Pirelli P Zero Nero All Season Run Flat Sizes & review

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The P Zero Nero All Season Run Flat is Pirelli’s Ultra High Performance All-Season run-flat tire developed for sports coupes and sedans. P Zero Nero All Season Run Flat tires feature Pirelli Self-Supporting Run Flat Technology that enhances safety and convenience by providing temporary extended mobility in the event a puncture allows complete loss of air pressure. Pirelli Self-Supporting Run Flat Technology allows tires to literally “run flat” for up to 50 miles at 50 mph (80 km at 80 km/h) unless otherwise specified by the vehicle manufacturer for Original Equipment tires. The P Zero Nero All Season Run Flat is designed to deliver all-season traction and handling for drivers who operate their vehicles in America’s various weather conditions, including in light snow.

This line originated as the P Zero Nero M+S Pinna line identifying Pirelli’s use of a tread design that features additional sipes to enhance snow traction compared to P Zero Nero M+S tires. The sidewalls of all existing O.E. conventional and run-flat P Zero Nero M+S Pinna tires will be rebranded to add the All Season identification and will eventually be available under the P Zero Nero All Season name as the line moves forward. P Zero Nero All Season tires are fully compatible with the P Zero Nero M+S Pinna tires and may be used to replace them individually, in pairs or sets.

The P Zero Nero All Season Run Flat features a silica-enhanced tread compound blended to provide traction during high temperatures in the dry and low temperatures in the wet or snow. This compound is molded into an asymmetric tread design that features stable outside shoulder blocks combined with siped, continuous intermediate and center ribs that increase footprint rigidity to enhance dry grip during acceleration and braking. Shoulder grooves and circumferential channels allow water to flow through the tread design to resist hydroplaning and enhance wet traction. The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts to provide strength and durability on top of a polyester cord body. Pirelli’s extended mobility solution is made possible by their MIRS computer-controlled robotized manufacturing system, a production process that assures consistency in the application of the additional sidewall reinforcements that provide the self-supporting run-flat capability.


  1. This tire was original equipment on the Cadillac. Had to replace the first tire at 1700 miles due to a bubble in the sidewall and tomorrow I will be replacing the third tire due to a bubble in the sidewall. Noise is also a problem. I agree that Cadillac owners should start a class action suit against Cadillac. I’m 65 years old and I have never experienced such a bad tire in my life. The Cadillac dealer is not helpful they just continue to sell replacement tires. I will never buy or lease a vehicle with a pirelli run flat tire again. Bring back the spare tire. Please

  2. Tires were a major improvement over the stock Cinturato P7 run-flats. Wet and dry traction is very good for this class of tire. Have rotated the tires appropriately over the last 15k miles but they have still developed a loud howl regardless of road surface. Treadwear is even (no cupping/feathering) and they could probably go another 15k miles if I could tolerate driving with earplugs in so I don’t go deaf. It’s unfortunate they have become so deafening, especially in a vehicle with above average noise insulation.

  3. Looked great on new custom wheels. After 1 year of summer driving they became unacceptably loud. Even though I only have about 1/2 the tread gone I will need to replace before next summer. Maybe the noise is why the dropped price from $202 to $79 each. I really hate screaming tires!!!! Too bad.

  4. With only 500 miles in, I can tell these tires are great! Cannot vouch for the wet and snow traction since it rarely rains or snows in southern AZ.I’m a spirited driver that drives like the city is my track and these tires are great so far

  5. I bought these tires to replace the stock Dunlop Maxx Sport summer tires. They ride better, corner better (despite more rubber flex because of deeper treads), are quieter, and have much better compliance. Very happy with purchase. Can’t wait for a new Hampshire winter so I can try them in light snow.

  6. I agree with the previous comment that this tire is not a good tire for this vehicle. I am about to replace my 4th tire for another bubble (1 just popped, 2 others bubbled now this one). They are noisy on flat road driving and you can literally feel the pebbles on the road. I am very unhappy with this tire and will try to replace them with something else. They bubble too easily on roads that I drove on all the time with my Chrysler 300 and never got a bubble or popped a tire. I love my car but hate the tires. To go with a larger sidewall I need to replace my rims and I am not about to drop that cash on new rims.

  7. This Pirelli Zero Nero Run Flat is the worst tire I’ve ever had on any of my cars. Cadillac should be ashamed of having this tires as their tire of choice on my 15 CTS. After 15000, I experience a loud humming/thumping sound from the car as speed increased. I took it to the dealership and had them check for bearing issues. They told me it was the tires and they were cupped and very loud and need them replaced if I didn’t want to hear the noise anymore. Also have already had one replaced when the car had 12000 miles on it due to a split in the sidewall. When I replace next week, it will definitely NOT be a Pirelli tire of any sort!

