Nexen Roadian HTX RH5 Sizes & review

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The Roadian HTX RH5 is Nexen’s Highway All-Season light truck tire developed for light-duty vans, trucks and pickups for drivers who want a combination of pleasant on-road characteristics, long wear and all-season versatility, including all-season traction in light snow.

Roadian HTX RH5 tires feature an all-season tread compound molded into a symmetric design with wide shoulders and independent tread blocks. Circumferential grooves resist hydroplaning on wet roads while lateral grooves aid starting and stopping traction. Zig-Zag Sipes increase sipe density and enhance braking performance in wet and wintry conditions.

The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced by two layers of nylon for strength and durability while a 2-ply polyester casing promotes ride comfort.


  1. Original tires on truck. 58,000 mi interstate driving in just over four months. December through March, so winter driving. Good experiences. Next set of Tires same as replacements , March-December odometer 136,759 (about 79,000 miles) tread just above wear bars. No problems, good tires.

  2. These tires came standard on my 2016 Ram 3500 Dually Crew Cab truck with 4×4. THe truck is used to tow RV trailers, boats and vehicles. The truck has 35,000 miles or 57,000 km on it and the tires are almost due to be changed due to treadwear.The tires are surprisingly good in terms of on road traction in city and on the highway. They are not so good on wet off-road terrain such as mud, wet grass or any surface that you would like a tire to bite into. Snow traction is not too bad. Ice traction is never great on any tire.This tires major drawback would be the short tread life. To sum it up: If you are on a budget and need a good on road / highway tire that has great traction and performance. This tire is for you… just save up… you’ll be up for a new set every 35,000 miles.

  3. These came OEM on my 2014 RAM 3500 DW 4X4. It has been a good tire, no complaints. The best attribute is they are quite which is real important to me since I pull a 5th wheel rv for long distances. They should last at 45,000 miles but I will be replacing early because of a planned 15,000 mile trip with the rv and do not want to be at the end of life on these tires while on the trip. If one needs a less expensive option I would consider these a good choice.

  4. These were the OEM tires for my truck and in the back of my mind I couldn’t wait for them to wear out so I could get a good set of tires, but I have to admit I’m impressed with these tires. I’m a RV hauler ( I haul factory new 5th wheels to the dealers) and I don’t baby my tires, I go where I need to go,when I need to get there. I rotate my tires about every 7500 miles or so and I check the air regularly, I figure I will make one more trip and buy a new set. That will put these tires in the wear bars at about 70,000 miles, that’s not bad for tires that have run the California desert in July ( 115 air temp) and ice and snow in the Rockies in January hauling a 40ft triple axle 5th wheel at highway speeds. I’m not telling you that they are the best LT tires ever made, but when you figure cost per mile and better than average all weather handling and performance. I’d say they’re not too shabby! I will say this, if you run chip and seal roads everyday, I would go with Michelin or BFG’s.

  5. I have 9500 miles o these tires was on a road trip and truck started pulling hard to the right, these came on my 2014 Ram 3500 4wd crew cab. Was on a hunting trip in Arkansas and they did perform well in the mud. But I have had a hard time keeping these balanced and nowThe cord has separated on the two front tires. I will never purchase these as a replacement there garbage

  6. Fairly Aggressive and good looking tread pattern for all road conditions. Very smooth and quiet ride. Too early to judge performance in snow and ice, but based on other reviews I’ve seen, I expect them them to be very good. Road hugging handling with excellent road feel and stability. Balance was quick and easy at the shop.

  7. Came standard equipment on my new Ram. More than a little apprehensive with this unknown tire, but fears were misplaced. Tires are always loaded to near max load. Perform very well on highways and gravel roads in Montana. Expect long life on these tires and will purchase again if I can find a local dealer

  8. This tire came on my 2014 Ram 3500 dually. Currently have 60,000 miles on tires. Measured tread all tires have 4/32 to 5 /32 tread remaining . Use 90 % pulling 5th wheel trailer. I do have these tires rotated every 5 to 8 thousand miles. Great tires except having trouble finding new ones. I want to purchase 5 new tires sense I have a new spare and I will use a old one for my spare. CB in TN

  9. These tires came stock on my dualy Ram 3500 with zero miles on them (well, 12 miles). The truck has been used exclusively for business (auto hauling with a fifth wheel four-car trailer). It’s been over six months and 53,000+ miles on the same set, and they still have some tread to chew through, maybe another 10-15k miles worth. These tires have exceeded my expectations as a stock tire, and from a brand I never heard of before previously. Not the greatest tires for deep snow or heavy wet slush. That’s about the biggest downfall to these economically priced tires. A second ‘con’ is that if the vehicle is misaligned, they will wear VERY quickly.

