Nexen Classe Premiere CP671 Sizes & review

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The Classe Premiere CP671 is Nexen’s Grand Touring All-Season tire developed for sedans, coupes and compacts. Designed for all seasons, Classe Premiere CP671 tires combine a quiet, comfortable ride with all-season traction in dry, wet and wintry conditions, even in light snow.

The all-season tread compound of the Classe Premiere CP671 is molded into a symmetric block design with broad shoulder blocks and a continuous center rib to promote cornering and directional stability. Four straight wide grooves channel away water to avoid hydroplaning and maximize traction on wet roads while lateral grooves and multiple sipes enhance starting and stopping capability in foul weather.

The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced by spirally wrapped nylon on top of a polyester casing to combine strength and durability with ride comfort.


  1. I’m not happy with my Nexen tires. My Prius engages the ABS to do a normal stop when the roads are wet. The car slides on turns and has difficulty accelerating without wheelspin. Wet traction is so bad these tires make driving a Prius and doing burnouts trying to keep up with everyone else at a light somewhat entertaining. That said, they are entirely unsafe on anything but a dry road. Dry traction is as expected for budget tires. They don’t make a lot of noise, but my mpg is noticeably reduced over the factory tires.

  2. This tire is the worst for tire wear. I have driven several 2-3 year old cars (with Nexen tires) for the dealer that I work for and each vehicle had NO tread left after 23/24000 miles, most were completely bald. The dealer line is that they don’t usually put good tires on news cars any longer.Well I think most of know that this is not true. My other car has Kuhmo tires with 56,000 miles on them and there is still plenty of tread life left. If you read the description it will tell you that there is no treadlife warranty. Sorry Nexen, I will not consider you for replacement.

  3. CP671 came with my Kia Optima EX and they are not bad tires. They are noisy on some road surfaces (moreso than other tires), but generally not too bad considering the car itself plays a role. These are not for spirited drivers to be sure, but they don’t give an uneasy feeling in rain or slick roads either. The ride comfort leaves something to be desired to me compared to Michelins or Goodyears, but they are acceptable. Overall a decent choice if the price is right.

  4. Bought car used in March, only put 500 miles on it and total mileage is 23850 and the front tires are down to the wear bars already.. Maybe they need to rethink the air pressure recommendations for these tires.

  5. This tire came new on my 2014 Kia Soul I drive 100 miles a day during the week. I change oil and rotate tires every 5000 miles and I got 51,000 mile out of their set of tires. The tire rides good and the noise level is minimal. Very surprised on the Milage, even the service department where I get it serviced was surprised I got that many miles on these tires. Very pleased.

  6. These were stock tires on my Kia when I purchased it new.These tires have been quiet, comfortable and high performing over a variety of road surfaces and conditions. I have been average well over 30 mpg over two years with this set. They wear well and just now am I getting a little slippage when cornering. I cannot think of a better tire value for general driving.

  7. The Continentals on my 2010 Prius were getting awfully loud and drove harshly, so I decided to look at replacements. Michelens seemed too pricey. And I didn’t want to get Bridgestone Ecopias (OEM tires) again, as they wore out so quickly.I had never considered Nexen tires before, but my Kia Soul EV came with them, and they seemed nice. On Nexen’s website, the CP671 had a “9” rating for fuel efficiency (out of 10), and I liked their description of several features to help quiet road noise. I wanted something more forgiving, softer and quieter than the Contis, but didn’t want to go back to the Bridgestone Ecopias. The Nexens have a slightly higher treadwear rating than the Ecopias (400AA vs. 380BB) and were cheaper. Plus, they are OEM for several fine Kia cars, so I bought them.I’ve driven one long highway trip (NC to MA and back), and commuted to work (10 miles each way) with them. The tires are noticeably quieter than the Contis, and the comfort is much improved. Can’t speak much on handling, as that isn’t really the Prius’ strength (at least not the 2010). Fuel economy is great – same as before – with 47 around town, and low-to-mid-50s on long highway drives. So I’m happy.

  8. These are OEM tires that came with my car. Worse tires I have ever owned! 🙁 A week after driving it, I wrote to Nexen to complain about how terrible these tires were. I also talked to my dealer about getting them replaced. Nexen never responded; the dealer response was underwhelming. Each winter I restrict my driving because I just don’t trust these tires. And while I hate to replace tires at 20K, I am going to do exactly that in the next couple of weeks. When you buy a new car, pay attention to the kind of tires that come on it. I didn’t and will now being paying the price for being less than observant.

