Yokohama ADVAN A83A Sizes & review

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High Performance All-Season tires are for drivers who want a combination of a sporty appearance, predictable handling and H- or V-speed rated durability along with all-season traction, including in light snow. High Performance All-Season tires branded with the M+S symbol are often used as Original Equipment (O.E.) on sports cars, sporty coupes and performance sedans.

O.E. High Performance All-Season tires are typically purchased as direct replacements for worn-out pairs/sets of the vehicle’s original tires. They can also be used for other vehicle applications in complete sets of four or axle pairs if available in an appropriate size, load range and speed rating to match the existing O.E. tires’ performance category and specifications.


  1. I am surprised with the amount of negative reviews these tires have. The only reason why I would not recommend these is because they are not worth the money for the performance you get. but if these came OEM on your Mazda, know your manufacturer picked an EXCELLENT set of OEM rubber. traction in the dry and wet is nothing short of outstanding. confidence driving in heavy rain is excellent. and they grip HARD in water, very predictable and communicative when they give up traction. Treadwear is average. they are noisy on the highway but comfortable and not loud in the city.Mazda’s are very, very well tuned to Yokohama tires. I Highly recommend the avid envigors as they are much cheaper yet equal in terms of performance.

  2. These were stock tires on my Mazda6 that I bought while living in Florida last year. They have been great in dry and wet. I have felt no issues in these conditions. Others say the tires are noisy…I do not find them to be too noisy, but maybe I don’t have a quieter tire to. The noise never bothered me, and the ride feels smooth. Then I moved to CT. I used to live in CT, and I know all about winter driving there. I never had issues with many prior cars and tire types. I always drove in snowy conditions on the all-season tires I had. Drive slowly, and generally one is ok. And sometimes I’d go to an empty parking lot to purposefully lose traction and test my ability to control the car. I considered snow tires after reading some of these reviews. With my first winter back in CT, a light dusting fell….car still drove fine. There was some instability when changing lanes on the highway. I did not lose traction purposefully going into corners a bit hard to see what would happen. Then a week later a real snow fell (4-6 inches). Someone else in my family had already gone out shopping in this in another car/other tires, and had no problem with careful driving. So I decided I should test my tires. I was lucky to even make it out of the driveway! As soon as I got into the road, I was stuck. Got the car moving, went around a loop of my street, then got stuck again in front of my house. Got it moving and then stuck again in the driveway. Terrible!!!!! Getting snow tires as soon as possible now. Do not bother with snow or ice, you’ll be risking your life….seriously. This is basically a summer tire that does well in rain. You will need snow tires if you live somewhere that gets snow.

  3. I have a Mazda6 manual. In lower gears, when accelerating and shifting up, these tires are really bad. The worst I have ever had. The car is all over the place, shimmying in the back. The tires skid and slide. I am nervous when taking my car out in the rain. We’ve had very little snow since I got the car, so I am not sure about winter driving. I can’t imagine it’s any better than wet conditions. It’s a shame that Mazda agreed to use these tires in a production model – it’s been a great way to ruin the brand’s image for me.

  4. I strongly agree with the previous comments. These tires are scary in the snow. How these tires can have an all season rating is beyond me. Went out and got a set of dedicated snow tires (Blizzaks) and rims. The price on these Yokohamas is ridiculous – will be getting something else when they wear out.

  5. I have driven on this tire for 5,000 miles and find it ot be a decent OEM tire. I have found the only really draw back to the tire is road noise but otherwise it has been a very good OEM tire. Dry traction is great and I have had no trouble in the rain. I have read a few reviews that these tires are bad in the snow but I think they are very good in the snow. I drove 35 miles in a snow storm, about 4-6 inches of unplowed snow on the highway with no issues. I was doing about 50 mph most of the way, blowing by SUVs, Trucks, cars, etc and I only got a little lose once. Are they as good as the best Mich, Goodyear, Bidgestone, etc. no. But for an OEM it is the best I have had. Way better than the OEM tires (Goodyear Eagle LS) that came on my Camary.