  10. Like someone else said, I really wanted to hate these tires. I’d hoped they would wear quickly for a quick replacement with something better. 30k miles and three rotations later, they still look mostly new. I still have so much tread left. Ram has never had great OEM tires, typically by this this mileage I have four new tires.I pull a 17,000 lb 5th wheel on the weekends, use them for commuting during the week. We’ve driven up things pulling weight I was convinced we would have to winch out of. These tires just keep impressing me. Highway in all weather is great. Wet traction is great, even with a DRW. Light snow isn’t an issue (We don’t get heavy). Ice is ice. My Steer axle weighs in right at 5,600 lbs which I expected to cause a lot of extra wear. Nothing, even rotating doesn’t seem as needed as it has on past tires (Though I still am). If you can’t tell, I’m just blown away! Add how cheap these things are to replace and it’s a non-issue, I’ll buy the same thing to replace them when the time comes. I’m considering trying the AT version.

  11. I would like to buy American whenever possible, but these tires were original equipment on my truck, so I figured I would replace with better tires when they are worn out, but to my supersize, these are very good tires. I use these for commercial use on a Hotshot truck. I carry very heavy loads regularly, and since I am always in a rush for delivery I drive maybe a little too fast quite a bit. These tires have performed great. I have just about worn out my second set, and I am shopping for the third set now, trying to find the best deal. I got 44,000 miles out of the first set that came on the truck, with only one flat from a screw at a job site. So far the second set has 38,000 miles, and its about time to start my search again. I do rotate them quite often, and have them balanced, also I keep a close eye on tire pressure, this could be what has helped them out. I drive in heavy rain with great results, snow, and Ice only once, but they did a fine job. Sometimes I drive off road at job sites, and they do well there also, but most of my time is on the highway. I believe these are rated for 40,000 miles, and I will beat that every time. I have polished aluminum wheels on my truck, so when I do rotate them, they have to be broke down, and moved to a different rim due to the polished side needing to be outside. This has not been a issue for them ether. They are a pretty tough tire.

  12. These tires came as OEM tires on my 2014 Ram 3500 dually 4X4. Everything was OK and then I started noticing a vibration setting up. After a little troubleshooting of the engine, driveline…ie…driveshaft and so forth, I decided to take the tires off and have a closer look. I have my own tire changing machine and an electronic balancer just like at a major tire dealer. During balancing, I discovered two of the tires were severely out of round and the belts had slipped. As the tire was spinning on the balancer, you could see the tread and sidewalls move in and out. The other four tires were OK. The balancer was showing I needed over 600 grams of weight on each tire and side. Needless to say, I changed those two tires out. I tried to find anyone who would warranty them and all I got was Nexen will do it or if the tires have over 12,000 miles on them, Nexen will do nothing. Just so you will know, I’m a tire freak. I always check air pressure, rotate and monitor for any unusual tire wear patterns. These belts slipped during a driving period of about 200 miles. I’m very disappointed and according to several different auto dealers and tire dealers, they recommended not buying Nexen due to all the trouble they see with them. When the time comes, I will definitely go with a different brand of tire. Good luck and I hope this helps future tire purchasers!

  13. These tires came on my Ram 3500, When I saw these tires on it I was disappointed in Dodge, why couldn’t they put MIchelins on these trucks like Chevy. Now that I have some miles on them, I really can’t find any fault with them, they are quiet, handle the rain well, handle well when towing and wearing great (well as good as any tire wears on a dually). I will still most likely replace these when the time comes with a Michelin, but dont’ be scared of these no name tires, I know they have changed my view of al noname tires!!

  14. I purchased my dually with these tires and haul rvs for living. i am on my second set of these tires ad am getting about 70000 to 75000 miles on each set. i will soon have to get another set foe the winter mos. they usually last about six mos.