  9. Bought my Honda at the Dealership noting that it had a 300hp V6 and an upgrade package known as Honda Factory Performance (which included spoiler, chassis lowering by an inch, upgrade to 19″ wheels and air —-s and skirts all around). What I didn’t notice was that the tires it was equipped with were Michelin Pilot Super Sport Summer only tires. A big problem when purchasing in New England in the middle of February with a blizzard forecast for later in the week! Anyway, swapped them out for this set of Nexens in an effort to “just get through the winter” before reverting to the Michelins.Sure enough, the blizzard materializes and the state shuts down for a day and then for the following day I had to commute my way in across 38 miles of marginally plowed roads filled with snow with layers of ice underneath. These tires and the car’s front wheel drive did a sweet job of getting me back and forth! Now that the roads have cleared and dried out, I am noting that the tires are super quiet on the roadway, corner really well and have generally good stopping power. As a frame of reference, I own a 2016 Corvette Stingray Z51 which runs the same set of Michelins and these NEXENs compare very favorably at a fraction of the cost. Perhaps a tad bit of softness in the sidewall during spirited cornering, but hardly noticeable on a daily driver for sure. Anyway, for $100 a tire, you are really getting the benefit of the bargain! Glad to have purchased these tires and although I will swap back to the Michelins for the Spring/Summer/Fall – the NEXENs are going back on after Turkey day to trot around for the following winter and beyond!

  10. these tires handle well, but wear cray fast, i barely got 20k on them and have to replace them. the tread wears super fast and the sidewalls do not weather well either. replaced with some yokohamas… we’ll see how those are.

  11. the tires handle well, but after 21K need replacing. the tread wore very fast and the sidewalls weathered even faster. definetly not worth the money. I replaced with some yokohamas… so far much better

  12. I got these on my Chrysler 200 and at first, I really didn’t want to like them. I mean, these were not Pirelli or Micheline, but after just a few thousand miles it seems that they are a pretty decent set of rubber. They are not by any means the stuff you take to the track. I drive about 100-200 miles a day, I’m in sales, and I must say for the price I’m impressed. I cut my sidewall recently and need to an axle worth of tires. I’ve been shopping and comparing, I used Pirelli P7 plus in the past and I want to get a set of Pirelli P7 plus again, however, I just can’t get myself to spend 2.5x the money on some really good tires when these are well made, working well and I would say at least 70% of the quality of my preferred high-end tire. As I’m typing this, I got a set of P7 as well as a set of Nexen’s in my shopping cart, sleeping on it yet another day…

  13. These are standard for my 19″ sport rims from the Chrysler dealership sized at 235/40/19. These tires lasted me about 2 years of heavy riding (I’m 23 and like drive fast and hard around turns) and held up fine. I wore them down to a dangerous 1/32 before getting them replaced with the same tires. Wear is pretty good in my opinion. I would be able to tell you more about the new set but a couple of thieves stole my rims just the other day with about 5000 miles on the rubber. Anyways here in CNY we are always slammed with snow, but i did not worry much my first year (25k miles) with my AWD and these I cornered fine at 50 when it was bad and pushed into the slush with ease. After 30k it got a little dicey. I could no longer drive nearly as fast or have confidence in my vehicle performance. road noise is not bad, although you can really hear the concrete bridges sing when you ride over them on the highway, even people on the Bluetooth car phone can hear them. The bumps are a little harsh and so ride comfort was not the best, but its hard to chalk that up solely on the tires since they sit on such large rims and have a low profile. The cost of these tires are great and they will do the job of day to day driving just fine. Avoid pot holes as much as possible (managed to crack 2 rims in two years) and you will be fine. Rotate every 5000 miles for even wear and you’ll get about 35k to 40k no problem.

  14. these tires came with my new 2014 kia optima ex. after 43000 miles these tires are all worn out to0 almost being bald. very poor traction in the rain,can not even drive in any snow whatsoeaver. road noise also very loud on all road typs .do not recomened.

  15. I had those tires newly installed on my Camry when i purchased the car , those tire was in front we say its good in dry & wet put in snow they never give good traction and steering control , i rotate the tires the Nexon in rear its terrible especially in snow the car fishtail with any brake and any turns …

