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The SP10 is Dunlop’s Passenger All-Season tire developed to match the Original Equipment (O.E.) needs of first generation (2001-2003) Toyota Prius hybrids, as well as for the drivers of other small cars using the P175/65R14 84S size looking to reduce their vehicle’s fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions while retaining all-season traction. The SP10 is designed to accommodate dry, wet and wintry conditions, including occasional light snow.

The SP10 combines traditional energy efficient tire technologies (low rolling resistance tread compound, narrow tread width and optimized internal construction) to maximize vehicle efficiency and driving range.

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  1. Came OEM on our new Honda Fit Sport – The tires wear quick, become noisy around 10k, tire due to ther tread pattern in not good in water, tire wear at 5 or below is flat out dangerous to drive in wet conditions. They are terrible in Upstate NY’s winter weather. I do not recommend these tires for other then summer driving.

  2. This tire is the default for ECHO Sedan here in Saudi. What would you expect from SP 10? It is still running on 53K+ kms. Knowing cars here are running in a range 38-45 or more during summer. But now, I am looking for something would fit my ECHO for the next 50K kms. 🙂


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