25% tread left they got really loud. I sound like a lifted truck with HUGE tires on the highway. It hurts my ears at 40mph. Really big problem with road noise.

  8. These tires are overall good tires. They have quite good grip in the rain on my car. They are not the best on the highway where I find they are very loud and harsh-riding, over expansion joints and general holes/bumps. Cornering is good, but I find they wear a little faster than I think they should. These tires will require religious rotations at every oil change, especially if your driving style is hard. I would consider buying these tires again.

  9. I almost sold the car as I thought there was something wrong with the front end. the car actually shakes and the noise from the tires if very bad. I really thought there was something wrong with the suspension it was so bad. My wife said sell the car. I am getting new tires eventhough these have tread left it is not worth the terrible ride.

  10. The Pirelli P6000 were the OEM tires on my 2001 S4 sedan. They have very good dry traction, and decent wet. They have only 20,000 miles, yet are getting close to replacement (The car has 58,000 miles, but most of the miles have been with snow tires on separate wheels). Save for very sharp cornering, I generally prefer the car with the snow tires. The P6000s got quite noisy after only a few thousand miles — sounds like Im driving a big truck (as a previous reviewer also said). I will choose an alternative next time.

  11. These were the original OEM tires on the S4. They have worn unevenly and very rapidly — pretty much gone in 20k miles. The worst part is how noisy they are — worst one I have ever owned. The poor mileage is also notable. Given there are so many choices out there for tires; I would pass of these.

  12. Do NOT buy this tires. On my car, the tire causes the steering to shake, especially on uneven roads. I have gotten pulled over because the way the car pulls and swerves in the grooves. I dont think it is all this tire, partially the ratio on my steering system, but this tire definitly is a factor. They are also very noisy. I kept thinking theres something wrong with the drivetrain. When I get on a nice smooth road, the tires make a noise that reminds me of my 4×4 trucking days on off-road tires. With all the new tires out on the market now, dont buy this one. Not worth it…

  13. they arent great handeling tires but I bought them on a car that was ready to be totalled, they have been worth what I spent on them. My biggest complaint is the large tread in the center seems to gather rocks and throw them back at the under side. They could simply put a little tread in the space and solve this problem.

  14. Terrible tires. I have these on for 20k and need to replace them due to excessive tread wear and loud noise. The ride comfort is terrible, like riding on cement. Plus, they dont track right. W/in 20k, I had to have 2-4wheel alignments on top of the tire/wheels balance. I thought these would be superior to the previous Conti Tour I had, but I was wrong.Im going back to Michelin from now on.

  15. These tire were brand new when I bought my Lincoln at 39K miles. Now just went over 70,000, still riding… Up until about 2 months ago (67,000 miles + or -) these tires have performed real well. I live in Miami,where its hot, the roads are not always well kept, where stunt / slalom/ quick reaction driving is a survival skill, and it rains often in the summer (about half the year). Cornering has a great response, and when I drive highway I break 100+ MPH often. Smooth quiet ride. have pushed these tires to the limit, and love them. The only thing that may prevent me from repurchasing is price, but if price is not a concern, these tires perform better than they look.Miami, FL 9-14-2006

  16. P6000 OEMs are horrible. Tire noise is so loud that you think you are driving a monster truck vs an Audi A6 4.2. I also have a Audi A6 2.7T with OEM, but not the P6000s, and it rides nice and quiet. Even the dealer refuses to replace the tires with OEMs due to a large number of customer complaints. Someone at Audi must have gotten a payoff from the OEM to use up these tires. I can not see any engineer in his right mind putting these tires on this car.

  17. This is definitely a great tire (205/65R15 92V) for the honda accord v6. When I originally purchased this tire, I really wanted somthing that would give me a long tread life. I only rotated the tires once at about 29000 of use. I only did it because the front tires had about 8000 miles of tread life left if kept on the front and the back tires had about between 13000 and 15000 miles of tread life left. So they wore VERY, VERY well. I dont know why tire rack doesnt offer them anymore for my tire size. The look stylish. I never heard one sqeak from them when cornering or accelerating. It doesnt rain too much here in SD so but I felt safe when driving with them when it did rain. When driving 100 or so miles during a very, very hard rain, I never once hydroplaned but I do reccomend not buy these tires for wet weather areas.Oh, the only reason Im replacing them is because a nail got stuck in the back tire and the tread is “legally” too low for a repair job. Personally I think they just wanted to sell me some more tires. I would buy them again but as I said before TR doesnt sell them anymore in my size :(.

  18. These tires are very noisy and I can feel the rumble beneath me as I drive. I scored them low on noise and ride comfort.This is the first set of high-performance tires I have used as I have only owned my BMW for 1.5 months; so, its hard to rate the other categories because I have no base for comparison. They seem to perform decently well in dry and wet. However, I am sure there are better tires out there and I am looking for them now.(Mileage on the tires is an estimate as they were on the car when I bought it.)

