Pirelli P Zero Nero All Season Sizes & review

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The P Zero Nero All Season is Pirelli’s Ultra High Performance All-Season tire designed to provide all-season traction and handling. It was developed for drivers who operate their vehicles in America’s various weather conditions, including in light snow.

This line originated as the P Zero Nero M+S “Pinna” line that identified Pirelli’s use of a tread design that features additional sipes to enhance snow traction compared to P Zero Nero M+S tires. The sidewalls of all existing O.E. conventional and run-flat P Zero Nero M+S Pinna tires will be rebranded to add the “All Season” identification and will be available under the P Zero Nero All Season name as the line moves forward. P Zero Nero All Season tires are fully compatible with the P Zero Nero M+S Pinna tires and may be used to replace them individually, in pairs or sets.

The P Zero Nero All Season features a silica-enhanced tread compound blended to provide traction during high temperatures in the dry and low temperatures in the wet or snow. This compound is molded into an asymmetric tread design that features stable outside shoulder blocks combined with siped, continuous intermediate and center ribs that increase footprint rigidity to enhance dry grip during acceleration and braking. Shoulder grooves and circumferential channels allow water to flow through the tread design to resist hydroplaning and enhance wet traction. The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts to provide strength and durability on top of a polyester cord body.

Limited sizes of the P Zero Nero All Season are available with Pirelli Noise Cancelling System, which involves the manufacturer adhering a layer of sound-absorbing foam to the inner liner of the tire to reduce cabin noise in the vehicle. These sizes are identified on the Specs page and in the search results.


  1. I’ve gone through a set of 4 and I am purchasing them again. I got excellent mileage and the tires always held a good balance for almost 10,000 miles. Very low road noise until EoL. I always swore by Michelin MXV4 for Mercedes 17 and 18″ wheels, but they are out of production. My car came with the P6 and I switched to the P Zero Nero All Season (MO). I recommend this tire especially for an all wheel drive car.

  2. I think these were OEM equipment on my Audi A8 Quattro so I bought another set when it was time. The improvement in ride quality is immediately noticeable. I’ve taken it on two roads trips already and have noticed my mpg went from 24hwy to almost 30 hwy. There are probably better tires (read more expensive) but I would definitely recommend these.

  3. These tires replaced Michelin MXVs, and are thoroughly agreeable. This car is used mostly for long distance, rapid cruising around the Western states, very quiet, stable and showing little wear. Very satisfactory in winter, but not in deep snow. Excellent in the rain. Would buy them again.

  4. My wife is driving this 2018 mustang GT car, was new and now have 9500 milesTire tread is gone to 0/32 on rear and 4/32 on frontTire have 45000 miles warranty and ford dealer told us this tire rubber is soft then tire schould last no longer then 12000 milesThen who lie to us?

  5. These tires came with the car but they are really dangerous to drive in wet conditions. They hydroplane very easily. I also have Challenger with Michelins and they behave very well in the same conditions. Do your self a favor and avoid these tires. Google them and see all the reviews for your self.

  6. 33K miles totally worn out. OEM supposedly warranted for 45K miles. Very noisy, follows every little tar strip on road. “Zero” confidence with tires on any road condition other than bone dry. Will not replace with these.

  7. At 13k miles on these tires they are nearly ready to replace. They are really only good for about 15k miles for me on my mustang GT. These were the OEM tires and I will not purchase these as replacements.They’re an all-season tire, but the snow traction is a complete joke. The slightest dusting of snow and these are all over the road, even without touching the accelerator.Dry traction is also weak. Tires are consistently sliding and fishtailing on take offs with even 1/4 throttle. Steering input is fine though.Wet traction is okay, but sometimes the rear end slips out on turns. Hydroplaning resistance is actually good though.Noise is very acceptable, these are not very loud even with low tread on them.And life in these tires is also subpar.

  8. Overall a fine all season tire. Driven in Utah and Colorado highway and ski resort roads covered in snow and ice. Good traction in slippery conditions. At high speeds on dry highways, the tire is noisy and whines, more so than Michelins, but this is a characteristic of P-Zero Neros.

  9. These came on my car brand new. After 12k miles they are worn to the wear bar (rotated at 6k) The dry traction is a complete joke on the rear of the scat pack. Cornering is fidgety and not very confidence inspiring. From the day I got the car I really hated the tires, I do not do burnouts with the street tires and I drive relatively mildly, do yourself a favor and stay away from these if your car has any power or sees rain.