  8. I have 15,000 miles on the tires now and the noise is getting worse. The snow traction should be 0. With less than an inch of snow it is a struggle to get the car moving on any slight incline. This tire is only good on dry surfaces. Keep your radio turned on to tone out the noise.

  9. Tire has good performance for most standard weather conditions in New England. Although the ride comfort and noise level of the tire is not good.

  10. These tires are excellent except they wore way too fast. I mounted them on the rear while waiting for my front Potenza’s to wear out, Well, the Potenzas have 40,000 and have out lasted the Perellis on the rear which only have 20,000. Expect the wear of a performance tire even though they call themselves all seasons.

  11. This was an original equipment tire in a run flat version on my TT. As far as handling in dry or wet conditions, it’s fine. But, besides giving you a very harsh ride the noise is horrible. Unless you have earphones on, you might as well forget about the radio or conversation with the person next to you. Even at low speeds around town I’m surprise that pedestrians aren’t looking at me to see who is making all that racket. I am replacing them (tread wear is good) because of the noise with Michelins after reading reviews on this website.

  12. I basically have no complaints about this tire other than ride comfort and noise level, but these two HUGE factors here. After getting this tire, its actually hard to believe its a Lexus. Lexus is known for its insulation from road noise. This tire completely negates all of that. A friend got in my car for the first time and couldn’t believe how much he was hearing the tires. It doesn’t ride very smoothly anymore either. I’m actually upset that I bought all four tires as replacements because its like I’m driving a different car now. I don’t look forward to replacing these because of how much money I’ll be spending, however, its worth it for my car to feel and sound like a Lexus again.

  13. The tires easily will last 50,000 plus miles. Good all around traction. Never hydroplained. Driving in rain can still go five over the speed limit with no traction problems. Even with fourty three thousand miles on tires, there is no vibration in steering wheel. Have not rotated tires as often as I should have. The car still drives like new. Never had to have them rebalanced or front end checked. Tires are quiet except for concrete roads, you can hear tire noise. Excellent tires! Car is dyno tuned 296 hp to the ground. 396 tq, raced a little.

  14. The PZero Nero All Season RFT’s came standard with my 18″ wheel package from Audi. The performance characteristics in the dry are pretty decent but it gets a bit squirmish even with a moderate amount of rainfall and certainly is not the choice in any winter conditions. I am going to be buying dedicated winter wheels and tires to replace these this coming winter as it is just not safe using these all-saesons. I live in Southwestern Ontario (the warmest part of Canada) and can usually get away with all-seasons but not this particular tire. The most annoying part of all is the excessive noise level these tires generate. Absolutely the loudest tires I have every experienced on the majority of roads – It’s completely unacceptable in my opinion. The good news is that they wear evenly so far and roll smoothly with no vibrations or jitters. I don’t usually bother writing reviews for things but the noise level is so much that I had to speak up with my displeasure. I’m actually looking forward to putting on winters tires and having a quieter ride!

  15. This is one awesome tire, I live in central Ohio and these tires have performed flawlessly. They are driven at 80+ mph daily. I am a spirited driver on a BMW X-5 4.8is. Cornering at at 85 mph is smooth without any drift or steering loss. These tires have been driven hard in rain, snow, and dry pavement and I can’t say enough nice things about them. Absolutely no complaints. They are as safe as it gets short of track driving, and I mean I do not hold back on pushing these tires to the pavement. Many times they are driven at 100-120 mph on the road and they perform incredibly nice. Got my money’s worth!

  16. These tires came on the Audi I bought. When the roads were dry, these things were just fine. When it froze and snowed, they felt like ice skates. Replaced them with Bridgestone Potenza RE970AS tires and its better now. I would not chose these tires. If they came stock on my vehicle I would switch them out – unless I either lived somewhere it doesn’t regularly snow, or I owned a dedicated set of snow tires.

  17. When a road hazard (several days of rain causing multiple deep potholes and ruts that were not readily avoidable) ruined two of the OEM Bridgestone tires and bent two rims on the way to a Fathers’ Day brunch, and my family was forced to sit by the side of the road for multiple hours waiting for a flatbed, I knew that my next tires were going to be run flats, if only so we could limp home. These Pirellis are drastically quieter than the non-runflat Bridgestones, are superior in the wet, and just as capable in the dry with a more progressive break away at the limit than the OEM Bridgestones. I would recommend them for any rear-drive sports or grand touring car with limited trunk space, and especially for a street-drive Mazda RX-8.

  18. I purchased these tires to replace the factory tires that came with the vehicle. The tire has worn all of the tread off of the sides and has started to develop cracks as well. I do drive my car hard, but expected a bit more from a high-end tire. At 25,000 miles the tires are very loud, provide an uneven ride due to uneven wear. I will not purchase these tires again nor recommend anyone to do so.

