Pirelli P Zero Nero GT Sizes & review

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The P Zero Nero GT (nero Italian for black) is Pirelli’s Max Performance Summer tire developed for the drivers of sports cars, sporty coupes and medium-large sedans. As the evolution of Pirelli’s earlier P Zero Nero, the P Zero Nero GT introduces their latest technological developments to enhance product performance and tread life. Pirelli’s warranty does not cover tires that develop compound cracking due to use in ambient temperatures below 45° Fahrenheit (7° Celsius), so the P Zero Nero GT, like all summer tires, is not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.

Featuring a new compound, the P Zero Nero GT has a balanced content of silica in order to enhance wear resistance without compromising the sportive feeling of the product in both dry and wet conditions. The compound is molded into a subtle asymmetric, wide rib tread design to increase the rigidity of the tread to resist deformation and enhance grip and steering response on a variety of road surfaces while enhancing resistance to irregular wear and generating low noise levels. Optimized in their position and width, the tire’s circumferential grooves are designed to maximize dry road performance while enhancing hydroplaning resistance.

Featuring a high-technology casing profile, the tire’s internal structure includes rayon body plies and twin steel belts reinforced by zero degree nylon that evenly distribute footprint pressure and resist deformation to promote high-speed durability.


  1. Love these tires. I have 5000 miles on them with very little wear. I am not a hard driver, but occasionally like to pass the competition. This is not a standard S60, it is a GT K-PAX model and with these tires it has positive grip and corners like it is on rails. Will purchase these again.

  2. Punctured an OEM tire out of the gate so took the opportunity to switch to something a bit more suited to a Performance 3, and that would be covered by road hazard warranty – this is my first new car, and who knew that road hazard isn’t part of a vehicle warranty 🙁 Those OEM acoustic tires are also ridiculous $ for what they are.In exchange for slightly greater tire noise, these grip better than the OEM but not as good as Direzza Star Specs that I had on an S2000. Cornering seems a little less refined, but it’s also a heavier vehicle so ¯\_(¿)_/¯The rears are pretty well done at 19k mi, and started making some pretty significant additional rotational noise around 15k or so. The last 10k mi has predominantly been road trip highway driving with not a lot of spirited cornering, so not sure what’s causing the rotational noise. I guess I really should have checked them more closely and rotated at 10k mi, for now will replace the rears to wear out with the fronts and then maybe switch it up for the next full set.

  3. torque steer on the st was pronounced with the original equipment Goodyear tires.pleasantly surprised how well the PZero tires handle and muted torque steer significantlygreat on wet and dry roadsreasonable comfortable and rather quietoverall very pleased with my choice

  4. These tire preform well, but I would never buy them again. Got 2 bubbles and 2 blowouts in 1 month of driving. Spend your money elsewhere where other tires will be more practical.

  5. Bought these tires (with wheels) to replace a set of staggered run-flats. They were remarkably reasonable in price, and the Tire Rack reviews were good. At first — nirvana, the improvement over the run-flats was a joy, making this early E90 handle more like an E46. However, I soon noticed how NOISY these tires are, compared to the Michelin Pilot Super Sports of the same size I had on my last car. BMW. How bad? I’m seriously considering biting the bullet and replacing these tires with a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4s — which I should have bought to begin with.

  6. We’ve been using Conti-DWS on our Audi for the past few years so when going to the PZeroNero it was a huge change… The most noticeable differences were the sticky and mushy feeling of new tread… We also have a S60R with the standard Pirellis P-Zero’s and while they are not nearly as sticky and lack the mushy feeling the regular Zeros just inspire confidence.. We also left them on all Winter and while they did fine they lose the sticky traction when it gets below zero… I’d say it’s a good all round safe, quiet, super tacky, summer tire that you can count on in corners and in the rain…They were lacking on the performance side with the mushyness but they were a great deal and a good summer tire we should get two years out of with out issue…

  7. I wrote a review on the tires I had before BF Goodrich G-force comp 2 A/S. I HATED THOSE tires , for 3 years I thought something was wrong with the cars suspension. I purchase the Perelli Zero Nero GT from Tire Rack a month ago and as soon as the tires hit the road I notice a hug differance in the car . The ride is so much better , tires are much more quieter , the handling is so much better and handles more safer on wet roads . Why did’t I replace those tires sooner . Hopefully these tires stay this good . time will tell .

  8. Decided to try these for a slightly higher tread life rating over the OE tires. Wet and dry traction is fine so far, though they have not been pushed in the corners.You will lose some of the steering response from the OE Sportmax RT’s. The response delay is not as bad as the winter tires (General Altimax Arctic), but it is noticeable at first. I have become used to the new response and am happy with the tires. Just wanted to note the difference for other ’15 wrx drivers out there.