  10. I purchased these after the original Michelin Primacy MXM4 ran out of thread after about 64K miles. First, even with minimum thread, the car drove like it was on rails with the Michelins. The Pirellis feel a bit mushy in comparison; not as accurate as the Michelins. Secondly, ride comfort was very smooth with the Michelins. The Pirellis are not as smooth. They offer a comfortable ride, just not as smooth as the Michelins. Thirdly, even with minimum thread under full throttle from a complete stop, the Michelins never broke loose (no tire squeal). The Pirellis have broke twice. They have good grip, just not great grip. Fourth, tire noise. The new Buicks are known for quiet rides. In comparison to the Michelins, the Pirellis are noticeably louder. They are not loud tires by any means, but the Michelins were whisper quiet. Overall these are good tires for a really good price ($137 per tire). They are not in the same class as the Michelins; but the Michelins cost about $100 per tire more. If you are looking for a good tire for an affordable price, the Pirellis fit the bill; just don’t expect the same performance as the original equipment.

  11. OEM tires came with the vehicle. Terrible tire noise characteristics that got worse as they aged. They are also shot at 22K miles. And I did not run them into ground (I’m an average driver). But I also just didn’t trust them, either. Even with the new independent rear suspension on the ’15 Mustang GT, these tires were not very stable on the road. Which meant, even moderate acceleration on dry pavement meant spinning rear wheels (even w/posi on). I’ve owned other Pirelli brands (P6/P7) little or no issues and these ‘Zero Nero’s’ are the worst (by far). I will (probably) NOT purchase these again. Especially with other (less expensive and better) tires out there. Like Yokohama’s ADVAN Sport A/S tire available for about $40 less, per tire.

  12. Okay, so I noticed most of the people reviewing these at low ratings have modifications done to their car, and I cannot figure out how anyone has given them a high rating. The ONLY thing done to my car is a cold air intake, which shouldn’t affect the tires in any way. So to help the people that aren’t modifying their car, since I have an almost stock car – DO NOT BUY THESE. My boyfriend was the one driving my car this fall, as I hurt my hand and couldn’t drive a stick. He started to complain to me about how bad my car was in the rain. Now, I have had my car for over 4 years and I very rarely hydroplaned or spun tire when starting out due to wet roads, so I thought he was crazy. Then he got stuck driving it one day that it LIGHTLY snowed and complained that it —-ed in the snow. Again, I thought he was crazy because I would drive it normally in the snow, just as someone would drive an suv and I never slid. Now that I have gotten to drive my car in light snow, heavy snow, and rain, I know he is not crazy and that these tires are junk. I got these tires in the fall of 2016, and barely drove the car in the summer since the air conditioner is broken, there are probably less than 12,000 on them since I have only put 9,000 on the car since it was inspected last January. They are now super noisy, and you can only drive the car at a normal speed if it is COMPLETELY dry outside, if the roads are at all wet, you have to go entirely way too slow. These tires are awful and I wouldn’t recommend them to my worst enemy.

  13. 22K……I drive State Route 79/371/74 to Palm Desert and the handling in all conditions is superior to anything else I have driven…7/32″ on the tread as of right now. Rotated every 10,000 and just a little tread block turnup from “spirited” driving. Pretty quiet for a performance tire.(I have had “performance driving school” lessons so maybe technique plays into some folks lower ratings of this tire.)

  14. I’m a relatively spirited driver. I ask a lot out of tires and I work for a car dealership so I get to try lots of different tires on lots of different cars all the time. This is one of the OE tires on our vehicles and I was impressed with how well they handle the wet and dry conditions so I purchased a set of them to go on my M3. I have been nothing but impressed with the grip and stability these tires offer. I have read lots of reviews saying these tires have no grip or they are really noisy but they simply has not been the case with me. I do not track or autocross my car but I do push cars hard in the mountains and on the twisty roads by the lake near where I live. These tires have gone beyond my expectations and they’ve lasted a lot longer than I’ve expected them to. Pirelli has done a great job on these tires and, if I’m honest, these tires handle as well as the summer tires I replaced them with.

  15. Terrible ! Bought these tires ONLY because the size limits me from buying other brands of tire – of which Michelin irrespective of price is by far the best tire available. The original Pirelli tires were badly worn and noisy. I noticed the “noise cancelling” feature on this tire and was hoping they’d be better than the originals. After 9,000 miles they got very noisy and started wobbling. I took them in to be re-balanced and was stunned to learn the foam inside the tire came loose and was rolling about inside the tire. Yes! Allow me to explain.Inside the tire are five 2×5 strips of foam glued to the inside of the tire – that’s how Pirelli hoped to “silence” the absurd road noise. Pirelli couldn’t even produce a glue strong enough to keep them in place. The tire store had to scrape the remaining foam off the inside of the tire and re-balance. The wobbling went away – but the noise remains. Just an awful tire on so many levels.

