Pirelli P Zero Nero M&S Sizes & review

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The P Zero Nero (nero – Italian for black) M+S Ultra High Performance All Season tire was designed specifically for the North American market to provide year-round traction and handling for cars with sporty dispositions. The P Zero Nero M+S is built using the MIRS technology manufacturing process, Pirelli’s most advanced tire design and production system. The P Zero Nero M+S is Pirelli’s Ultra High Performance choice for drivers who want to drive their car through America’s various weather conditions, including occasional light snow.

The P Zero Nero M+S features a silica-enhanced tread compound blended to provide traction during high temperatures in the dry and low temperatures in the wet or light snow. This compound is molded into an asymmetric tread design that features stable outside shoulder blocks combined with notched, continuous center ribs that increase footprint rigidity to enhance grip during acceleration and braking. Shoulder grooves and circumferential channels allow water to flow through the tread design to resist hydroplaning and enhance wet traction. The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts to provide strength and durability on top of a polyester cord body.


  1. I havent tested the winter traction yet and based on the tire so far I am dreading the winter on these in a RWD car. The tire is absolutely horrible in the wet. With very little acceleration the rears break loose, even in 4th gear. For my first Pirelli experience I am very dissapointed. I want my PS2’s back, even though they were down to the wear marks I would gladly trade them back for these.

  2. Lasted only 20,000 miles. Was wore down to nothing, and that was with rotating every 5 thousand. Called Pirelli as well as my dealer, was told that it is a high performance tire and that i should expect fast wear. No warranty for this type of tire. Would definitely not buy again–STAY AWAY

  3. An excellent all around tire for drivers that need it for all types of weather conditions. Excellent wet/dry traction, really grips as good or better than any all season tire out there. Snow traction is very good as well, no more hair trigger ABS and TCS while putting around at low speeds. Outperformed the Hankook V4S tires I replaced in every way. Difference was night and day, and for the money I don’t think you will find better. They have been durable too, no sidewall bubbles so far! (Previous tires bubbled after less than 10k miles of use) If sticking with the OE tires or a similar summer tire with dedicated snow tires and wheels is not an option, these Pirellis are a great choice for someone wanting to use the same rubber year round.

  4. This is not a good tire for a Mazdaspeed 3 unless you intended on buying a standard handling car. On my Mazdaspeed 3 this tire is very unstable and unpredictable while cornering. They like to find the grooves in the road and follow them wherever they may lead you. It feels like my swaybars are loose because the sidewalls are way to soft. This tire might be better on a car with little to no power and had no handling to begin with but not on the Speed3. Not recommended for the Speed3 at all. Sitck with the OEM tires if you can afford them, the Kumo Ectsa’s are a great replacement for the OEM, the only problems I had with them is I had to constantly correct my tire pressue and they are worthless in the winter.

  5. Found these tires at a great price of less than $100 each. First time I ever drove on Pirelli’s and all that hype did not live up to it. I live in Vancouver so I got to try these tires out in the rain and let me tell you they are absolutely scary in the rain. Wet traction is HORRIBLE, I dont know why they are considered M&S, You would have to be absolutely nuts to try these tires in the snow after what I experienced on wet roads alone. Dry traction is good but not great. Road noise is also good but not great. Handling is the one aspect that I really liked about these tires, corners are a pleasure to go around but again only when dry. Sidewalls are stiff which improves handling while taking away from the comfort. I would never buy these tires again, Im back to my beloved General Exclaim UHPs, people shy away from them because they are “General” but you have to give them a shot, in my opinion its the best tire for the money.

  6. The first 2 years with these tires were great. I went with these because of the name and aggressive look for a M/S tire. This year I noticed a drop in performance in the rain and snow. They still have decent amount of tread left which surprised me. Great in dry conditions and much better than the stock Michelin MXM(?). I have sport springs on my car and I still can’t get the tires to squeal in the dry. I went with a +1 size wheel so I wasn’t looking for a quieter or softer ride. I drove in some snow recently and it spun a lot in less than 1cm of snow. I would consider these tires again if I find a good deal.

