Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Sizes & review

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The Scorpion Verde (Italian for green) All Season is Pirelli’s eco-friendly Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season tire developed for the drivers of crossovers, sport utility vehicles and prestigious pickups. The Ecoimpact* icons on the sidewall of the Scorpion Verde All Season highlight its environmental compatibility where it reduces rolling resistance and tire weight, compared to Pirelli’s previous CUV/SUV tire lines, to increase fuel economy and lower the vehicle’s CO2 emissions. The Scorpion Verde All Season is designed to combine dry and wet road handling, comfort and year-round capabilities, including all-season traction in light snow.

The Scorpion Verde All Season molds a silica tread compound into an asymmetric tread design that features an optimized rubber-to-void ratio and uniform contact patch to blend dry road traction and performance with uniform wear. Four wide circumferential grooves displace water to resist hydroplaning and enhance wet traction while longitudinal siping for lateral stability on loose surfaces and high-density lateral siping enhance wet and wintertime traction.

*Specific sizes utilizing eco-focusing manufacturing methods are identified with Pirelli’s Ecoimpact designation on the Sizes tab, as well as on the tire’s Specs tab.

Limited sizes of the Scorpion Verde All Season are available with Pirelli Noise Cancelling System, which involves the manufacturer adhering a layer of sound-absorbing foam to the inner liner of the tire to reduce cabin noise in the vehicle. These sizes are identified on the Specs page and in the search results.


  1. When new, these tires are great. At 40,000 miles though, the noise and ride comfort become unbearable. There is a constant whomp whomp whomp during slow speeds. At high speeds, the road noise needs drowned out by the radio. There are other options out there.

  2. I am pleasantly surprised that a Pirelli tire would last this long, 29,000 in my case. High quality tire on my Porsche that looks good, wears great and performs great.

  3. These came installed on our 17 RRS V8 (it’s not an SVR, it was the only choice provided). After normal driving for not even 2 years, I need to replace them. The wear on these is astounding, and unacceptable. At 15,000 miles the tires started to sound like I had bearing issues which I’ve had looked at numerous times only to be told they’re the tires and I should have them replaced. This is unacceptable and ultimately cost me 1500.00 for a new set of tires (NOT these). I cannot fathom why anyone would purchase any tire with such an unacceptable wear and noise factor. I would never purchase a set of Perelli’s again after this experience. It’s no wonder new RRS’s do not come with these tires anymore. I suspect it’s due to all of the customer complaints.

  4. Garbage tire from day one and neither Pirelli and Volvo will not stand behind the product. Search the forums and you will find that many people had issues with these tires being out of round or having other manufacturing defects. Took my dealer quite some time to diagnose the issue and neither Pirelli nor Volvo will do anything now that we know the tires are the issue. So, my choices are to continue to use a crappy tire that vibrates during acceleration or replacing them for 1K with only 24K miles of use. Do yourself a favor…if you are considering these tires don’t. Absolutely a waste of money from my perspective. I am looking at Michelins when I replace these tires.

  5. Overall a good performing tire with decent all season performance but tread wear is more rapid than expected specifically inside shoulder wear which creates heel/toe wear and mild cupping on the front set of tires despite routine tire rotations. I have these tires mounted on a set of BBS RX wheels in the same size as my OEM wheel/tires and are only used during the winter months which makes the wear issue a concern as it’s occurring over a short duration of use. During the summer months I refit my OEM wheels and summer performance Michelin’s Pilot Sports which do not suffer the same wear patterns as the Pirelli’s. Switching between the Pirelli’s and Michelin’s for summer use it’s always a relief to get back on the Michelins as the ride is considerably more comfortable and quiet despite the fact these are more performance orientated tires. The Pirelli’s do what is asked of them but rapid tread wear is an issue at least in the size specification and LR (Land Rover OEM) version I purchased from Tire Rack. Noise is also starting to become an issue as the tires wear but not to a point where it’s overly annoying but is certainly noticeable when compared to the stock Michelin’s which came with the vehicle.

  6. With regular rotation and proper inflation, each tire’s tread has nearly worn all the way down to the treadwear bars at 36,000 miles. That’s unacceptable. They’ve become noisy too. Traction remains fine, but my wife and I both drive conservatively. Consumer Reports recommended this tire. Thumbs down as far as I am concerned! I like Hankook Optima tires…but maybe I’m the only one?BTW – I can’t stand runflats (cost, noise, poor traction, and short life expectancy). Run flats are often OEM. We have two AWD Sienna vans. Both have all-season radials and each has a full size spare chained securely to the floor behind the 3rd row.

