Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus Sizes & review

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The Scorpion Verde All Season Plus (Verde – Italian for green) is Pirelli’s enhanced eco-friendly Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season tire developed for the drivers of crossovers, sport utility vehicles and prestigious pickups. Designed to deliver more miles and miles per gallon than its predecessor, the Scorpion Verde All Season Plus combines longer treadwear and reduced rolling resistance while retaining year-round traction in dry, wet and wintertime conditions, even in light snow.

The Ecoimpact* icons branded on the sidewall of Scorpion Verde All Season Plus tires highlight their environmental compatibility where their reduced rolling resistance and lighter weight promotes vehicle fuel economy and reduces CO2 emissions compared to Pirelli’s previous CUV/SUV tire lines.

Scorpion Verde All Season Plus tires use a silica-enhanced tread compound molded into an asymmetric tread design that features an optimized rubber-to-void ratio and uniform contact patch to blend dry road handling with uniform wear. Four wide circumferential grooves displace water from under the tire’s footprint to resist hydroplaning and enhance wet traction. Longitudinal sipes promote lateral stability while high-density lateral sipes enhance wet road and wintertime traction.


  1. Other than a slight wisp of noise, these are tires are fine. I can only hope they last longer than the OEM Hanhooks (VENTUS S1 NOBLE2) of only 32,000 miles. Unfortunately the life of the Pirellis is actually less so we’ll see.

  2. Put 32K miles on these tires. Shoulders were down to 2/32 and center was maybe 4/32. Warranty was for 65K, these tires did not come close. While these tire build and tread compound might work for a XUV for a full-size 4wd pick-up it could not hand the wear. Last set of Pirellis I buy.

  3. My car was a CPO purchase and the Pirelli Scorpion Verde tires came with it, but had 10k miles on them when I bought the car at 35k miles last year. The car is now at 50k and all tires are worn out. When I bought the car they looked normal regarding tread, but in just one year and 15k miles mostly on freeways, they are now completely shot. I’m not a crazy driver in the slightest. Far from the rated tread life even with proper inflation, rotation, alignment, etc. The tires are perfectly fine for around town errand running, but not particularly confidence inspiring even on dry highways. I also experienced a very wet winter this past year and even with this heavy, AWD, diesel SUV there were times I felt loss of traction and had to work extra hard to stay on course. I would not take these to the snow even when new, but have never had problems with other tire brands when I lived in Colorado. The noise both from the tires themselves and cabin noises/vibrations caused by the harsh ride over all pavement types has become unbearable, but I knew I’d be replacing them soon due to the accelerated wear so I’ve tolerated it. This is a Mercedes SUV that is very solid and capable, but by no means a race car, and I feel these tires are completely mismatched for the vehicle despite being recommended by the manufacturer. It feels like the soft and comfortable suspension of the car is constantly fighting against these overly harsh and sporty tires. If I wanted a sports car, I would have bought one. I’ve replaced these tires with a far more capable set of Michelins with a slightly lower UTQG rating, but feel more fitting of the ‘all season grand touring’ classification with much better performance. I know they just released the Scorpion Verde AS II, but I don’t recommend taking the chance on them at all. I think these get good reviews when they’re brand new, but they’re absolutely terrible with any wear. These Pirelli tires have truly been the epitome of the ‘no season tire&

  4. Installed: 6/11/16 – (11/32 Tread new)Removed: 10/31/19 – (4/32″ tread – 96,419 Mi)Everything was fine for the first 32,000 miles (down to 7/32″ tread), then I noticed they started getting noisy (low-pitch “rumble”), and continued increasing road noise over the past year until it was nearly intolerable. There was no detectable vibration (as if out of balance). It was so bad I thought it might be a wheel bearing because the rumble didn’t change much with road surface change. The dealer had confirmed it was tires.10/31/19 I replaced them with a set of Michelins after 45,050 miles (of a 60,000 mile tire) and all is quiet once again. In retrospect, they only performed “well” for the first 32,000 miles (about half their life). I had the tread checked when removed – I ran off 3/32″ in 12,700 mi the last year, and the alignment was still perfect when checked. This is the first set of tires I have ever replaced due to excessive noise they were before completely worn out.

