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Crugen Premium (KL33) tires are Kumho’s Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season light truck tires originally developed for Original Equipment use on Hyundai Santa Fe crossover vehicles and now available in sizes for a wide range of crossovers, SUVs and light trucks. Combining sophisticated looking low-profile tires and large rim diameter wheels to enhance vehicle appearance; Crugen Premium tires also provide all-season versatility, including traction in light snow.

While the “Crugen Premium” name replaced the “City Venture Premium” name at the end of 2013, there were no tread design, construction nor materials changes. Therefore, Crugen Premium and City Venture Premium tires of equivalent tread depths can be used interchangeably in single applications or axle pairs.

Engineered to handle everyday activities in absolute confidence, Crugen Premium tires feature Kumho’s advanced all-season compound for enhanced traction, tire life and reduced rolling resistance. The compound is molded into a symmetric variable pitch tread design to reduce noise for a quieter ride. Independent tread blocks separated by wide circumferential grooves contribute to wet road and light snow traction.

The tire’s internal structure features twin steel belts reinforced by spirally wrapped nylon to combine durability and strength while a polyester cord reinforced casing promotes ride comfort.


  1. Replaced the stock Conti Cross Contact LX with the Crugens. Nice looking tire and fine when new but I’ve got about 13k miles on them now and I have had them rotated on schedule and they are beginning to cup! I can hear the noise now and the ride is firm compared to the Conti’s. These Kumhos are inexpensive but I’m disappointed that they are now cupping. Will consider different make when I’m ready to replace these.

  2. These 235/65×17 Crugen Premium came on my 2017 Kia Sedona minivan when new. I drive a lot of highway miles, but I don’t drive like an idiot (I carry passengers and luggage to/from airports) and am amazed how quiet, round and comfortable these tires still are. In all this time, I have rotated regularly and never needed to re-balance. I can’t say about snow and ice, but in the wet they work very nicely. It takes a hard acceleration from a stop to spin them on crosswalk paint and I don’t drive that way, anyways. I drive for a living and after 37500 miles (not a misprint) in just about 15 months, the tires measure between 7/32″ and 8/32″ tread depth. I will definitely buy the same when the time to replace them comes. Why change something if it ain’t broken? At this rate, they’ll probably be over 5 years old by replacement time.Jim in North Highlands CA

  3. Though I’ve only put 900 miles on these tires, I bought my 2019 Kia Sportage LX new and all the miles are put on by me so far. I couldn’t be happier with these tires so far, cause I bought my SUV in the peak of the winter season, and have driven it on wet, snow covered, and icy roads so far already. And these tires have really surprised me to say the least. My Sportage is only FWD and it handles like an AWD traction wise with these tires on it. I don’t get that rear end drifting or looseness like I have in the past with some FWD vehicles, and I always put great brand tires on my vehicles. The ride comfort and quietness is amazing, plus they keep their pressure very well in changing temps during the winter, and I don’t have Nitrogen filled tires. Only time will tell as to whether these tires live up to the mileage warranty, but so far I’m very pleased with these tires and their exceptional traction in all weather conditions.

  4. About 12,000 miles on these tires and have had no issues, not the greatest in snow but they work adequately. If I was back up north I would just buy a set of snow tires and put them on for the season. Wet traction has been above average and they are comfortable and quite on the road. I am buying another set to replace the back set of tires I mostly bought these tires for the price because my wife puts a lot of miles on her car here in the dry and wet conditions mostly.

  5. These were factory tires on an AWD night edition Tucson. They are ok in dry and wet summer conditions. When it came to winter, good luck. These are not good in snow or ice and even with AWD the vehicle got stuck in our driveway a few times. And the worst part, worn to the wear bars after 27,500 miles. And after half worn they got so noisy that you cant hear someone talking in the vehicle. Would not recommend, especially for the colder climates.

  6. Extremely quite and reliable tire. Beginning to see some front tread wear but never rotated the tires. With 36000 miles on the tires…mostly highway…and high speeds…very happy with the tire performance.

  7. I am on the Tire Rack site writing this review as I am selecting tires to replace these Kuhmo Crugen for my wife’s Volvo XC90 AWD. I bought these tires in 2/18, installed them 3/1/18 and they need to be replaced with approximately 19,900 miles. After the first 4,000 miles, I could see they were wearing quickly and had them rotated twice during the year. Since the warranty is 60,000 Tire Rack said I should receive a 2/3 refund and can select a new tire but it is a hassle to ship them back to tire rack. I then need to pay again to have them mounted. Prior to this, we had been using Yokohama’s and getting 45,000 out of a set. Tire Rack customer service easy to deal with so far, hopefully the return goes smoothly.


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