  6. These tires are surprisingly good as an OEM selection, which is how I got them — they came on my Mazda 6 Sport MT. They track well including on grooved pavement (no notable tramming is experienced) and in terms of both wet and dry traction in straight-line and cornering they’ve proved to be quite competent, including in some really awful monsoon-style rains. I just rotated them for the first time and expect I’ll likely get somewhere between 30-40,000 miles before they require replacement based on observed treadwear thus far. They can be run fairly high on air pressure without getting overly harsh in ride quality; I run 40 front/38 rear on my “6”.I live in Florida so we don’t get snow and the car is only a few months old, so I have no winter experience with these at all. As a spring/summer/fall tire they’d be perfectly ok except for one problem — they’re really, really awful in terms of road noise on anything but very smooth pavement.Even slightly-worn blacktop results in these tires absolutely howling as speeds build. It’s not a problem around town but on the highway beyond 45-50mph is an entirely different matter. They’re just flat-out LOUD and an embarrassment to Mazda’s tire selection group, especially given that they’re also not cheap and thus the choice can’t be excused on the basis of price.If it wasn’t for that problem and the fact that they’re rather more expensive than competitive offerings I might be inclined to buy them again, provided their treadlife continues to track as it has. But road noise is simply ridiculous for any application where a reasonable ability to have a discussion between passengers is expected on the highway. Their overall performance is excellent or I’d replace them early but I’m looking forward to my car being materially quieter when these wear out and I put some new shoes on her.

  7. These were original equipment tires for my 2014 Mazda 6-Sport. First the good. This tire is very responsive. Very sporty feel. As these tires age, road noise progressively gets much worse. Tread wear is to be desired. I rotate religiously every 6000 miles. This set will only see a maximum of 35000 miles. Considering the road noise coupled with the low tread wear, even on a light vehicle like the Mazda 6, these tires are very over priced. You can get a much longer lasting tire and quieter tire for much less.

  8. This tire came on my Mazda 6 Sport AT. Tire is responsive and traction has been good even in snow. Tire noise is terrible after 20,000 miles plus noise is incredible. these tires are way over priced. I wouldn’t pay more thean $75 each for these tires!

  9. These tires perform very well on dry pavement and pretty well on wet pavement. When the snow starts falling, things get a bit interesting. Snow traction is marginal, ice traction is practically non-existent. Do not purchase this tire if you plan to use them in the ice/snow. Treadlife is middle of the road – I probably will get 35,000 miles out of them.

  10. This tire is alarmingly loud. It has led me to check alignment and rotate at or before 3000 miles. Over 45 mph you hear a whomp whomp whomp like a 4×4 on knobbys. You can feel vibration through the floor of the drivers seat. I have had dozens of tires and many r compounds and extreme performance that people complain are loud but have never experienced noise like this . It is unnerving in a brand new car as wonderful as the mazda6.

  11. The good news: These tires, which came stock on my 2015 Mazda 6, have offered excellent dry traction, excellent wet traction, are very resistant to hydroplaning and other misbehavior in the wet (even when a light standing water environment is present on the freeway, which is not a good thing at all!) and hold up well during hard cornering with minimal lean on the sidewalls. In other words their performance is excellent, with one exception — they don’t give you a lot of audible or other warning before you find their ultimate traction limit, although they do release reasonably gracefully when that limit is exceeded.Treadlife for a 280-rated tire has been excellent. I’m over 32,000 miles on the OEM set and am still well within wear limits; my best guess is that I might get another 10k miles out of them, although on a mileage basis I probably spend 80% of my time on the highway. Nonetheless for an OEM set of rubber that’s not bad at all.But all of that is utterly destroyed by the fact that these tires are utter *screamers* in the noise department on anything other than perfect blacktop surfaces — and those surfaces are almost never encountered in the real world. They’re bad on average blacktop and incredibly loud on concrete. In fact tire noise is basically all you hear in the cabin of my car at highway speeds! Add to this that they’re quite expensive on a comparative basis and there is simply no reason to buy these tires.I’m shopping for replacements now as I’m willing to sacrifice 4-5,000 miles of treadlife just to get the noise out of the car on the highway. If you are in the spot of having damaged one or two of these where they were delivered OE give serious thought to buying something else instead of replacing them — you can buy very credible UHP all-season tires all the way around for not a whole lot more than you will spend to replace two of these tires.

  12. These tires came on my 2014 Infiniti Q60S AWD from the factory. I only drive this car about 10,000 miles a year, so i have had a chance to experience these tires in all conditions before getting rid of them just over 10k miles. The tires perform okay just like any tire would in the dry, however the ride is very very harsh, comparible to driving on a run-flat tire. At 10k miles i was forced to get rid of them due to horrible road noise having developed, as well as started to experience hydroplaning. As many have mentioned with this vehicle, these tires are a joke, even with the car being AWD. I replaced these Yokohama’s with a set of Bridgestone Potenza RE050A summer tires for the season, and the difference in the ride is remarkable. No longer do i feel like i’m driving on bare Rims, they are much more comfortable and responsive. I cannot wait to get a dedicated set of snow tires this year to actually take advantage of the AWD system. Based on the overall reviews for this Yokohama, i doubt anyone would actually buy them to replace an existing tire. My suggestion to anyone that buys a new car with these already mounted is to replace them immediately with something better and sell the “new take offs” on Craigslist while they’re still worth something. I wish i did from day 1, now i feel like the first 10k miles on my car were a complete waste!