  16. OEM Pirelli tires are just Junk and I would suggest that don’t buy cars with stock Pirelli tires, they are not clearly all season as they are dead in snow even at 25/32 thread, never had any traction on them in winters, very scared. Reasonably good in dry and wet conditions.After I noticed all the mixed reviews from the people here; I can say that it’s the OEM or stock tires which are on the new cars are absolute junk. I had only got 15k miles on my stock and if there is still thread left my tires are all scalloped or very noisy. Stay away guys as there are many good brands than Pirellis Junk, who will not stand behind their product.

  17. I’ve never been a fan of Pirelli, and the P Zero Nero’s didn’t change my opinion. They wear pretty well and they don’t have undue noise, but the dry traction is terrible. I can’t leave a stoplight without spinning the tires or go through a corner without drifting. I have a 500 hp car but I couldn’t take advantage of it due to these tires. I still had plenty of tread left, but changed them out at 13,000 miles so I could take advantage of the power and performance that my car provides.

  18. I’ve been buying tires for a very long time, and have made some good decisions and some bad. Believe me, this tire is horrible for my car. I’ve tried higher air pressures and lower air pressures, and nothing keeps them from making the absolute most annoying, loud thrumming noises known to man. Street and road surfaces hardly matter at all. They were new when I bought the car, certified, and have been loud for the duration. I plan to switch them out because they are disturbing and embarrassing when others are in the car. AVOID THESE TIRES AT ALL COST!

  19. For a big 4200 pound car w close to 500 HP and 450ft lb Tq. the Tires leave something to be wanted and an All- Season for this car probably isn’t it. Especially at the $130.00+ price point I would look elsewhere, preferably a summer tire that is decent in the wet thankfully after a few more miles I will switch out the manufactures provided tires with a dedicated summer tire. In this Instance an all season tries to be a master at too many things, and on this car becomes a master of none.

  20. Had the P-Zero Nero come with my current Mustang and my previous 2014 V6 Mustang. Both times I’ve been seriously disappointed in them. Not the best in wet conditions, and although I live in Los Angeles thats not too big of a problem but when the rain does come its very noticeable that these tires don’t grip much. Considering these are “high-end” tires, I’m for sure doing my research for better options. Does fairly well in the canyons, but still not good enough for me to consider not changing them.

  21. If you’ve got a rear wheel drive vehicle stay away. For the price of these tires I would definitely consider other options. I bought my mustang with these tires on it and they turn the car into a deathtrap in the rain. Now I know the Mustang isnt renowned for its wet performance but these tires make driving in the rain scary even when being careful. They don’t grip very well either. Admittedly the mustangs stock tire width is too narrow but i would definitely expect more from tires of this price. I can’t say much for treadwear as they were burned away.

  22. Do not use for performance vehicles. Factory installed tires that were not up to the task. Always concerned with safety related to these tires. Not pedictable results when driving. No confidence in tires delivering anything but point A to point B driving experience. Very poor overall experience. High level of risk added when utilizing these tires. Might be acceptable for non performance vehicles.

  23. Had to write a review after reading the bad one from the Challenger guy.This is a great tire. I’m almost to 30k and prob have another 5k. They have a 45k roadlife but I think that’s an exaggeration. If you know how to drive a sports car its not a bad tire at all. I would imagine if you do a lot of burnouts and stuff its prob not gonna hold up just like any tire. This is an all season tire. It’s not a summer tire. There’s a big difference.I’m about to buy another set. I figured id be doing this at 20k. I’m really shocked they have lasted as long as they have.

  24. By Kay, Chicago…Good, smooth, comfortable ride on dry, paved roads. Poor traction on wet roads. Extremely poor performance in > 2 inches deep snow. Got stuck pulling out of my garage in 4-inch snow in dead of the winter, for 3 seasons in a row. So embarrassing to need help of neighbors to extract my $75,000 car. These tires are a big joke in wet or especially snow! Finally ditched these Pirellis for Continental Extreme Contact DWS 06, with much better wet/snow performance.