  7. This is my 4th set. Noise level is good and treadwear is great. I do 30,000 miles a year and replace these every 18 months (rotating every 5000 miles, keep pressure at 40 cold). They still have tread left after 45,000 miles but my BMW’s rear wheel camber tends to wear the inside edge of the tires down to the cords at this milage. In damp conditions the rears break on a take-off from stop on any surface, but the fronts are OK for steering as long as the asphalt is not smoothed with slurry. On a tight, greater than 90 degree turn (almost a U turn) while accelerating the fronts have broken loose and I’ve experienced understeer even after I let off the gas to shift the weight to the front. If it’s looser banked turn that I can roll the weight of the car into (like a cloverleaf on-ramp) they stick nicely. Since my primary purpose is reasonable cost, reduced noise and long treadwear, with the occasional spirited on-ramps and corners, these tires are a spectacular value. If you’re looking for massive grip and sports car handling while throwing your car around, these are not your tires.

  8. Total night and day compared to the OEM Dunlaps, which were like skating on ice when an inch of snow fell. Actually brought the Pirelli’s during a snow storm, talk about auditioning. They handled the snow like what snow and please give me more! Until the next review I am totally impressed so far. Bravo Pirelli, bravo.

  9. These tires were on my car when I bought it and they had only 30-50% tread left on the tire. It is a Stealth twin turbo AWD, and I drive it like it was meant to be driven… fast and hard. Going into this winter I was worried I would need to replace the tires because they were so worn… I was wrong. I have been through an icy snow storm, a deep snow storm and drove 1200 miles round trip to Indiana and back where it snowed all the way through Ohio with well over an inch of snow on the interstate, and it snowed every day while I was there and for another day in Jersey after I got back. (6-8 inches) These tires with tread already worn smooth near the edges man handle the snow when used properly. I love to drive it in the snow! In the rain I easily cruise over 100 mph with no sign of traction loss. Heavy rain, cold wet rain, ice, snow… never a problem. I don’t know what else you could expect, any tire will have “less” traction in bad weather, unless u stud a tire it will slip on the ice, period. I was able to pull out of my icy street where others slide backwards down the hill. Yes, I do have AWD but that won’t help much without good tires. They are not perfect; They sing to me on the highway and they track a LOT on uneven road surfaces. When it comes to winter and wet traction they I am very pleased! If you have problems with this tire you probably have the wrong size tire for your wheel width or they are under or over inflated. I found no fault in the traction of these tires with very little tread left. I may try a different tire due to price and tracking issue, but definitely considering these after they have impressed me in the snow, ice, rain with so little tread left.

  10. I’ve owned my Camaro, since new. I was happy with the performance of my O.E. Goodyear Eagle GA tires, but when they wore out, I wanted to upgrade to Camaro SS 17 inch wheels, and the Goodyears weren’t available in that size. As a summer only car, snow was not a consideration. I was only worried about hydroplane resistance, decent wear, ride comfort and occasional spirited driving (my V6 won’t tear anything up too badly). Pushing exit ramps for the first 20,000 miles revealed some squirm in the grip, but they are solid in heavy rain, comfortable and have worn well. At 35,000 miles, the squirm is gone, grip is good, still comfortable, good tread left and probably another 20,000 left in them. I’ve been extremely happy with these tires and would not hesitate to buy them again. They are not extremely grippy summer tires, so if that is what you want, pass these by. The dollar’s slide has driven the price up, since I bought them. Even so, in a couple of years, when it comes time to replace, I may well put another set of Pirelli’s on!

  11. Excellent tire in the dry, in the wet, not so great. Very quiet on the highway, comfortable ride, even with my lowered suspension, and excellent response of the road. However, I would rather save a few more hundred bucks and get the Michelin Pilot Sports.

  12. Tire is below average. It is not a good one for this car. I’ve had two sidewall failures causing one front & one rear to be replaced. I have never had a failure except when it has been a Pirelli. I’ve had CN36, P7 and now P zero’s fail. Most of it has been sidewall failure. I’ve had wheels get broken with no associated tire failure(I drive a lot and occasionally hit a pothole at highway speeds). These tires are garbage. They were OEM equipment on the car.

  13. There were terrible in the snow and not very good in the rain. Occasionally losing traction on entrance ramps in the rain is not good. Even light snow would lead to slipping on starts and if you parked, on snow or ice, you were pretty much consigned to being stuck. I thought it was the car, but having seen the difference tires can make I am sure it is the tires. Would not buy ever again. How dare they call them M& S tires.