  5. I bought this car 2 .5 years ago and the dealer, had replaced ordinal Michelin tires. They are noisy on all roads that are not perfectly smooth. I complained but they took me on smooth roads so we didn’t hear the noise. after 30,000 miles they spin on acceleration on wet roads. I’m afraid I will have to replace them because this could be dangerous. Thjey were less expensive than the Michelin tires but were not worth the price difference. I will never buy Pirelli Tires again.

  6. 70k miles rated tires which need replacing in 45k. Also as they wore, they became increasing loud. The first 18 months or 25k miles they were excellent tires. After the 25k point, they were below average tires.

  7. Have had this set of Pirelli’s on our 2016 Honda Pilot and have been extremely happy with the purchase, compared to the stock Continentals. On mostly highway and some city driving, great traction and ride quality. Excellent tread wear. Low road noise. Still has an aggressive look (for Dad when driving). After about 40,000 miles, will DEFINITELY recommend Pirelli Scorpion All-Season’s to friends and will probably get again, even with the higher price compared to other brands.

  8. After changed factory OM Continental CrossContact I was very happy. They performed way better and make much less noise.After 10 months my happiness is gone. They become very noisy. I noticed very unusual wear. The center of the tire is getting bold. And this has nothing to do with the air pressure because I am on it constantly. My relative has same tire on different vehicle and he has same problem. In this same time I ordered Vredestein Quatrac 5 for my wife car and they still looks like new.I am going to contact TireRack about warranty. In general I am very disappointed. This tires will not last longer than two years for sure.

  9. Best tire in terms of handling and noise over OEM Yokohama and Yokohama Parada. However, I’m dissapointed that I got a blown up rear tire while driving on I15 North near Baker. The tire was completely blown up at high speed. Thanks — I was able to stir it to a safely to the median. Although I like the tires very much, not sure anymore that I’d have a peace of mind to purchase it again.

  10. Awesome tire. Replaced the stock Michelin LTX 1 with these and they are far superior, those were cracked and completely toast before 50k miles on them, these look like they haven’t even been driven on after 30k plus. Wet, snow, and ice all very impressive, have steered around several fish tailing vehicles on ice as they crashed and kept on my merry way.

  11. 2013 RAV 4 XLE and 2013 RAV 4 Limited. (17″ and 18″ respectively)Tires looked good and were very responsive initially.However…Once these tires had about 15000 miles on them, I started getting what felt like an alignment issue. The noise level had also gone up dramatically. We’d rotated them every 5000 miles or so like clockwork, but at 20000 miles in BOTH cases, our mechanic showed us where we were beginning to get tread separation!I’d had very high hopes for these, but suspect Pirelli has a quality control issue on their hands, as I purchased both sets from entirely different vendors in different regions. I’d driven various models of Pirelli tires over the years an never had an issue like I did with this model.Upon replacing these tires, I literally felt like I had a new car again. These were simply that bad from 20-30K.Would not buy this particular model again under any circumstances.

  12. Excellent for the first 40,000 but with 6/32 left on the tread they are dangerous. I first noticed it while in a parking garage (with a shiny smooth floor) they were squealing and sliding while moving around turns. Last week noticed hydroplaning in moderate rain. I will not wait to replace them before the Northeast US winter sets in. Lotsa tread left but smooth as a baby’s backside.

  13. Was looking for a nice all season tires for summer use as I run winter tires during winter. Got a great deal on this set of tires and wheels. Put tires on the end of February so still had a few snowfalls to go. I will admit that for an all season tires these handled very well in a snowstorm on the highway. 6″ of snow and no problems. Wet traction has been very good, only a couple times have I spun a little. Hydroplaned only once in a very heavy rainstorm. Tire is also very quiet on the highway. I’m at 20,000 miles and the treadwear is still at 9. I would recommend and will purchase again when the time comes.

  14. This tire was developed with Porsche for their newest SUVs and it shows, except the Pirelli put a “Plus” twist on it. This tire is on the newest 2017 Volvo XC90 and Range Rovers also. This tire transformed the vehicle from the existing top rated C********l SUV tires rated by Tire Rack from 5 years ago (which were replaced due to a sidewall blowout…). Quiet, comfortable, smooth, and outstanding drivability. Cornering tracking is mind blowing compared to previous tires. Point the vehicle with 130k on it from parking lot speeds to its limits and the 4400lb Volvo does exactly what you want it to do. Amazing. I got them with a rebate and they were a fantastic deal. Will update in the future.