  25. It’s a great tire but due to the low profile of the wheel it is not so stable in areas with potholes and or other poorly maintained roads.i expected my tire to last longer but it could not pass inspection because a bubble in the tire most likely from a pot hole.my other 3 tires on the car are still good after 12.5k miles and I expect them to last much longer.good tire but is prone to problems when used on roads w poor road conditions

  26. My assessment of these tires is mixed. These were the OEM tires on my 2017 mustang GT. Their traction even in wet conditions was really good but appears to be dropping off as the tires wear. The tires have 26000 miles on them and have plenty of tread left -even with after plenty of burnouts- so the tread wear is really good. The bad comes if you ‘hoon’ the car or if you have ears. Explanation: the tires gain and loose traction like turning off a switch; there’s absolutely no feedback that the limit is coming and absolutely no control over the limit. The tire either is fully in control with lots of grip or wildly out of control with no grip whatsoever. Thus a tailslide is extremely difficult to control. To some extent that’s the behavior of all season tires, so I wouldn’t be too harsh in my recommendation based on that. I’d probably learn to live with that(i.e. leave stability control on) except for the tires biggest problem which is road noise. At about 20k miles road noise became an issue and at 26k it is to the point that driving at 75mph is painful to my ears. I’m well aware that my car is not exactly a quiet car, but it literally hurts my ears to drive on these tires. Thus I’ll be changing tires well before the tread wears out. Not everone reports the noise issue and not everyone hoons their car, thus my review is mixed.

  27. I have installed newer sway bars and a cradle lock out kid on the Mustang to limit wheel hop. It helps but I still get a little slip on wet roads. I was sliding left and right on a thin patch of ice recently forcing me to consider tire sock. After about 5-10,000 miles these tires are very slippery on wet pavement when accelerating but can stop quicker than expected.

  28. These tires came with the car but they are really dangerous to drive in wet conditions. They hydroplane very easily. I also have Challenger with Michelins and they behave very well in the same conditions. Do your self a favor and avoid these tires. Google them and see all the reviews for your self.

  29. I have bought a lot of tires. These are not in the bottom, but top 25% category. But … Got these on a ’14 Camaro V6 LT2. Now up to 38,500 miles, still tread wear left, but bumping up against the warranty mileage of 45k. It is my daughters car and now she is moving up north (Illinois, sheesh) so I am changing them out for a better all season tire. Due to near life end and 1 or 2 times where she reported no traction in slight snow and heavy rain. The Continental extreme contact dws 06, or the Michelin Pilot Sport a/s 3+ both have superior ratings on snow and a bit better in rain. I have a set of the Conti’s on my son’s ’04 Lexus GS 300 (3L I6) and they are doing well at 17k in Arkansas hills with light snow. Michelin’s are on my wife’s ’09 (3L I6) Z4 (super sports) and down here in Houston never really touches snow but clings to the road w/ decent tread for such a high performer. The truck (’14 Siverado 1500 5.3L) has Michelin and are doing very well after 22k. So I think I can going w/ the new A/S 3+’s from Michelin. New headlights too. Hope this helps.

  30. I’ve had 2 sets of these OEM tires. They handle great when new and far exceeded my expectations in wet conditions. However, I won’t be buying another pair because of the tread life. I did a little autocrossing with the last set, so I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. But this set has been rotated every 5k miles and driven conservatively, and they’re down to the wear bars – and have uneven wear – at 30k miles. So much for the 45k warranty. Also, I don’t know if it’s just bad luck, but I’ve picked up 7(!) nails. They seem to be magnetic. Trying something new for my next set.

  31. These are the OE tires on my 2016 Mustang GT/CS. I live in a city, commute a very distance, typically drive on the highway for a few hours each month, and do most of my driving on back roads for fun. Currently have 11k miles on the tires over 3 years.Things that stand out:They are very bad in any amount of snow – even just a dusting. Without touching the throttle the car will slide off the road.They have no traction on cold, dry pavement (sub 40 degrees). I had to double check that these were not summer tires. They’re very bad all seasons. Winter traction is dangerous.Dry traction in warm temperatures is fine. As you would expect they do not grip like a summer tire would. They are predictable though and allow for smooth, controlled slides without much fuss, or even much noise.Wet traction is also adequate. Hydroplaning resistance is good. Corning in the wet is fine, so long as you don’t goose the throttle.Noise: Tires are getting noticeably louder at 11k miles, heard primarily driving with the windows down. Tires were quiet for the first 10k miles. Noise is not unbearable yet, but will no doubt become louder over the next few months.Treadlife: Part of this is because this is a Mustang GT driven spiritedly, but I do not expect to get more than 20k miles out of these tires. Tires are rotated regularly.

  32. Absolute garbage tire for a car with 717HP. Will not recommend this tire, especially for how much they charge for them. Might be okay for a car with 350HP, but I wouldnt put this tire on a performance vehicle unless you have suicidal tendencies.


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