  14. This is a fair weather toy that rarely sees rain or wet roads. I drive from the SF Bay Area up Highway 1 to Gualala (115 miles each way) most every weekend, so this car and its tires get challenged by some of the twistiest roads around. This was the 3rd set of tires for this car. The original Good Year F1s were crap, wore out in 18K miles, noisy, mediocre handling and poor wet performance. Next were Yokohama A520s, which were good initially but were noisy and harsh on highways, wore down and became very slippery on dry roads (never drove in the rain on them). They only lasted about 22K miles with the last 4K being a REALLY noisy, slippery adventure. Then I got the Pirelli PZero Neros. What a difference from both previous tires. Much quieter than the Good Years, smooth on the highway, great handling, very progressive in breakaway and very controllable. They stayed very good handling through about 22K miles, then got a bit slippery but nothing like the Yokos. Wet handling was very good the few time I was in the wet on them. They wore fairly evenly (rotated every 6K miles)and stayed good riding and quiet until the end. Excellent steering response and feedback in corners. Definitely a good tire for the price.

  15. These are my 2nd set (4 tires) of Pirelli’s on my Z28. I got around 48,000 miles out of the first ones. I wear snow tires in the winter. Most of my driving is highway driving, but also do some full out racing with these. Right now I’m running 430 HP, with 445 lb-ft of torque. I’m going to pull and rebuild the engine again, and turn the LT1 into a LT4 383 Stroker with nitrous, and 500 HP should be easy. I have to laugh at the people giving the bad reviews. Their problem is either the car, the rims, or the driver. These tires are great! Note the size of my tires. I have been over 150 mph more than a few times and regularly live over 130 mph! It’s good they have a “W” rating at 168 mph, because I use every bit of it. Do I trust these tires? You bet!

  16. At the suggestion of my tuning shop at the time, I repalced my Fuzion ZRis with these Pirellis. I was really against it. It bothered me that it was an all season m+s tire, not a summer performance tire, but the shop insisted I would be thrilled with them compared to the Fuzions. I should have trusted my instincts. My wheelspin off the line increased terribly, and I actually started to feel like I could only use the top 5-10% of the pedal travel without spinning. Loss of traction when cornering was sudden, and when the tires managed to bite back in again, it was a sudden jerky grab that felt wild and uncontrolled. Replaced them with a set of Michelin Pilot Super Sports, and MY — the difference. Where the traction control light would flash every time I didn’t baby it off the line on the Pirellis, the Michelins have yet to light it up EVER. Not once that I’ve noticed in my first 600km on them.These tires MIGHT be ok for someone looking for a daily driver tire for a not very powerful car living somewhere where you can actually use all seasons all year long, but for anyone who drives enthusiastically, or has a powerful car, or ever needs to buy snow tires (thus negating the need for all seasons) AVOID THEM. Buy Fuzions, buy General Exclaim UHPs, buy anything else…

  17. I don’t normally write reviews, but these tires are so unbelievably appalling, that I needed to put this out there. I’ve driven on a wide variety of tires and I’ve never come across a tire that has such little grip (particularly in the rain) and wear out so quickly at the same time. I have 24,000 miles on these tires and my guess is that they’ll last until 30K. The problem is, they are flat out dangerous in wet weather. People that think this is a good tire haven’t driven on quality tires. Once you invest in a quality set of tires, you realize just how bad these are. Without question, my performance winter tires that I put on in the winter time are significantly better than this tire on dry pavement, wet pavement, and of course snow. There is no justifiable reason that my winter tires would outperform these in the warm weather. Stay far away from these tires and shame on the car manufacturers for equipping numerous cars with this junk as OEM.

  18. I like the performance of these tire, but it just wear out too far, I store the car during winter (Nov to April) and drive in the summer, these tires will only last for 2 summers, roughly 10,000 km/summerI have the 235/40/18 in front and 275/35/18 at back, they cost me $1500/2 years time. too expensive for me, I have puchase 3 sets of these tires for the part 7 years, and they wear out constantly at 2 yearsI am thinking to switch to something else once this set is toastedAlso I never race the car or put it on track too

  19. These tires are definately better than the OE Michelins. Great for the first 2yrs. I was expecting some more road noise with the profile I chose. More a dry tire couldn’t handle more than 2in. of snow. The tires are now noticeably noisier and slip in the wet under light acceleration. The tread still looks good, but probably has gotten harder. Might try an asian brand tire for more value.