  13. These tires came as original equipment on my Mazda 6. I am at 25,000 miles and they are already worn to the wear bars after mostly highway driving. I am very disappointed with how quickly the tires have worn, although I am not surprised as the set of Yokahomas I had on my last vehicle also wore out only halfway through their treadlife warranty. In addition to wearing out quickly these tires are also extremely noisy when driving on any road surface. I don’t know that I have ever had more noise when driving on another set of tires.Winter driving has been an adventure. Even light snows would cause me to lose traction and slide. I will say that driving on dry or wet roads was not a problem. I never had any trouble with traction in wet conditions and the tires handled very well when cornering. I would not recommend these tires to anyone considering the short tread-life and noise when driving. When factoring in the cost of the tires there is just no reason to buy these when there are less expensive and better performing tires available.

  14. Came as OE on my ’14 Mazda 6, I should have negotiated for different tires, these are a death trap in the wet and especially in the snow. Plenty of tread left but, replacing already. They’re round a black beyond that there aren’t much of a tire….. Shame on Mazda for equipping their otherwise very high value & quality vehicle with JUNK tires.

  15. OEM tires with 25k miles and the tread is worn to the point the tires will be replaced this week. Never drove in ice or snow just city road to work and the highway on road trips. Grip was fine in wet and dry but the longevity of the tread has caused me to move away from the brand. I would not recommend this particular model.

  16. I am taking time to write because when I first researched these tires after getting them with my new car I was worried. At this time, however, I am reassured, and I hope others will be as well. Driving conditions where I live are usually dry, but we did have significant rain this week. The tires performed ably in city driving at 35-40 MPH. So, I can’t say how they would perform in snow/ice, but for wet conditions it seemed to me that the tires now perform quite well for ordinary driving.

  17. These are the OEM tires and I will be replacing as soon as possible. I noticed that tread has worn down in the center of the tires on all 4 and are now extremely loud. I know this is usually an indication of over inflation however I know that I have always kept it a few psi from maximum. I will not be buying Yokohama’s again.

  18. Came on my 2015 Mazda 6, dry traction is pretty good, wet traction is tolerable but snow or ice are absolutely horrible. Road noise is incredibly bad as well. You couldn’t make it any louder if you put mics in the wheel wells and piped the sound over the speaker; these are literally the loudest tires I’ve ever run and if I weren’t cheap I would have replaced them earlier. As it stands I put up with the tires for over 43.5K; thankfully I put this mileage on quickly, if I had to do it over years I would have had to bit the bullet and buy different tires. Ride is ok, not great, and cornering is tolerable as well. Basically for the money you can get much better ultra-all season tires that’ll perform as well on dry, and much better on wet, snow and ice with lower noise. Do yourself a favor, AVOID THESE TIRES!

  19. The Yoko Advan A83 was OEM on my Mazda6 Sport. I don’t generally expect much out of an OEM tire, so… I haven’t been (overly) disappointed. The good: – Decent dry condition handling and cornering – Acceptable wet traction- Reasonably quiet- Tread wear more-or-less as expected for OEM and UTQG ratingThe bad: – Wear quickly (not a surprise given the rating)- Resistance to hydroplaning has decreased markedly as the tires have aged- Seemingly no resistance to punctures- ExpensiveIMO, there are better tires for less money. Avoid the Advan A83.

  20. The A83A is more a Spring-Summer sport performance tire than an all season high performance tire. Yokohama should just simply change the name to a three season tire or rename A83A SSF for: Spring, Summer, Fall. I do not recommend these tires for driving in snow and/or ice when you know the weather forcast. Caught in the un-expected snow/ice will be more than a challenge even with All Wheel Drive and snow mode activated. These tires are currently being replaced under warranty with Advan Sport A/S UHP, this is a much better tire when driving in light to deep snow and/or ice and a quieter tire according to If these tires where no longer under warranty I have reseached tires and the “best UHP” tire is the Continental Extreme Contact DWS 06. Next best is the BF Goodrich G-Force Comp-2 A/S and third best is the Yokohama Advan Sport A/S for the Infiniti G37S coupe/Q60S coupe or other vehicles if your tire size is available.

