Nexen N Priz RH7 Sizes & review

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The N’Priz RH7 is Nexen’s Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season tire developed for Original Equipment use on the select Mitsubishi and Kia vehicles. N’Priz RH7 tires are designed to combine comfort, handling and all-season traction, even in light snow.

The N’Priz RH7 molds a silica enhanced tread compound into a symmetric design featuring notched shoulder blocks, interlocking intermediate blocks and a continuous center rib to blend steering response and cornering capability with even grip and uniform wear. Four wide circumferential grooves promote water evacuation through the tread to enhance hydroplaning resistance and wet traction.

The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced by spirally wrapped nylon for strength and durability, as well as a 2-ply polyester cord casing that promotes good ride quality.


  1. Too early to tell for sure and nothing to compare them to but so far m y expectations have been exceeded. I wish Tire Rack would test these tires. I will check in later with more miles. Overall they seem very quiet and to do everything well but it is hard to tell how much of that is the vehicle versus the tire. For the price, they are worth a try.

  2. Overall, these tires have exceeded my expectations. They were very quiet when new and are getting louder with time. I worry with another 12,000 miles they will be annyoing but time will tell.If you are looking for a cheap set of tires that perform well, these are worth considering. The only big question that nobody has an answer for is how the hold up with high miles.

  3. These tires came as OEM on my 2014 Outlander Sport. When they were new they were grippy and steered very well. Good cornering and nice smooth ride. Pretty quiet overall, a bit of highway noise but not too bad. I rotated these tire religiously at every 5000 miles if not before. They really lasted pretty well, as I got 46,000 miles out of them in 4 years. As they aged, they really became unsafe in any wet rainy conditions. Hydroplaning at any speed over 50 with any kind of heavy rain. The traction was slippery at best. I hated any kind of highway driving in rainy conditions. White knuckle driving every time. I might have been able to get another 6 month out of them but I just didn’t want to drive them through another wet east coast winter.Great long lasting compound with regular rotations, but devolved into a very poor wet conditions tire.I almost forgot the most annoying aspect of this tire. It picks up rocks and gravel into the tread like no other tire I’ve ever seen. This tire rides with a tick tick tick. I have a paved drive way and my commute is all paved city roads. The distance between the tread blocks is the prefect size to pick up and hold gravel. I had to get a new tool on my key chain to pick gravel out of the treads. It didn’t help. Each tire constantly was loaded with gravel. Maybe that is why it lasted so long because I was driving on rocks.

  4. Original equipment on my Mitsubishi. At 30,000 miles I am looking at replacement, since the tread is worn. OK tires except for tread life, would have been much happier to need to replace at 40,000 rather than 30,000.

  5. This tire came on the car and is the worst all weather tire I have ever had, I would highly recommend that Mitsubishi Motors find another brand if they are sending there cars to a 4 climate area

  6. These tires that came with my SUV new are excellent, never had a problem and with almost 18000 miles on them they show very little wear.

  7. I purchased my 2015 Outlander Sport in Aug 2014. Granted I put a lot of miles on my car in a year making dozens of trips back in forth to Pittsburgh but I’ve never had tires perform this poorly. My care has 36000 miles on it and these tires are bald. These tires hydroplaned from the very beginning and forget about snow unless you have it in 4W drive.

  8. I purchased a Santa Fe where the dealer had installed two new Nexen tires on the front. Since my Santa Fe is AWD, I wanted matching tires, so found the matching tires on Tire Rack. I find them to handle very well. Expecting a snow storm this weekend, so should have more to day about their traction in snow shortly. So far I really like the ride. Quiet, smooth, balanced well, and a very good value. Hope they last a long time and handle well in he snow – time will tell.

  9. This tire does fine in dry conditions. However, with even a couple inches of snow on the road, the tires lose traction quickly. The tread quickly collects and packs snow and then basically feels like driving on bald tires. If you live in an area where you get little to no snow, I’m sure these would be fine, but in Wisconsin, they make my car into a death trap.

  10. Still too early to say but overall this tire has exceeded my expectations. I am curious to see how it wears with age. Right now it is extremely quiet and feels like a very confident tire for the money. I have difficulty rating the tire however as the Sorrento is so quiet and ride so nice. So far has done everything well. I will report back when the tire has more miles on it. I hope Tire Rack test as tired as if it is a good all rounder, it would be an excellent value.