  15. This tires was stock on my 3500 and I happy with them very good tires drove 53000 and STILL have some juice!! Dont look at price this tires is really good. I pull 4 cars and i can say they strong on heavy weight too and wear go very slow

  16. My 2016 ram is used to pull a 24 ft. enclosed trailer nation wide moving high line veh. The mileage was put on in about 11 months and 80 percent of that time towing a loaded trailer. Used in all kinds of weather and on all types of roads and road condition. Extremely pleased with these tires and will replace with the same.

  17. These tires come stock on a Ram 3500 2015. I had multiple problems with belt separation on 3 of them before 17k miles. All 6 tires wer rotated as per maintain plan every 7500 miles and didn’t see a load over 5k Nexen will not call customers back even the dealership had a hard time dealing with them thay do not stand behind there products. I wouldn’t recommend nexen to anyone.

  18. Tires have been very stable in towing a 5th wheel. Ride has been comfortable and quite. Tread wear is even although doubt will get more than 25,000 miles before needing to replace.

  19. I purchased my New 2018 Ram 3500 Dually just over 2 months ago and I have just crossed 16,500 miles. I use this truck for business and it always has a trailer loaded with 16,000 lbs. Yesterday, I was stopped by the Massachusetts DOT Police and during their inspection, it was noted that the Rear Tires are now down to 5/32 of an inch on the rear tires. They are wearing evenly but will only last another 4,000 miles before they will need to be replaced. That is 20,000 -21,000 miles for a brand new tire. I have multiple vehicles and these tires are getting less than HALF of the life of the other trucks in my fleet. Kuhmo’s are averaging 45,000 miles, BFG’s are averaging 40,000 miles and the generic Motorcraft tires are getting nearly 40,000 miles. I would not recommend these tires for someone who is averaging 90,000 miles annually. Traction in the Mud, Snow and Ice are FAR BELOW the traction of other tires, I am personally very disappointed. They do go down the road straight and provide a smooth ride but having to replace them too often is not cost effective for anyone….

  20. I have them on my 2018 dually since January 15. I have 45,000 miles. Have 55% tread left. U have to rotate and balance every 15,000 with oil change and maintain air pressure to get good mileage Great tire for my ram. I pull fifth wheels and bumper pull campers 10,000 plus load 90% of the Miles

  21. These tires came OEM on my 2019 RAM 1500. Nice quiet tire on pavement. Decent fuel economy. Not great tread life. I doubt that I would have made 50k miles before completely worn out. Terrible wet traction. Every time it rained I had to put the truck into 4wd to keep from spinning the rear wheels. I replaced all four after my 3rd flat. I put 300k on my last truck running Michelins without a flat tire. These had 3 flats within one year and 35k miles! Got Goodyear Wrangler Kevlar Adventure tires and am VERY happy. Fantastic wet traction. A little bit louder on certain pavement. (Recently rented a Rebel with Duratracs and boy these were loud tires.)

  22. These tires were stock on my 2016 RAM 3500 DRW. I put almost 50,000 miles on them, which has been mostly highway. Overall they do fine on dry highway driving. However, their performance is very poor as soon as you are off a paved road. More than once I’ve had a trailer on wet grass and can’t move at all. They have some tread left, but I will be replacing them for winter this year so I don’t get stuck. Going to try Grabber ATX next since they seem to have better reviews for off-road and still reasonably quiet.

  23. these tires came OEM on my 19 ram 3500 drw and they are junk 1600 miles had 3 replaced and now at 3400 need two more replaced had them road forced balanced 4 times, truck still vibrates terribly at highway speed truck brand new 3 month old and babied never off road strickly a pavement queen , ram should have spent a couple more dollars and used a higher quality tire not cheap junk now it is a fight on who is paying for the tires!!

  24. After 54,500 mile on my welding truck up and down crap roads and all over Texas/new Mexico area these tires still are not wore to the wear bars and still are decent tires. They have taken the abuse from sharp rocks and large pot holes, with stood thorns and left debris from right a way clearings, driven through mud, sand and tons of dirt. Yes they do show small cracks and rock chips but overall they have really lasted. I believe they still have some life to them but I’m picky and around 55k I like getting new ones just to be safe. I wish I could post pictures. My truck weights 13,682 lbs and towed a camper and a few trailers for work.

  25. Rears wearing fast, fronts both broke belts and got lumpy on a road trip 300miles from home. Not good! Same thing happened to my friends new ram dually with nexen htx rh5 tires. I thought it was just him but now I know for sure, THESE TIRES ARE JUNK!


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