  21. These tires came as OEM on my 6 spd manual 2015 Mazda iSport. The dry traction, steering response and handling is acceptable, maybe slightly above average for OEM tires on a family sedan. This however is where any positive comments on these tires ends. I rarely write reviews but these tires are so horrible that I feel I must for other’s safety. In short, the tread wear is horrendous, the tire are loud, and wet traction and hydroplaning resistance varies from minimal to downright life-threatening. After just 16K miles the tread has worn down over 60-70%. Driving styles do impact tire wear however my version of spirited driving is limited to aggressively attacking on/off ramps since there are not many curvy road in FL. That said I only have opportunity to take on/off ramps aggressively about 20% of the time due to traffic conditions, so that does not explain the tire wear. The rear tires are more worn down than the front tires, so this is not a case of spinning tires on launch. As these tires have worn the already minimal wet traction has simply vanished to the point I think race slicks would be an improvement. These tires are now downright dangerous in the rain, resulting in bad hydroplaning, massive torque steer, vehicle instability and sat ALL speeds. Wet cornering traction is also nonexistent. I am shocked at previous reviewers giving these tires good marks for wet traction, hydroplaning resistance and tire wear… I have to wonder, did they accidentally place their review under the wrong tire? Maybe its an issue of poor quality control resulting in some good/some bad batches, but my experience thesetires are among the absolute WORST wet weather performance I have ever experienced in 30 years of driving. Do NOT buy, especially considering there are so many better choices in this price range. I have just ordered the 225/50ZR18 Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 as replacement . Will review those soon as I have put enough miles on them in wet weather to compare.

  22. These tires came stock on my Mazda6 Sport when I purchased it in the spring of 2013. When new, these tires had good to very good dry traction and handling characteristics – a firm, sporty feel that gives you just enough feedback without beating you up; in wet conditions (again, when new), traction was acceptable but certainly nothing special – but no matter, I thoroughly enjoyed the car and the tires throughout the spring, summer, and fall of 2013.Then came the winter. And with it, the snow. And I quickly learned how horrible these tires are when there is any hint of winter on the road. Light snowfall? Be careful. Heavy snow? Give the wheel a good death grip and try not to do anything stupid. Ice? Just forget it, if there’s ice I’m probably going to wrap this nice, new car around a lightpole. So I parked my shiny new car in the garage any time there was a hint of snow, and drove my old 2wd pickup all winter, which handled admirably compared to the wintry deathtrap created by the horrid A83As.Then came the spring of ’14. Lather, rinse, repeat.After 3.5 years and 35,000 miles, the tires still handle quite well in the dry, even into colder temperatures. Unfortunatley, wet weather performance, which was never a strong point at all, noticeably deteriorates as the tread wears. By 25,000 miles, the hydroplaning starts. At around 30,000, it becomes more than an annoyance – now something that has to be considered. Now at about 35,000 – even though I’m still well above the wear bars – I’ve lost all faith in them.The tread has worn a bit unevenly (too much wear in the center), probably my fault for running these at 36psi in the summer. But then you notice that the siping/grooves in the tread blocks don’t go all the way to the bottom of the tread. They stop at about 5/32″. Good luck finding ANY sort of winter traction when all the siping is worn down.So now, after 3.5 years, there are few more rainstorms and no more winters left in these tires. Good riddance.

  23. Do not buy these tires. I’m still under 25,000 miles and will be replacing them soon because they’re worn down almost to the treadwear indicators. My biggest complaint is the road noise, which is awful. They actually keep traction pretty well on dry roads. Wet traction has is OK but deteriorating noticeably as the tread wears down. The tread has worn evenly, but too quickly, with proper inflation and rotation.

  24. 24000 Florida miles on these tires, so no snow experience. OEM when I bought my Mazda 6 Sport. Ride has been fine. Stable while cruising the interstates at 80 mph. i don’t recall any issues in wet weather either. So one could be lulled into believing that this is a decent tire. It isn’t. DO NOT BUY THIS MODEL TIRE! These tires have been incredibly, embarrassingly loud. I actually considered buying some Dynamat sound insulation for my car, as the noise is so unbearable. The treads on the army’s main battle tank just might be quieter. I had some Yokohamas ten years ago and was happy with them, so I figured it couldn’t just be a truly awful tire. Now that I’ve seen other reviewers with the same issue, I understand that this *is* a truly awful tire! The tread is wearing quickly at 24000 miles, and I may get 30000 out of them, but if I wasn’t so frugal I’d get rid of them today. Will order some Kumho Solus TA71’s from Tire Rack in 2017. A nice mid-sized sedan should sound like a nice mid-sized sedan: quiet.