  15. Update I thought the miles they asked was for warranty on it. I have only driven 7000 miles on them not 65000I needed new tires soon. I had been checking around and missed a deal on Goodyear Assurance maxlife another competitor had during Labor Day weekend.I saw these in October 7th. My best friend is a mechanic at a dealership so I sent to him. He showed to their tire specialist and he said they were a steal at $500.Tirerack had a close out and had a instant rebate on them. So I only paid a little over $500 for them plus I got $40 off for picking them up.I had Michelin Premier that came with my SUV.I have put about 7000 miles on them so far and they ride great. I have driven in heavy rain and they did good in the rain. I have had hardly any noise from the tires. They ride great at 85 mph on expressway and handle great on curves. I do part time uber driving and my passengers are impressed with how smooth my 2014 suv rides. They are shocked that it is almost 6 years old.For the price you can not beat for a great tire.

  16. When I bought my Pathfinder, my biggest disappointment was the handling of the SUV. It definitely handled like a truck with a lot of bounce and sway. Putting these tires on gave the Pathfinder a refinement I did not think I could achieve just by changing the tires. I thought I would have to do some suspension work to smooth out the ride. I no longer have a bounce and when the car leans into corners, the tires hold up against the steering input making this SUV handle just as well a car. I’m surprised Nissan didn’t just put these tires on from the factory.

  17. We had a set of these tires on our 2011 Highlander Limited previously and got 60k miles out of them, and we probably could have gone til 65k miles, but with the holiday season approaching, and clearance pricing on TireRack encouraged me to go ahead and pull the trigger to put a fresh set of these tires on now. As stated before, we drove the old set of Pirelli Scorpion Verde Plus through Texas heat, to the Colorado mountains in snow and ice, up to the Northwest in Vancouver and down the West coast, on the beaches, in heavy rain, and even up some steep, rough, rocky roads in New Mexico, and they have always performed well. In general, they have good stability control in the dry and wet, and are responsive to control inputs. I wouldn’t say they are silent, but they are quiet. And the the ride is mostly smooth and comfortable. I’ve been very happy with these tires for our needs, and with the mileage we got out of the last set, replacing with the exact same tires was a no-brainer. I will say that when we first put this new set on the car, we had a vibration at highway speeds, but that was corrected by having the installer re-balance the tires a second time. And then we thought we were getting a loud rumbling sound from the tires, but after a week realized it was a bad wheel bearing on the front end – and once the bearing was replaced, the tires were the same quiet, comfortable ride as the last set.

  18. Second set of Pirelli’s on this vehicle. Was so impressed with the first set I purchased a second set for this vehicle when necessary. Great general reviews on the Pirelli and they were right. Great tire in rain and snow, handles much better then OEM and runs well on wet or dry roads. Tires look like the day I purchased them even though they have over 9000 miles on them. Quiet and ride well!

  19. On the road I travel every day, with these tires it is not a smooth ride. I did an alignment so it’s not that. I don’t feel these tires are all season tires. The tires I purchased before were a much smoother ride. I am very unhappy with these tires.

  20. Went on 6000 mile trip thru northwest from Chicago to Yellowstone and Columbia Gorge in all weather conditions. These tire are very quit on some roads and noisy on others. They feel like they hold the road better than original tires, but has a harder ride. Had run into hail storm in mountains @ 70mph which turn into 3 inches of slush within a minute with no problem. so far it’s a good tire.

  21. My first set was the Scorpion verde and now I just purchased the exact same tire again. I live in Florida so I need a tire that can perform in heavy downpours. This meets that criteria. Tread also wears pretty even, I do rotate my tires.

  22. These tire are great! This is the 2nd set of tires I had purchased for my VW Touareg TDI! I should say I am disappointed with the Sidewall of these tires. I do go off road once a week and rocks cut into the sidewall. So I wouldn’t recommend it if you have to do that. Other than that it’s a great tire for my VW!

  23. Bought tires in 2017 with hopes of stated 65k miles. Instead, they are now not able to pass inspection after 42k miles and must be replaced. The tires have been humming for over 2 years now and installation location said nothing was wrong with the tire so I couldn’t use the warranty. I am very displeased with these tires. I will be switching back to Michelins.

