Nexen Classe Premiere CP662 Sizes & review

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The Classe Premiere CP662 is Nexen’s Grand Touring All-Season tire developed for sedans, coupes and compacts. Designed to be one tire for all seasons, Classe Premiere CP662 tires combine a quiet, comfortable ride with all-season traction in dry, wet and wintry conditions, even in light snow.

Upgraded shoulder and center rib block designs help cornering and directional driving stability. Four wide circumferential grooves work to resist hydroplaning and increase wet traction while multiple lateral grooves enhance starting and stopping capability in foul weather.

The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced by spirally wrapped nylon on top of a polyester casing to combine strength and durability with ride comfort.


  1. The tires are pretty standard as far as ride comfort, traction, etc.; the highly disappointing part is they are nearly bald–AT the wear bar, after only 20,000 miles. They came on my new ’13 Kia Soul and I can tell you I will NOT be replacing them with the same ones.

  2. These tires came stock on my new ’13 Kia Soul. I know have under 23,000 miles on them and all 4 need to be replaced (I’ve religiously rotated them, so they’re evenly worn). The first snow season I started with about 4,000 miles on my car and they were okay in the snow, I got around fine but in any type of deep snow I was dead in the water. This season, with about 20,000 miles on them, they were absolute garbage. They are at the wear bar right now with conservative or average driving. Would not buy these again

  3. This is the tire that came on my car from the factory. In all categories but one it is a great tire, and that one is NOISE! There’s a constant hum from about 40 MPH on up. It changes the particular pitch depending on the road surface, but it always there. when I swapped the tires and wheels with and extra set I have for one of my other cars (just some average firestones) the noise is completely gone, and my Kia is as quite as a luxury car. I put the Nexens back on, and there’s the noise again. Unfortunately, they seem to have great tread-life. So now I have to decide whether I want to pay $500 or more to replace tires that still have some 60% or more of their life left in them. I would NOT recommend this tire due to road noise.

  4. OEM tires on the Optima, not bad. Pretty responsive good dry weather handling with a respectable amount of grip in the wet. For the performance, the cheif complaint is they are a little loud.

  5. Very noisy, traction is not the best. Wear is good, can’t really complain about it. However, because of the noise and lack of traction in certain conditions, I would not purchase again.

  6. For a off road tire I am very impressed. In mud or snow it self cleans the groves for added traction. In heavy rain it does a great job to avoid hydroplaining, A great ridding tire, works well in sand on the beach, or hutting in Georgia red clay mud, plus works great inth N.C. an Ten.. Mountains snow. For such a small fee or cheep price you cant go wrong… Even better than GoodYear Wranglers MT an B F Goodrich M T, plus you save a lot of money.

  7. I am alittle disappointed in how quick these tires wore out as I bought my Kia Optima SX turbo new from the dealer. They showed considerable wear around the 20k mark. Overall the durability aside I was pleased with the tires. I am an aggressive driver and it handles corning great, responsiveness is great. Manageable in the snow but definitely not the best, but with cautious driving these tires are fine. One gripe I do have is these tires provide a great amount of noise when driving on cement surfaces, especially on the highway

  8. My 2015 Kia Optima sx turbo came with the Nexen 662 tire and I am surprised that these tires are better than average in total performance.They are not the quietist but a nice ride and pretty good handling.In the rain they are better than the Nexen 671 I had on my 2012 Optima.So overall for the price they are a pretty good value.

  9. In the past Nexen tires were not a tire I would consider a safe good overall tire. On my Optima are the Nexen 662 18” tires that are to my surprise pretty good in most driving conditions.They handle well in dry and wet, but not very good in snow, and not good on icy roads.For the price range I think they are a good value.They are not the quietist tires and not the softest riding tires, but they handle the road in all speeds, and they do give the driver a deal of confidence in safe driving.

  10. When the tires were new, they performed acceptably in all conditions. Not great, not terrible, somewhere in between. Bought car in September and first winter the handling was acceptable. The following winter I got stuck many times, with only about 13,000 miles on them. Snow traction was down to almost nil. Tread is down to barely legal at 19,500 miles in July so I know I will have to replace these before winter. Overall I am not pleased with performance, treadwear, or wet traction. Dry handling and noise comfort are still acceptable with tires worn down.

  11. Stock tire on my 2015 Kia Optima SX Turbo. 225 45 18. Absolute crime that Kia uses these as a stock tire. They are noisy tires that have average traction at best on dry pavement. Spun them from the line during light rain (and it’s fwd for goodness sake). Won’t even give these a shot in snow based on what I have experienced so far. They are relatively comfortable to ride on but the lack of traction, the noise, and the sluggish steering response make these tires a no. You can do wayyyyy better in this class.

  12. This is the OE tire on my Soul, general impressions were that it excels at no single category but the surprise is how it never calls attention to itself. It is quiet, gives good feedback as to where the contact patch is under stress, this translates into a solid all round performance in cornering, braking, and response to steering input. Even when cornering the tires do not screech easily and are easy to modulate at the limit of adhesion.

  13. Worst tires I have ever owned. Very noisy and marginal traction… I assumed because they are rock hard given the high treadwear rating. Yet they are significantly more worn than expected. I experience better handling in every aspect, INCLUDING noise and tread wear with my Michelin X Ice snows. Yes, these are noisier than my snow tires. Total OEM fail…

  14. These were the stock OEM tires that came with my car (2013 Kia Soul). The first 20,000 miles or so, they were really good. They handled snow well the first winter I had them. No problems at all. The second year, they there was a definite change for the worse in driving in anything more than light snow. They are definitely decent tires though. They held up well. But now, with close to 44,000 miles, they definitely need to be replaced.