  25. These Yokohama A83s were standard on my wife’s Mazda6 Sport when we bought it new in April of 2016. First thing I noticed was their noise level at highway cruising speeds, they are fairly loud and coupled with the Mazda’s somewhat poor noise insulation they are very loud. Dry handling is great coupled with this vehicles amazing steering and suspension dynamics but a certain level of disconnect between vehicle and road is definitely felt at moderate to heavy rain. I wouldn’t even dare to try these things in snow or ice, needless to say I am happier when this vehicle is wearing its firestone winterforces for the winter than i am with these Yokohamas. Treadwear is also a poor point as this vehicle has just over 19,000 miles and half have been with the Yokos and half with the Firestones, Yokohamas have around 5-6/32nds around with only about 9-10k on tires. Honestly one would be very lucky to get 20k from these tires without wearing them down to nothing. Price and wear are enough for me to say no to these tires, invest on some good Michelins like i will for next summer.

  26. Currently leasing 2016 Mazda6 Sport. I have the Yokohama Advan A83 OEM tires and they have 22,150 miles on them. I am at end of lease this month. These tires are really loud when driving on highway. This past winter in Ohio was really snowy and slippery. These tires did not handle well at all. I was slipping and sliding all over the place. I drive slow in bad weather and these did not respond well. These tires have been rotated every 5,000 miles. In rain I have to be careful so as not to hydroplane. If I were keeping this car, I would get a different set of tires and NOT YOKOHAMA. I do not recommend these tires at all.

  27. These were the stock tires on my 2016 Mazda 6. My 2014 Mazda 6 had the same tire with the same issues. With a tread wear below 300 on these tires and a costs upwards of $200.00 per tire, there are much better choices elsewhere. Very responsive for the 1st 15,000 miles. By the time you reach 30,000, desired responsiveness is extremely lacking. As with the other reviewers, the main issue is noise. These tires are extremely noisy which only increases with mileage. Knowing what I knew about the set that I had, I actually request that the dealer put some other type of stock tire that Mazda offered, but they would not honor my request.

  28. Tires came as OE on 2016 Mazda6. Live in area where we get a lot of snow in winter. These tires are terrible, and not safe, in snowy and icy conditions. Have had many other brands of all season tires and they have done a fine job. Only have 13,000 miles on the tires and will be replacing these tires very soon, as do not want to go through another winter with them on the car.

  29. Currently leasing 2017 Mazda6 GS. I have the Yokohama Advan A83 OEM tires and they have 25,000 miles on them. I am at middle of lease this month. These tires are really loud when driving on highway and very noisy. I drive slow in bad weather and these did not respond well. I never drive in snow or icy condition because we are in Florida 6 month a year. These tires have been rotated every 5,000 miles. In rain I have to be careful so as not to hydroplane. If I were keeping this car, I would get a different set of tires and NOT YOKOHAMA. I do not recommend these tires at all.

  30. I have had this tire on two different 2017 Mazda6 Sport sedans. (long story). My experience was the same both times. This tire’s capacity to evacuate water from the center of the contact patch is severely diminished with 5/32″ tread left. This is disappointing, especially in light of the tire’s dry performance. The on-center feel is good, turn-in is sharp, it remains stable in transition, and it partner’s well with the Mazda’s brakes for urgent stops. Like the Idiot Blacktail Deer kind of stops. It is not silent, but it is quiet enough for passenger comfort. Impacts are nicely damped, and it soaks up tar strips and bumps without drama. Excellent dry traction encourages you to test out the limits of your car’s chassis and your passengers’ patience. Until it rains. And then, check your odometer. If you have over 20k on the clock, it’s too late. You should have swapped tires by now. When in middle age, this tire’s playful fair-weather demeanor turns into Mr. Hyde during a good downpour. Steering feels like a long-distance call, and you can feel the traction control lifting the throttle any time you turn the wheel. Hydroplaning is possible at 45mph, and the lack of lateral stability is downright spooky. To be fair, I have to emphasize things are not this bad in the rain for the first 15k. However, this tire’s snow competence is poor even when it is brand new. At this price point, there are many great choices for both dedicated summer tires and performance all-seasons. I would choose one of those instead. I will miss this tire, until it starts raining again.


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