  9. Got these due to great sale price and very good brand after the factory Continentals wore out after only about 8000 miles. Hoping these will last a bit longer and make it to lease return but have been very impressed with the performance as well. Traction on dry pavement is great and responsiveness is crisp and accurate.

  10. These Pzero Nero GT’s made an immediate improvement in traction, noise and ride. Really holds the road well, don’t hear them with the top down, delivers all the power sent to them. Early yet, but no noticeable treadwear problems. Makes this little drop top a lot of fun on excursions into the Ozark foothills.

  11. Good tires, served me well over about 35k miles. The road noise was good overall along with good overal steering. I was a little disappointed in the treadware. I did hydroplane or slip in these a couples times on only damp streets, so wet performance is not great. Good overall tires however.

  12. Our 2004 Crossfire had Michelin Pilots that still had good tread but had begun to dry rot badly. It had a groaning noise that was loud with any spinning of the wheels ever since we bought it over five years ago. We thought it could be a bearing, but it turned out to be the old tires. These new Pirelli P Zero Nero GT completely eliminated the noise and improved the ride and handling significantly. Hopefully they stay decent as they wear.

  13. I got these tires on discount from tire rack because they were old stock. I checked the date on them when I got them and saw they were already 2 years old. I was very pleased with the tires when I first put them on, but in a short amount of time, they became very noisy. I actually look forward to putting on my winter tires which are Nitto NT90W’s because they are quieter.In all other regards, this tire is good. Handling is decent and they have lasted an amazingly long time. Because my tire is so old, I wonder if the rubber has hardened out which is decreasing the amount of wear. I cant stress enough how noisy these tires are. I would never get them again because of this.

  14. As stated in the video the turning response is quit good. Both noise and ride quality are really good considering there is barely any sidewall to these tires. For the price these are a great tire for my 2007 Cadillac STS AWD. The only down side to these are there is no beed protector and my wheels are right in line with the sidewall so the first tap of a curb my wheel will be hit. The size was recommended by Tire Rack and is something to consider for the next purchase of tires. Will update as I get more mileage on them.

  15. After experiencing the factory Dunlaps (hard, less than stable ride), and a set of Sumitomo HRTZIII’s (OK at best), I can report that this tire is what this car needs. They track perfectly, the ride is more stable and comfortable at high speeds, and they permit the STI to corner the way I expected when I bought the car. I would not hesitate to recommend this tire for the STI. I don’t know how long they will last, but after burning through the last two tires in 16K miles and 18K miles, respectively, I am optimistic that they will do at least as well as the last two. Buy these tires if you have an STI.

  16. So I’ve had these tires for about 3000 miles now. I actually drive backroads the most (quite spiritedly at that), and these tires truly do hug the turns. I’ve driven All Season Performance tires before and in comparison, these are night and day difference. I’m able to out drive BMW’s on some of these turns primarily due to the ability of these tires to just hug the corner. I absolutely love them, the ONLY tire that I will argue is better, is the Michelin Pilot 4s, I’ve driven on those in a friends car (also FWD), and they do have better wet performance as well as slightly better dry grip. However, for over a $200 difference, it wasn’t worth it to me. The Pirelli’s are still phenomenal, they’re even taken on a crazy rainstorm with hail and I didn’t have a single traction issue… (I may or may not have been doing over 60 on the highway). I digress, if you’re looking for some solid summer performance in both dry and wet, I highly recommend, especially for the price. They won’t disappoint. P.S: I also drive like 30,000 miles a year, so I’ve already driven these a fair amount and put them through almost every type of condition you can think of… No, they aren’t good in the snow.

  17. Is early with just 500 miles so far, but tires track very well in corners and ride smoothly on highways. A little bit of rough feel on city streets, compared to the all-weather tire it replaced. Wet traction better than expected.

  18. I’ve had these tires for two years. They are a good all-around performance tire.I’ve now had them on the track three times, and driven long distances to two NSXPOs (2016-Orlando, 1100 miles each way and a bit less than 120 miles on the track, and 2017-Road America, 500 miles each way and around 120 track miles). Total miles on the set now is 13000! Tread is still at 6/32 on the rears after all that driving, and the fronts are 8/32 (new for both front and rear is 10/32). These tires are quite comfortable for street driving and are very quiet. They are halfway decent on the track and manage to get through a 20-minute session without overheating, surprisingly. They certainly haven’t felt greasy at the end of a session, but then again, I am not the fastest, most aggressive guy on the track.Amazing tires in the rain. I’ve done long distances in torrential Florida downpours with no drama. No hydroplaning, though I never push this car in the wet.I even drove down to Cincinnati in 20-degree weather once. Don’t want to do that again! Took the first 50 slowly driven miles of the trip for the tires to warm up, but once warm, they were fine. *Disclaimer¿DON’T DO THIS UNLESS YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO!!!! I HAD TO….* Above about 35 degrees, the tires warm up quickly and operate as expected.So to conclude, these tires are a good all-around tire for someone who drives on the street, drives long distances, and does *occasional* tracking. These tires have been just right for me. If I didn’t have to drive long distances for NSX meets, I’d go with stickier, shorter-treadwear tires like Dunlop Direzza Star Specs or Yoko Advan AD08Rs.