  15. These tires came stock on my 2015 Kia Optima SX Turbo. Let me put it simply: the answer is no. No on handling, ride comfort, noise, wet traction, light snow. No. On just rain these tires couldn’t prevent dsc from coming on. They were an absolute disaster on the 2 inch snowfall very common to Chicagoland. I replaced these with winter tires and will be using dedicated tires for the summer months. Do not even consider buying this tire. Too bad Kia has a contract with them. Love the car…not the tires.

  16. I leased a 2015 KIA Optima SX turbo in Oct of 2015.I have 225/45/18 on car from factory.Not even a year old ,have 17100 miles on them and their shot.Garbage tires.They have no treadwear warranty on them.Went back to KIA,said nothing they can do.How can you sell or lease a car with tires like that.I would never lease another KIA or buy these tires.THeir cheap and you get what you pay for.

  17. These tires came from the factory on my 2013 Kia Soul. They are now at 40,000 miles with probably 10 or 15 thousand left, but I will replace these tires this fall anyway so I can start the winter with fresh tires. These tires are not a smooth riding tire by any means, of course one would expect to feel bumps in this economy car, but its not only the bumps, they have a wobbly-wiggly feel, however, not bad enough to cause the steering wheel to shake or shimmy. It is the same for the noise, not a steady hum or buzz, but wobbly or wiggly sound. Annoying at worst. Traction and durability are OK. They have stood up to the summer heat which can be around 100 degrees. Can’t comment about snow or ice as we have very little of that. I have certainly had worse tires, the BF Goodrich touring T/A for example rides worse and sounds worse than these.

  18. Purchased van new/used, had 39000 miles on it from Dodge/Chrysler dealer. New Nexen 225/65R/17 tires wereput on car by dealer at time of sale. at 41000 slightly more miles I was returning home on highway at about 75 mphon smooth blacktop highway when right front tire blew. First tire problem for me in many yrs.Checked tire but foundno indication of previous damage. Can only blame inferior materials or construction of Nexen tires. Dealer says nowarranty or replacement by him or Nexen. Do not recommend getting stuck with inferior product. Do not buyNexen tires……….

  19. I have these as OEM for a 2015 Kia Optima SX Turbo and I will NOT be replacing them with the same. To be FAIR, my driving is MORE than spirited, as I am a private investigator who does surveillance everyday. I often drive with EXTREME acceleration, EXTREME braking, and EXTREME acceleration again, as well as HARD U Turns and corners, so this review may not apply to most. When I got my car as a DEMO in JANUARY in CANADA, the tires had 5,000 miles on them. My initial response was how great these tires were in the snow, as my previous car (2014 Mazda 6 GS) was horrible in the snow (even with CHAMPIRO UHP WINTERPROS), but I chalked this up to the OPTIMA being a heavier vehicle, hence not slipping on snow.After the driest summer on record in Toronto, Canada, and now an additional 30,000 miles in 8 months, I can say these tires have worn EXTREMELY FAST (especially the last 10,000) and are begging for replacement. It is worth noting b/c of my work, I am RELIGIOUS when it comes to Tire Rotations and do those every 7500 miles. With a TreadWear Rating of 440, I guess that was to be expected, but for a Sports Sedan, a poor OEM choice. That being said, the tires now squeal on even modest acceleration, turns, or braking with VERY POOR traction and it sounds like I am street racing like a 17 yr old kid. I cannot accurately assess the wet traction due to the dry summer here, but I will not be driving anywhere close to spirited during rainy weather. BOTTOM LINE: These tires were great for the first 15000 miles, but have quickly deteriorated each day thereafter. If you are an average driver, than I suspect you will get reasonable performance and longevity; however, if you are spirited at all, then look for another tire. I previously replaced my Mazda OEM’s with General AltimaxRT43 Tires with great performance and traction under even Extreme measures. That being said, I will be off to purchase the General AltimaxRT43 for my KIA OPTIMA in the immediate future!

  20. These tires were newly installed by the dealer from whom I purchased our 2008 Chevrolet HHR SS. The tread , sidewalls and embedded lettering look great And the tires shine well after having tire shine applied to them. Both of these things are important to me. They do handle and brake well in the dry. And they are as good as can be expected in the rain. I would never take this vehicle out in the snow so I can’t comment on that. I have noticed the tires do wear prematurely on the inner and outer edges even though I keep plenty of air in them and check them the first of each month. I am now running 37 PSI of air in the fronts and 34 PSI in the rears to try to offset this. They are very quiet tires. I like that a lot. And they ride well at most speeds but not all speeds. At around 65-75 MPH, they have a shake to them. It’s enough that the steering wheel shakes and I really don’t like that. I had them re-balanced when the tires had 5000 miles and I had them rotated but they still shake at that speed. So, depending on how well they last and how comfortable and quiet they are as they get more miles, I may or may NOT buy Nexen tires again. I could have bought General brand tires for the same price so it’s not that they are especially low priced.

  21. These were the tires that originally came with a new car purchase. They have gotten a couple of nails and screws and got patched in the 5 yrs that i’ve had the car. They seem to have held up okay. I didn’t expect to get down to 1/16 inch thread depth in just 33,000 mi and less than six years. I have to start looking for new ones, and for the less than the price of same replacements, i think i would rather get some with better thread wear and 60k or 70k warranty.


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