  19. Wore this tire out after less than 27,000 miles. At least one of them was making a terrible audible noise that led me to replacing the set. Great traction in wet conditions. I’m not sure if it was the tires or the AWD that helped climbing snowy drives. Had one incident in a pretty snowy roundabout where the tires didn’t respond though. All in all great tires for dry or occasionally rainy areas, but no longevity and really fell apart towards the end of their short life. Went to non-run flat Kumo tires which are great so far, but that should be with new tires.

  20. Tire rack is a great provider of tires and I am a repeat customer! The tire on the Lexus is terrific! Unfortunately, last week my wife had a flat tire. The car had to be towed to the dealership and caused much drama with my spouse. The dealership told her the tire road hazard expired which was a big disappointment to me! I would like Tire Rack to reconsider (because I am a repeat customer and your best advertisement, because I always recommend tire rack) the road hazard warranty. I would be very disappointed if I had to buy a new tire! Please provide your help with this matter. Thank you. [email protected]

  21. This tire came as standard on my 2014 Cadillac CTS. Thus far the car has just a little over 12,500 miles on it. Several months ago the car started to make a thumping sound that varied with the speed of the car. As it became increasing louder I took it to the dealer to have it checked out. I was certain that it was a bearing, caliper, disk, or something else with the front wheels. They checked everything and told me that it was the tires. They were cupping! They said that nothing could be done except to change the tires if I wanted to get rid of the noise. I have been driving for more years than I care to admit and I have NEVER had this happen to set of new tires. To make matter worse the tires are down to 4/32 of tread. Since a tire with 2/32 of tread will not pass inspection,that means that in another 3,000 miles or so I will have to have them replaced. Imagine, new tires that last only 15,500 miles! I contacted Pirelli via e-mail and got a prompt response that told me that there is no mileage warranty on original equipment tires and that the cause was most likely due to improper inflation or some other mechanical issue. I can assure you that the tires were properly inflated as I checked them every week or so and that they have been rotated three times since I purchased the car. Like most tire warrantied that I am familiar with, Pirelli’s is not worth the paper upon which it is written. Would I but another set of these or any other Pirelli tire? Absolutely not!! NEVER!!

  22. I hate these tires with a passion! I’ve had to replace FOUR tires in the last month and a half due to bubbles on the sidewall. The same front tire 3 days apart! Apparently from driving over potholes and bumps during normal operation. That’s insane! I’ve been driving for over 30 years and have never had a single bubble in a tire before. At $370 that Cadillac charges to replace a tire, the thought of how many more I’ll need to replace over the next 31 months of my Lease is scary. Trust me – these are a piece of garbage. Cadillac said people had the same issues all winter long. UNACCEPTABLE! I’m looking to pursue a class action suit vs Pirelli tires to at least recoup the close to $1,500 I’ve spent (not to mention time loss) replacing these duds. Absolutely hate these tires and can’t believe Cadillac would do this to their customers.

  23. This is the worst tire I have ever owned, what Cadillac put this on their top of line car is a mystery, At 6,000 miles the tires started making noise, we took it to dealer, they said a rotation was needed, rotation did nothing, All of our friends call the very high $$ CTS a dump truck, since that is what it sounds like, with these tires, Started to drive a beat up pick up truck and leave Cadi in garage since these tires are terrible

  24. I have to agree with the other reviewers here. I would absolutely not buy this tire again. It came as original equipment on my AWD Cadillac CTS and within 5,000 miles I had replaced 2 tires and now have to replace the whole set because another one has died. The sidewalls bubble and bulge after going over relatively small potholes. I have had other lower profile tires in the past that handled bumps SO much better than these. I have never before had a tire blow out due to a pothole, let alone small ones at lower speeds like the ones that destroy these tires. Further, the ride quality is seriously hampered by the tires. For example, bumps and seems on the freeway are downright jarring (in a Cadillac no less). While these tires allegedly have a hazard warranty, I have been unable to get the Cadillac dealership and/or Pirelli to honor the warranty.

  25. I leased this CTS4 in September of 2016 and these were the tires standard on this car. It’s a Luxury edition and I absolutely HATE these tires! I’ve ordered new tires from Tire Rack and am having them installed tomorrow morning. I didn’t notice the noise at first, but over the past couple thousand miles, the car sounds like a very low priced Chevrolet — not a Cadillac. (and I’ve had many Cadillacs) I’m a retired GM employee of 40 years of service and I’ve never experienced anything so noisy. Not only that, but I replaced one front tire at 1,000 miles due to a bulge in the sidewall. I will never buy another Cadillac with run-flat Pirellis, that’s for sure!


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