  19. I just replaced the stock Goodyear F1’s after 25k miles. I did a ton of research to see what other options I had and the Pirelli’s seemed to have the best value for performance and were $40+ cheaper than the stock Goodyear’s. I haven’t had many miles on these Pirellis but the difference is immediately apparent – they are quiet, smoother, surprisingly better steering better response, and it corners like a dream. It feels like a new car – admittedly the previous tires were quite worn down too. I would highly recommend these tires and they are quite cheap comparatively.

  20. these are my first ever pirelli tires but they will not be my last. i paired these bad boys with set of kmc wheels from tire rack and these tires grip on the road and on corners like gorilla glue. the also are very cool and sporty looking as pirelli tires are found on vehicles such as audi bmw mercedes porsche aston martin and many others. 5 stars out of 5 i love my new tires!!

  21. I honestly love these tires. Completely night and day from All Seasons. I do have some suspension modifications already done though, so my review might be slightly biased because of that. However, I am an EXTREMELY spirited driver. These things handle like a dream when you’re tearing through corners. I actually drive back roads a lot (probably more than anything else) and these are amazing in both wet and dry. They do have this slight tendency to lose traction ever so slightly in the rear (I have FWD), but they seem to lose it, the back end goes out slightly, then they catch again and you’re good. And it’s ONLY when you’re going bat$h!7 into a corner. But overall I love these. Definitely would get these again. So far the only better tire is the Pilot 4s. However, they’re like $300+ more than these… sooooo. Up to you

  22. This is a summer-only tire that I’ve driven about 22,000 miles on. Dry traction is absolutely stunning, I couldn’t possibly imagine reaching the limits of this tire on anything but a track.Turn in is crisp, traction is endless under dry conditions, and the tires transmit everything- you know exactly what’s going on underneath you. In the wet I find them prone to hydroplaning and they lose grip predictably but relatively quickly in the rain, this is especially noticeable after about eight or ten thousand miles. Do not even consider driving this tire on the snow.The MKZ is a pretty quiet car, so tire noise is prominent, but not unexpected and not excessive for the type of tire that this is.If you are an enthusiastic driver, and have a car capable enough to warrant these tires, I highly recommend them. They’re a little bit excessive for the MKZ, but in sport mode and with the factory 19 in wheels and these tires, this car approaches performance sedan capabilities.

  23. I purchase this set of Pirelli’s to replace bridgestone run-flats so my ratings will seem high to those who’ve never had the dubious pleasure of owning those. The difference, on this car, was night and day. Such a drastic improvement on every level I don’t even know where to begin. If you’re on the fence about switching to non run-flats don’t be, do it! I wish I had not waited so long. To be upfront, I live on an Island so I do not drive cross-country and I have roadside assistance so the ability to get somewhere for a flat repair is not an issue. Honestly, with two flats on the run-flats that were irreparable, I could have switched a long time ago and saved money. Anyway, ride, traction, comfort, steering, noise, cornering, appearance, ALL were improved. Time will tell, but for now I regret waiting.

  24. my previous summer tires were Pirelli P-Zero Rosso, but they no longer offer them in the size / load rating i require. The Nero seems to have less grip in the dry and much less grip in the wet. On the plus side they last about 40% longer, although some of that may be due to changes in my driving due to relocation (S Florida roads are just boring compared to the Ohio roads i ran with the Rossos). The Nero is a good value for the money, that is their best trait.

  25. Very pleased with these tires. Only a little over a thousand miles on them so how they will wear is still a question to be answered. Would definitely recommend these tires. My only disappointment was with the rebate. I mailed it in within a day of receiving the tires and now after 5 weeks haven’t seen anything, not sure how long it should take but 5 weeks seems a bit long.

  26. Took a 1500 mile long trip with these after putting about 300 miles on them. Drove 12 hours through constant rain with intermittent pouring. My car was loaded to its maximum load weight, as recommended by VW, and these tires made maintaining the 70-75 mph speed limit comfortable and issueless. Dry performance is just as good, however, they are not as comfortable driving around city/towns as other tires I have experienced driving with. The noise level driving at city speeds is also neither better nor worse than the VW Gti stock tires. If anything, they may be slightly louder than the stock tires around town. At Hwy speeds there is no noticeable noise difference.

  27. There are a switch over from Run Flat BMW tires so there was a major change in feel.Much better at soaking up small, sharp bounces. The tire felt softer but more responsive to input.Wearing well, very sure footed in the rain, much more comfortable and predictable.


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