  19. This is my second Saab that has been delivered with a set of Pirelli tires. My first Saab was a 9-3 Arc. The first set of Pirellis lasted less than 10,000 miles before wearing out. I was advised a manufacturing defect existed, but since Pirelli did not provide a treadwear warranty, they refused to correct the matter. Fortunately, Saab stood behind their vehicle and replaced the tires with another brand, even though there was no requirement to do so.The P6000s on my 9-5 have less than 15,000 miles and 9 months on them and already need to be replaced (I use Goodyear snow tires on the car in the winter) even though I have them rotated by the dealer every 5,000 miles and check the air pressure weekly. Because of my experience with Pirelli treadwear on my first Saab, I almost refused delivery of my Aero 9-5 when I saw the P6000s on it. I finally accepted delivery of the vehicle (reluctantly) and, as I feared, my second experience has been almost as bad as the first. Of course, I anticipate Pirelli will do nothing to correct this matter either. The road noise from the P6000s is unbearable, especially on rough roads. My Goodyear winter snow tires make less noise. Also, the ride is very harsh and I was not impressed with the traction on rainy days (the poor tread life may have contributed to this).The Pirellis were fairly good in terms of responsiveness and cornering stability, although I have found other less expensive tires to be better in this area.In conclusion, I would not recommend these tires or brand name. This also includes any OEM new car deliveries as well. If you can specify another brand, you should consider this option.

  20. The car is actually a honda Integra VTiR 125kw, which may not be an american model. Anyway the Perellis are dreadfull tyres in the wet. In the wet The front slides out at the mearest hint of power going into corners , I hit the kurb the first time this happened, luckly at slow speed and mashed the passenger side wheels. I am very carefull with the car now in the wet and can feel it jiggling around just waiting to slip. This has not occured as the tyreshave aged but deom the very start. Dry grip is excellent very confidence inspiring. My other cars are Suburu WRX with Bridgestone Grid III (not sure you have these in USA) and a BMW M3 with Bridgestone S03 tyres. always been very happy with the bridgestones and so am going tomorrow to buy new Bridgestone G III for the Honda as they are just brilliant at about $US 90 before winter sets in in NEw Zealand. The Pirelli inspire fear in me on a wet day and i would never buy again

  21. These are excellent combination street sport tires. I had one tire that would not balance no matter how I moved it around the wheel. A road-force balancer indicated a problem with the tire. I purchased another tire and use the inferior one as a full size spare. The replacement tire is as excellent as the other remaining three and has not indicated any issues. These are very good tires, they transform the handling and performance of the car.

  22. This is the OEM tire for this car. It is a very responsive road tire. I like the sensitivity of the feel. Cornering is good, but I havent driven a tall sidewall tire like this in some time, so the sidewalls are more flexible than I like, but Im getting used to it. I like the grip, they take off well, only slipping on crosswalk paint, and even then they dont make much of a squeal. I use Kumho V710s when I autocross, this is a highway tire.My only complaint is that the tires follow the grooves in a concrete highway, so the car “jiggles” between 50 and 70mph.

  23. Have had 7 Volvos since 1971-still possess 3 of them. Bought one used 1971 in 1974 was shod with Pirelli rubber. Approached a cloverleaf after a light drizzle too fast. Expected and anticipated a skid, it did not!! I have had them ever since.

  24. I have run pirellis for years on the SHO and they never disappoint me. They actually have great treadwear as well so I am more impressed with them than the Goodyears they replace on the car. I have upgraded my suspension so the tires now work much harder and they seem to handle it fine. The price is very reasonable for the tires considering the performance you get from them.

  25. The loudest tires I have every purchased. They were the cheapest at the time I could find. After a 4k miles the tires hum like a bad wheelbearing. I have heard pirelli tires only last 40k miles and I dont think I will keep them long enough. I hope to wear them out at the track so I can get new tires. I will never reccomend a pirelli tire to anyone.

  26. Second set. First set on the rear lasted 60K miles. As somebody said “It was great tire…in its day”. One of the few matching tires for my 911 with 15″ rims. N2 rate. Great in the rain when there is adequate tread. Not impressive at autocross.

  27. This is the best Summer tire ive ever seen.Honestly these are now 16 years old. 2001 mfg date. Used every single summer since new (2003 purchase, so 14 years of use) over 85000miles I still have another season or two out of them, If thye let me post a picture in this review and or video I would seriously do both and rate these 10000x over.

  28. No noise. At least not enough to overcome my obnoxious exhaust! The handling on these tires is fantastic. Changing from All-Season to these is such a huge difference. One of the tires was punctured and I had to ride with one spare All-season tire for a few days. The difference is unbelievable! I can drive like an A-hole with confidence.

  29. These tires perform relatively well as three season radials, but they were completely used up in only 18,000 miles! They are NOT to be used in snow, unless you enjoy white knuckle driving. I replaced with Goodyear RS/As which lasted twice as long, and were MUCH better in snow. They dont perform QUITE as well(Although very close.) but overall a much better choice for 4 season performance radials.


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