  11. To be fair I just started driving on these. I had used the Kuhmo that came on the vehicle. I love my sorrento but these tires were the worst I have ever used. they were lucky to last 30k miles and no matter the road conditions they were horrid. My tire dealer recommended these over higher rated michelen’s. I will let you folks know as time goes by. He said I should get and extra 15 to 20k miles on these and all my driving should be much improved. We don’t get a lot of snow in Saint Louis, MO but I always found the rain was always deceivingly worse. I will be back to let you know.

  12. My son and I both have Outlander Sport ES 4×4’s; both 2 years old now. My son does 90 percent highway driving to and from College (110 miles a day). At 36,500 miles he has barely 4/32″ of tread left. Last winter was fine, but he says this winter the car feels “loose” in snow. I expected much more service since his miles are all highway! Mine has 10,000 city miles and tires still fine. Not impressed. I will replace his tires soon, but will try another brand. PS I take meticulous care of my cars and rotate tires every 5k miles.

  13. Great passenger tire for summer but can’t handle light snow. stopping in snow: what I’d expect for an average all-season.accelerating in snow: what I’d expect for an average all-season.cornering in snow: absolutely terrible.

  14. Bought the car with .01 miles every 5,000 miles tire rotation tires lasted only 35,000 miles tires were Okay in dry weather not good in wet weather and horrible in light and no good in heavy snow. Tread life is no life at all, by 24,000 tires it was nearing replacment i would NEVER recomend this tire.

  15. First time in a very long time that I really like the auto manufacturer’s original equipment tires. I only have 29,000 miles on this set of tires but driven in all four seasons. In the last 6 years I’ve averaged almost 40,000 miles per year.

  16. Standard on my new Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 4×4. Ok for 20,000 miles. Very noisey and hard riding thereafter. Completely used up at 30,000 miles. Winter and wet road handling basically awful after 20,000 miles. My son had exactly the same experience with these tires on his Outlander Sport too. These are cheap, low end bargain tires not worth your time or effort.

  17. Close to 35K miles and thinking about replacements. I’m not sure what these other reviewers were expecting, but the tread wear for these tires is only rated for around 40K. That comes from the tire manufacturer so I always expect less. These are good 3 season tires. They aren’t very good in the winter, but I’ve never owned any tires that were good for starting/stopping in light snow/ice. That’s what winter tires are for.

  18. Original tires on my Mitsubishi 2015. I am very disappointed in the tread wear of this tire. I am at 36,000 miles and about ready to turn the lease in and the tires have barely any tread left. Very disappointed : (

  19. Fine for wet and dry driving but you do NOT want to drive these in any wintery conditions. Came to a gentle stop at three different traffic lights during a snowstorm and almost slid through all three. Truly terrible in snow and slush. Couldn’t even turn out of a parking lot without fishtailing all over.

  20. These tires are original equipment on my 2016 Kia Sorento… I put 60,000 miles on them in two years driving in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan year round. Through every condition possible, worst being Michigan blizzards and never feared for poor traction. These tires are quiet and lasted for over 75,000 miles… I still have tread.

  21. These tires came stock with my 2015 Outlander Sport, and I’ve driven 47000 miles. Tires still have some life in them but I’m thinking about replacing them just because I like to be proactive but I think I could easily get another 10000 miles out of them according to the thread wear indicator on the tires. The tires have never lost traction in dry or wet conditions. In light snow they respond just like any other tire that is not rated for winter because it’s made of a harder compound than winter tires.I’m happy with the tires and I’ve gotten more use out of them than what I expected.

  22. OEM Tire on my 2017 Sorento. Bough and drove for 1.5 years in FL and other 1.5 years in NC now so I’ve seen everything but feet of snow. These tires are probably the best bang for your buck. I drive spirited even in my SUV, and they’ve always left me feeling confident with the rubber. When its wet and it being a FWD car sometimes it can get a bit spiny but that may be due to my heavy foot. Tires wore really well and still have some life on them but at the sale price I couldn’t pass them up.


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