Dunlop SP31 A/S Sizes & review

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The SP31 A/S is Dunlop’s Passenger All-Season tire developed for drivers looking to match the Original Equipment (O.E.) needs of their fuel-efficient compact and sub-compact cars. Used as O.E. on Honda Civic Hybrid, Fit and Insight models, the SP31 A/S is designed to help maintain the vehicle’s original fuel efficiency and environmental impact while providing all-season traction in dry, wet and wintry conditions, including in occasional light snow.

The SP31 A/S combines traditional energy efficient tire technologies (efficient tread compound, a narrow width asymmetric tread design, reduced beginning tread depth and optimized internal construction) to maximize vehicle efficiency and driving range.

*Specific sizes featuring low rolling resistance technology are identified as such on the Sizes tab, as well as on the tire’s Specs tab.


  1. While many of these reviews are negative, this one is my own experiences with this tire and it has not been an overall negative one. I purchased my 2011 Honda Insight EX used at a year old and since that time, I have put just about 30,000 miles on the tires now in th two years I have own it. Living in New England, I experience every realm of weather one can get in this neck of the country. Dry weather has been great for me, wet weather, the car drives safely, however, there is slippage if you accelerate too quickly, but in a hybrid, this doesn’t happen too often but it won’t if you drive appropriately for the conditions. In the snow, they do not by any means meet my snow tires ability, but if you drive reasonably and take your time and be mindful of the conditions (which I feel most people do not), then they served me just fine – I am a nurse in a hospital, so I have to make it in to work regardless of the blizzards and they have gotten me there safely and home safely as well. I am slightly hard of hearing, so I am not the best to judge road noise, but I have no issue with them myself. Ride is smooth overall, I feel safe with their handling, and wear has been perfectly acceptable for me. In the two years I have owned this car, I have placed just under 35,000 miles on it on these tires and my wear is still only at 6/32, so I still have good tread left to go. I did get these tires brand new when I purchased the car used from my Honda dealer. Now, would I buy them myself, probably not because I can find other brand name tires with good reviews and probably better warranties. That being said, I still think they have been more than acceptable for my vehicle and I think many people are looking for things to complain about with them.

  2. Absolutely the loudest tires I’ve ever driven on in 30 years of driving. Roaring so loud it gives you a headache. Below average wear, regularly rotated and inflated. Average traction. Definitely not worth the price.

  3. Lasted only 21,000 miles, tread down to 2/32… piece of s …tires on Honda 2006 Civic Hybrid. Tires were appropriately rotated by Honda dealership in White Bear Lake, MN with wheel alignment done on first install by the dealership.

  4. Everyone says these tires are junk and I understand that but my experience has been quite acceptable. Honda Fit Base Auto, goes in snow, ice, rain, dry whatever. The car drives perfect, handles really well, and is the best balanced set of tires I have ever had. Of course they are small so maybe they can’t get out of balance by much since they weigh nothing. There are two issues I see with them personally. Tread depth is low from new which I assume is due to OEM wanting no tread walk during test drives. Road noise is higher than I am used to with vehicles. I suspect the Fit base is likely the cause rather than the tire but hoping my next set will quiet the ride down a little. I normally purchase much nicer vehicles so the noise issue may just be what you get with a cheap car.I am close to the wear bars now at 35k miles but driving in snow (Southern Ohio area) this winter has been no problem. I am not defending these tires, just have not seen the low mileage or terrible traction issues others have for whatever reason.

  5. These tires —- sand should not have to be replaced after normal driving in las Vegas. After32,000 why is the metal showing slready. Really. These —- and they should be replaced for free after only having the car for four years and only 32,000 miles this is bull—-. I drive to work and run errands around my own neighborhood. I call defect big time. Free tires pkease

  6. These were OEM on my 2012 Honda Fit (Base) and worn out by 36000 miles of city commuting and highway vacationing. These were good in city driving wet and dry, but with occasional slipping on hard acceleration, and on wet cornering. They are durable in pothole-ridden city driving, with no bulges or flat tires experienced in 3 years. Not great in fresh snow and ice, or snowy hills, but for wet or slushy plowed city streets they handled just fine. In short, I didn’t feel like they were going to fail me as long as I didn’t drive like a moron. But I also didn’t have the impression that these were above average for inclement weather. The tires wore unevenly, quicker than I expected, with the outside edges worn out faster than the rest of the tire. I’m replacing them with a different option.


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