  20. These tires wear horribly! They are also easily punctured. One flat was created by a piece of glass less than 1/2″ long. Another flat was created by a tiny little panel nail! It went thru the corner of the tire which, of course, means you’re buying a new tire. When tires were rotated at 5K, the tire changer noted cracks showing up between the tread blocks in ALL 4 tires. Due to the poor wear and the cracks, he didn’t think the tires would make it much past 10K without needing replaced. My previous set of tires were Michelin Pilots. They are a far better tire all around. I’m going back! My dad advised me years ago never to buy Pirelli tires. I guess I should’ve listened.

  21. Excellent tires in dry condition. Very good cornering stability and responsiveness when steering or breaking. I was expecting a better treadwear especially on the front tires which are almost slick on the inside by now, but guess this is the result of taking the car on the track few times and some hard breaking. Rear tire are still very good and would probably last another 15k mi. On wet road they are performing much better than the original BFGoodrich (I still have to understand why they sold shelby with this terrible tires), even though still slippery on some roads, but this is mainly to be attributed to the weight distribution on shelby and mustang GTs.A very good tire overall.

  22. I drive my cobra as a daily driver in Chicago suburbs and to and from school in WI. Drive it in cold but not in snow…. got caught once tho with a light dusting of snow on the roadI loved them for the first month… then as tread went down and I was disappointed. When ever it rains I have to drive 55 or I’m going off into the ditch. I read the reviews and people post of getting 60,000 miles with mustangs and beating on them. Mine are almost bald at 16,000! and its not because i beat on them. I had bfg a/s tires and they were much better. I wouldn’t spend the extra money for these.

  23. Love this set of tires, from driving on the beaches in Florida, an in heavy rain or dry open roadway at over 100 mph, or driving on the Great Smokey Mt. Highway. This set of tires can do it all. Dry or wet curvey roads, steep hills and very shary braking and some snowing all makes for a great trip.

  24. Overall the tire handles the road with no problem for my style of driving.There is alot of noise from the tire as the tire gets older.The main problem for me why I will think next time buying is alignment & balancing, tried 3 different people to get it done & no luck. Tire vibrates between 70 & 78 mph, and pulls to the left, so I adjust tire pressure to compensate for the pull. Not sure if it’s the tire or all these tire installers got training from the same place, because it’s not the first tire & car that I have a problem with alignment.

  25. This set came with the car from the factory. I have 6k on the tires and they were well. I would like a more perf oriented tire next time around. The tires have a rounded shoulder and the Continental and Michelin in the same size are squared off. I will be buying one of those next time.

  26. My C30 came equipped with 215/45R18 93W M+S which I believe are now known as the PZero Nero All-Season. The only problem that I have had with this set of tires is that they have a habit of breaking loose on wet roads. I haven’t had hydroplaning issues, just the occasional slip when starting on a green. It seems to happen more often while roads are drying after a hard rain. After 30K+ miles, they have reached the end of their life – I had a road hazard flat today and they are very worn.I would consider buying these again but I am probably going to go with a set of Bridgestones for the next go around. Your mileage may vary.

  27. I loved these tires when I got them. They drove beautifully for the first couple months of the winter, but then I started having a bit of wheel shim and bumpiness. After one winter, I took these off and they were worn almost completely out with uneven wear and bumps in the sidewalls. No response yet from Pirelli.Possibly just a defective set, but I can’t say I’d trust these again.

  28. If you live anywhere with snow, DO NOT buy this tire, even with traction control, abs, and me putting the car into winter mode transmission setting, I struggled very hard to get this tire to perform. After that if you question maybe its driver error. I both road race and autocross with the SCCA and know how to handle a car. With that said the tire performs pretty well in the dry and warm. It had adequate traction for daily driving and was pretty comfortable.

  29. I’ve had these tires for over 4 mos now and after rain and two snow storms in NY i can say they perform very good, given the conditions you have to be gentle on them to get a great result, i only got stuck once in about 4 inches of snow in a traffic light, but after trying lightly to take off i was out and the rest of the way the tires responded very well. Dry traction is excelent as well as handling, and im not crazy about noise (dont care really as i always have my stereo loud) but i noticed that these are very quiet tires, ride comfort is a bit rough but keep in mind that my suspension is stiffer too (sport-tuned shocks and springs) so i would not blame it on the tires. Would i buy again? YES if i decide not to get dedicated summer/winter setups; i currently have summer tires on the shelf but i might leave the pZEROs on for the summer.


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