  24. Tires are probably the best I’ve driven at this price point. I’ve had Hankook’s, Yokohama’s, Kumho’s, and Michelin’s in the past. Of all of the tires I’ve tried, these have been consistently the best performer. I got an easy 50k miles on these tires with no issues whatsoever. The treadwear is phenomenal given my spirited driving style (Caveat: I did mostly highway driving). The snow performance is amazing. I never missed an event or day at work despite many days where we got between 1-3″ of snow. I would be out before the plows and never had an issue weaving through slow traffic and traversing the roads. Would highly recommend this set of tires for anyone in the market.

  25. I just bought these today so can’t comment too much. I have a 2018 Murano SL. I had these same tires on my last car, also a Murano (2013). They were fantastic. Quiet, and the car was on rails. Average tread wear. They rode great, very comfortable. That’s why I boutght them again to replace the Michelin’s that gave out after 47,000 miles on the new car. I am hoping Pirelli quality is still there. I’ll report back on these after 10,000 miles. The AAA installer in Toms River, NJ honored the TireRack install price even thought they said their’s was typically $50 more. I paid about $85.

  26. If there were a rating of “1” for treadwear…that is all I would have given this tire. Tire performs fairly well, a little mushy when changing lanes sometimes. Have rotated them according to warranty schedule and after a mere 32K miles they will need to be replace for wear…not acceptable. Won’t be getting another set of these – likely why they are on close-out!

  27. Fantastic tire. Light and good corning. Great on dry braking. Wet braking very good. Only downside is wear. When new they were .3125″ tread. After 15K miles, no swapping, fronts at .143 and backs at .214. (swapping tires today, that’s how I know.) So at this right I think we’ll only get 30K-40K before we are on the wear bars. If the price is cheap enough it’s a far bargain. But at the high side of the range, it’s a little bit pricey. (This is on an Toyota with 4WD, which means primarily FWD most of the time. Mileage did pick up a tick over the Continentals we had. About 1/4 mpg better. (based on Scangauge II)

  28. Put around 24500 miles on these tires. Reason that I bought these tires because tirerack.com rated really good with long life thread and quiet. These is super noisy from the beginning and 24500 miles almost ball. Please waste your money on these tires. I wouldn’t recommend these tires to any one of you.

  29. I always have had Michelin tires and thought I would never change. However the price on these tires and rating on the website made it difficult to not at least try a set. I was very impressed and might consider them even better then the Michelin I generally buy.

  30. Treadwear very good with 67K miles and additional tread left. Much better than OEM Pirelli Scorpions that needed replacement at 42K miles. However I concur with other reviewers that over the last 10K miles or so that tire noise and hydroplaning issues arise. So no need to push it mileage-wise for safety sake and decided to replace with same tires again. Very good value versus Michelin or others.

  31. I’m a very experienced driver professionally for last 8 years in the auto industry. I have experience hundreds of vehicles in most of Colorado’s weather and diverse roads. I’ve analyzed vehicle performance and handling in 1/3 of my jobs. My personal car is front wheel drive and very well maintain with it’s suspension and brakes. Ive owned this vehicle for over 5 years and these tires for less than 1 year and half. Sadly to say the front tires have became bald in less than 10k miles logically speaking with us on lock down on 2020, working from home as well as limited driving for over 7 months that I shouldn’t have less than 3/32th of the on the front tires. (Haven’t rotated) so I can see some fault in the wear of not properly maintaining them) ROTATE YOUR TIRES!!! Snow and ice performance I was not amused! There wasn’t much solid holding to the street as you drove through slush, powder snow a bit better but felt slipping on parts. Let’s say didn’t feel confident when I hit ice- Never your friend that ice. I thought highly of these tires since they were used on cars in a company I’ve worked for in the past. Though they only used them in the winter but the label says ALL SEASON though they didn’t hold up to Colorado dry heated summers. Would I buy them again? No even though I admit the lack of rotating to even the wear on my tires was my negligent- I honestly didn’t like the way they drove in our winter weather on my vehicle. My other experience in an Audi and in a Volkswagen suv they drove but that’s based on other variables like with vehicle systems. My experience wasn’t thrilling nor mind blowing with these tires but I hope this review doesn’t totally change your mind from not purchasing them. I hope you keep in mind that drivers will vary, makes and models will have different results on these tires and as well as your location , terrain and temperature will effect your driving experience. Happy tire shopping!

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