  16. Typically I replace stock tires because most are fair to poor. These H rated Nexen seem quite up to snuff in dry conditions. These are the stock tires on my 2017 KIA Soul 1.6 auto.Compared to the Pirelli P7s I had on my 2015 Soul 2.0, these seem at least as good in takeoff traction, cornering traction and characteristics, braking stability, quietness and smoothness on various pavements.The P7s were easy to chirp off the line. They had a terrible wet rating, but I never had issues.I know I lured a V8 Mustang into a drag race–well, more like he took off down Oakwood Boulevard at about 90 and eventually a Corvette found him and they did their thing. But a tire chirp for some guys means Let’s Go!These I don’t get rubber on takeoff, but this car has the 1.6 with less torque than my ’15, though the mill feels just as strong. I’ll find out when I switch to Bridgestone Blizzak WS80s because my 2.0 Soul also got an easy chirp out of those from a standing start. That will determine if the Nexens are Traction Monsters or just that the 2.0 has more dig out of the hole than the 1.6. When I replaced the stock Nexen 662s with Michelin Defenders on my 2013 Soul 1.6, the difference was obvious as night and day. The Defenders were much quieter, smoother, rode better, gripped better. They were a clear upgrade and to me were well worth the $$.Nexen seems to have come a long way in four years. These 671s are quiet, smooth, and unremarkable–no glaring weaknesses–and that’s what I ask of my tires. They don’t squeal in fast corners, they respond quickly. They do their job. They feel good on max braking. These seem pretty decent all-around tires. Odd that there are NO reviewsI haven’t had them in the wet yet, it hasn’t snowed yet.But for everyday zipping around, these seem fine. Would I buy them as replacements? That would depend on price and test results, except nobody’s posted tests of them.

  17. The Nexen Classe Premiere came standard on my 2016 Fiat 500x FWD and I have been very disappointed in them. Any water on the road surface distracts the tires and even painted stop lines become impassable terrain on a rainy day, causing the tires to slip and the car’s traction control to take over. Winter driving is even worse as snow becomes packed in the treads and dramatically increases the distance needed to stop the car. Noisy on city and highway roads, these tires are nearly worn out at 33k miles and are ready to be replaced.

  18. These tires came standard on my Kia Soul Base…. they are absolutely horrible. I complained to the dealership about the rear end sliding around on pavement that was barely damp cornering at 15 mph. I ordered a set of Pirelli tires, that are getting mounted next week. I hope I survive until then, thank — I still have another vehicle to drive. The almost bald tires on that one grip better than these brand new rubber bands… Do yourself a favor, pass these up. They are just junk.

  19. These tires came standard on the 2018 Kia Soul! and at best they are just OK and nothing special. I have all of 300 miles on them and changed them out for Firestone Firehawk Indy 500’s. The cost between the new tires is all of $25 dollars per tire. For about $100 more Kia could have really awakened this little SUV. It will never be a sports car but now it could legitimately called a sporty SUV with the turbo 4 it can move and turn so much better than before. I have been using Firehawk tires for years on at least 3 different cars and they have the best combination of grip, cornering, noise level, ride comfort and tread wear for just about any money but they are not expensive tires either! So I thought I would try them out on this car and what a difference – it was worth every penny to change out what is essentially new tires!

  20. I find these tires responsive with adequate traction in all weather situations. If you drive with responsibility these tires will do the trick. If you drive aggressively, these could do the job. If you drive like an A$$, then you’ll never be happy no matter what you get.

  21. These tires came on my Kia Forte EX when I bought it new. I now have 30,000 miles on my car and though the tires have worn ok.l incredibly well evenly throughout the tire, the treadwear longevity doesn’t meet my expectations. They only have about 5,000 to 10,000 miles left on the treadlife which is below my expectations for a tire. Another good thing about the tires besides the great evenly wearing thread is that I’ve had my car for almost 2 years and I rotate the tires every other oil change, but I’ve never had to balance these tires yet, and they continue to ride smoothly even at speeds exceeding 100 mph. Which I find amazing about them, but wish the snow traction was better to. The wet and dry traction in my opinion is second to none. I’m won’t buy these tires again cause they don’t last more than 35,000 to 40,000 miles tops, as and that’s with religious rotation intervals, proper pressure kept, and no burnouts or foul play.

  22. These are the OE tires on my Chrysler 200–these tires are still on it at 32,000 miles (I bought the car used at 27,000 miles) and they seem to be doing well but wearing fairly fast (I would estimate about 4-5k miles left, max). There is a large section of Interstate here in Columbia, SC that is extremely loud (and pretty much intolerable with the YOKOHAMA AVID S34F tires on my Scion tC–I couldn’t hear the person in the seat beside me talking) and these tires (along with the Chrysler 200C’s sound deadening) block that sound considerably!I have (so far) been unable to really break the traction with these tires other than by using too much throttle. As always, painted lines are painfully obvious and slippery, but otherwise these tires seem good for everyday driving. I do not recall any panic-stops in wet conditions, but the one that I can recall on dry pavement was very impressive with minimal slipping. As far as handling, I would put these right up there with the Yokohamas that were on my Scion.


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