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The Crugen HP71 is Kumho’s Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season tire developed for drivers of crossovers, SUVs and light duty pickup trucks looking for a quiet, luxurious ride combined with all-season capability, including light snow traction.

The all-season tread compound of the Crugen HP71 is molded into a five rib, symmetric design featuring Kumho’s Variable Pitch Technology that provides a quiet and comfortable ride while also allowing for easy rotation patterns to promote even wear and longevity. A rigid center rib provides solid on-center feel and combines with strong shoulders in aiding handling and steering response while also adding stability to combat irregular wear. Notches in the ribs and wide grooves in the shoulders combine with four circumferential grooves to evacuate water from the contact patch for hydroplaning resistance, and sipes and independent tread blocks create biting edges for traction in slippery conditions.

The tire’s internal structure consists of a two-ply polyester cord body for enhanced ride quality and improved strength. Two wide steel belts sit on top of the casing and are reinforced by two spirally wrapped nylon cap plies, enhancing handling, durability and stability at highway speeds.


  1. Update: Excellent tire. Put about 2,000 miles on the tires and they have performed extremely well in all conditions including an icy snowy mix. I bumped the pressures up to 48psi (max 51) and that got rid of the understeer while still maintaining a smooth quiet ride. The tires have a subtle look with some checker boarding on the sides but with their profile they look very nice on my Explorer. I still can’t attest to longevity because I don’t drive this vehicle that much but otherwise they are excellent and would definitely buy again.

  2. WOW, I replaced the factory tires [ Bridgestone Ecopia Plus ] which rode hard, they were very noisy on our interstates concrete roads,and on cracked asphalt roads,I tried different tire pressures and even had the Ecopia’s road force balanced no luck, so after 1000 miles I decided to replace the factory tires,the only good point of the factory tires was Great MPG’sso I did some research and made phone calls and felt I would try the new Kumho Crugen HP71 that just came out In Oct.2018! I had them put on in Jan 2019 and rode on all types of roads in southern California, these new tires are great very smooth and Quiet!! and drove in the heavy rains we are getting now they hod the road great, We can now enjoy our Rogue and take road trips and hear the radio and talk to each other in a normal voice tone.another point these tires do not cost a lot compaired to Brand- X tires. I will do another review after several months and more Miles on them.

  3. I purchased these tires from a local dealer but thought it would be good to get the info out since they are new. I replaced the stock Michelin Latitude Tour HPs on my all wheel drive Ford Explorer with these. The main reason for doing so was cost as they are about $50/tire cheaper. The Michelins were excellent all around tires and I would not hesitate to buy them again depending on how these Kumhos last. These Kumhos do perform very close to the Michelins in wet and dry. However, they feel like the sidewalls are a little softer giving a little smoother and quieter ride but the tradeoff is they seem to lean ever so slightly more on hard turns such as a cloverleaf resulting in slightly more understeer – not much to write home about though. These tires are so close in feel and performance that it will come down to mileage whether I buy these Kumhos again or not. I got 58,000 miles out of the Michelins and they still had an easy 10-15K more left on them (replaced due to age ` 7.5 years old). We did get about 6″ of snow and I was able to drive around our very hilly neighborhood without much problems even though the roads were not plowed. Under these conditions, I think the Michelins were slightly better but the Kumhos were more than adequate. Overall, I think both tires are an excellent choice. Do you want a smoother quieter ride? Go with the Kumhos. Would you rather have a sportier ride? Go with the Michelins. But the big question is how long will the Kumhos last? Time will tell.

  4. These tires were on the vehicle I bought used but appear to have been recently installed. They seem great in the rain. They handle very nice on the dry. These things howl more than the Super Swamper mud tires on my 4wd Pickup. I’d definitely won’t replace them with the same tire again.

  5. I was immediately impressed with the smooth ride and how quiet these tires are but wanted to wait to see how it handled rain and snow. The tire has good siping which I can tell by the tire track pattern it leaves. The tires on our Pathfinder are 235-55/20” and for the weight and size of our vehicle they are excellent. These replaced Hankook Dynapro tires (41,000 miles) which were more harsh and noisy. Currently we aren’t even noticing a change in noise between concrete and asphalt roads. I chose a Kumho Tire because my Astro van has 16,000 miles on Kumho AT51 all terrain tires and they still look new and are extremely quiet. If my experience changes with this set of Kumho tires I will update this review.

  6. These tires came with the car new. Super wear and handling and hold the road nice. I’m a hard driver and like to drive fast. First week I took my Santa Fe up fo 140 mph as it has the 2.0 Turbo engine and the tires held good. As the tires wore over the 76000 plus miles they got louder but wore good Only problem is the noise and trying to wear them out so I can put a new set on at 80,000 miles. The 2.0 turbo allows me fastness off the line and I like to be able to peel rubber once in a while. I like good tires on all of my cars and truck. These are the ones.


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