Yokohama AVID S34PV Sizes & review

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Passenger All-Season tires are for drivers who want a combination of a smooth ride, good wear and S- or T-speed rated durability along with all-season traction, including in light snow. Passenger All-Season tires branded with the M+S symbol are often used as Original Equipment (O.E.) on standard coupes, sedans and family vans, as well as some entry-level pickup, crossover and sport utility vehicles.

O.E. Passenger All-Season tires are typically purchased as direct replacements for worn-out pairs/sets of the vehicle’s original tires. They can also be used for other vehicle applications in complete sets of four or axle pairs if available in an appropriate size, load range and speed rating to match the existing O.E. tires’ performance category and specifications.


  1. These tires are very good for a price-conscious consumer that doesn’t do spirited driving but still needs a very decent all-around tire. The tread-wear after 9K miles has been great, I did rotate them after 5K miles and aligned the front-end when installed new. I’ve noticed that cornering is not the sharpest but traction on dry and wet conditions are very acceptable. I would not put these tires on a performance car though but for a family sedan or a compact car are great. The noise is average, they may get loud at highway speeds on concrete surface. The MPGs are on-par with the OEM Continentals so no complaint here. I’m happy with my purchase.

  2. Shame on you Yokohama. I bought these tires thinking “good name plus great price equals smokin deal. I have never been more wrong. With only 15000 miles they are gone. I have rotated and aligned and kept optimal pressure as I am a nut about vehicle maintenance. I will never go for cheap again. The only brand I’ve ever been impressed by is Michelin and will never stray from them again.

  3. I live in central Wisconsin. We get a lot of snow here! I have driven in many snow storms and blizzards with these tires! I have never lost traction on the highway (while driving cautiously). I am very impressed with how they handle in snow! I highly recommend these tires! You can’t beat the price!

  4. Man, if you need an all season tire but these asap. Comming from an autocross background bias out of the equation these tires are perfect. They never hesitate no matter what you throw at it, rain, snow, ice, sleet. Dry cornering is the only thing that is a weak link but that’s my autox side talking. The average driver will not find the limit in cornering. Tires are super quiet, comfortable, and mpg friendly. Recommend this to everyone!

  5. These tires perform well in dry and wet conditions. They’re priced affordably, and are a good balance between comfort and performance. I highly recommend them.

  6. I got these tires stock with my dart and I love them so far so good I’ve drove in them in about 4 inches of snow and had no issues never slipped once

  7. Purchased my car brand new Jan of 2015 in Texas and these tires came on it. I have not experienced any issues whatsoever. Even wear, great handling and good grip. Moved to Illinois after 38000 miles on them and they still performed well. In the snow/ice they did not grip well but I attribute some of this due to the lack of tread depth. These tires have been outstanding since day 1 and would recommend them to others. I typically by Michelin tires as replacements but since I have appx. 10000 miles left on these tires, I most likely will purchase these instead.

  8. Great price for brand name tires. The ride is smooth and quiet, but anticipating the tread wear because of the tire tread wear rating. I’m expecting to get about 30k miles out of them..if I get more that’ll be even better! Got the tires shipped to the house in 2 days with standard shipping👍 !! Very pleased overall.

  9. These tires came on my NEW 2015 Dodge Dart Limited and within 15,000 miles I was told by (2) Dodge Dealerships that there is uneven wear on the rear tires. The Dealership said that my “tow” might be off. 15,0000 mile and the alignment/tow is out already? I had the the car aligned/tow and was told that the car didn’t need it. I then tried getting new tires from Dodge and they stated it’s a tire manufacture issue. So, in others words they just redirected the blame and would stand by the product that they are selling. I will never buy or recommend these tires to anyone.

  10. This price for performance ratio is outstanding with the 68.00 sale. I replaced my FUZION UHPs’ for these tires and let me tell you there’s an immediate difference. I only put about 450 miles in these tires and in NC there’s a lot of iffy wet weather. Not one time have I felt these tires lose traction or hydroplane during the rain when going 65+ mph. Dry conditions are even better, very very responsive tires and the ride quality is very good. Although the tires are not completely silent (none are) they are very quiet with a superior ride comfort. I would recommend these tires to anyone. Its an outstanding deal that I couldn’t turn down.

  11. Just installed these tires and have put a couple weeks on them and couldn’t be happier thus far! I bought the 17″ rims with tires on them and I put them on my car and lost mileage and the ride comfort was terrible. I bought these yokohama tires on sale here to try and if I didn’t like them I was just going to sell the whole 17″ setup and go back to my 15’s! I am very pleased so far and will be keeping the 17’s installed and hopefully the tread wear is as good as the comfort!

  12. Tire – replaced a cheap brand tire with these. The difference was incredible in so far as comfort and noise. Great choice!Tire Rack – Very easy ordering process and tires received in 3 days. Cost was SIGNIFICANTLY less with Tire Rack as opposed to local retailers.Road Hazzard – Blew out a tire (only three months old). The process was so easy! I called TireRack, they ordered a replacement and xferred me to the Road Hazard department. They immediately opened a claim and were very helpful and professional.OUTSTANDING on all accounts!!!

  13. Like all the Yokohamas I’ve had, these impart a very soft steering response. I suppose that I’ll over-imflate them and move on. At $420 installed, these were a bargain. As a comparison, I just had the outrageously priced 60,000 mile service on my Golf TDI. This obviously wasn’t enough for the dealership who then tried to sell me a set of Continentals at over $1000 or a set of Hankooks at over $900. My last VW!!!

  14. I don’t know how the other reviewers are giving this tire such great reviews. My experience has been less than good. Compared to my OEM tires, the grip on these were not great. It is fine for typical driving on dry roads, but they spun easily on take off. Now about the tread wear, these tires have been on my car for 6000 miles and the fronts are nearly down to the wear indicators. I had them rotated and will be lucky to get more than 10k miles on them. I have used the ‘regular’ AVID series tires many times in the past and have had great experience, but this has been a severe disappointment. What good is an Eco tire saving a few gallons when the tire carcass will be going to the landfill before other tires even wear down 50%? I strongly advise AGAINST purchasing these tires.


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