  7. Purchased the Macan S with 12,000 miles and OEM tires in May of this year. I live in Seattle so as Summer turned to fall and rain began, I started to notice some scary understeer in wet conditions. Recently checked tread depth and its 2.1mm at 20K miles. I can’t imagine summer tires would wear faster. Installing Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 for the winter. Will find a better tire come summer than these Pirelli’s.

  8. This tire has to have a flawed design!! Read the reviews they become incredibly noisy after about 15K miles. You get this unbearable booming noise. Pirelli has to know there is a problem with these tires, but they refuse to do anything about it. Irony is they boast about a noise reduction technology and meanwhile these tires make a deafening boom. I love the smoothness and the steering feel of Pirelli tires, but I have been disappointed too many times by premature wear,noise, and vibration. Who wants to spend hundreds of dollars tracing noise and vibration only to find out every time it comes back to Pirelli!!!

  9. Sidewalk blowout at 6900 miles. Dealer and local tire shop said Pirelli won’t cover it Under warranty so they made me buy a new one plus install etc. very noisy tire. Landrover recommends on the placard 47 and 50 lbs pressure which I think is nuts but they said they designed the car that way. Seems like using the max allowed tire pressure might heighten the odds of a blow out. No one has a answer. Second set of these I have had on a Landrover. I will remove them prematurely just because if noise alone.

  10. These were the recommended tires for my 19″ Tesla Model X. They are not comfortable for a touring tires. The reviews were spot on for the overall comfort and noise. Had to replace them with a Michelin. However, the handling were good.

  11. These came stock on my 2016 Ford Edge. Thankfully I’m about to turn this thing in because I’m on the verge of needing new tires. There is no way I would’ve been able to get the 45,000 miles I leased it for and there is no way I’m putting money into this crappy vehicle. I’ll be staying away from these in the future.

  12. These tires came on my 2016 VW Tiguan. Over all in dry and wet conditions they perform well. In light snow they are average. If you plan on driving in deeper snow or icy conditions these are not the tires to have especially as the tread is wearing. At 20K miles i noticed this. I have 32,800 miles on them and the tread life totally stinks.. I”m down to about 3/32 and thats with normal driving.. Also these tires are extremely noisy and the ride comfort stinks. Hopefully Pirelli ups their game.

  13. Tires placed on Mercedes SUV and are totally bald at 10,664 miles. Company does not have a warranty regarding thread wear.Do not buy these, they are terrible. Less the 11,000 miles and I am having to replace them.

  14. These tires were installed on my Volvo XC60 when purchased new. Granted, the car was not properly aligned from the factory, which contributed to some uneven wear. However, the tread life on these tires is terrible! The fact that there isn’t a tread wear warranty should tell us something. Don’t buy these tires! I should not be putting new tires on my car after 19,300 miles.

  15. The only fault I can give these tires is road noise. They are “grippy” and perform well in the rain. They aren’t super noisy but it is noticeable if you don’t have the radio on. I have quite a bit of tread remaining and don’t envision replacing them any time soon but when I do I will be looking at options and reviews of other brands here.

  16. This tire is a mixed bag; I found the traction and handling to be quite good, even in wet conditions, and they handled snow/ice well (although Acura’s SH AWD probably deserves credit as well). However, what initially drew me to this tire was the treadwear rating and 60K mile warranty. You will not get close to 60K miles on these tires. So, while I was impressed by the performance of the tires, I got 40K miles on them and they are completely worn out. Very disappointed by how quickly and completely these tires wore, given that Pirelli gives the impression that these are long-wearing tires. They are being replaced right now with a set of Kumho Crugens ($100 less for the set, + a $100 rebate).

  17. I have these on both my highlanders, just bought a set for wife and she loves them. Mine are still in good shape and before winter going to get another set. If you keep up with rotation and alignment there’s not a better tire in my opinion. Good ride, no noise and wear like a champ, I will recommend to my 3 daughters as well.

  18. These came on the car when I purchased it. I have only put just shy of 800 miles on them. They are pretty average but the noise these tires generate is horrible. It is like I have a window open. You can even hear them with the radio on at a medium level. I would definitely not have them as a replacement when the time comes. In the dry and wet they seem to be fine.

  19. These tires wore out so quickly they are down to bald in front and to the tire wear indicators in the rear in 28000 miles of Colorado highway driving. I didn’t even have the chance to rotate them because the immediate difference in wear between front and rear tires meant I should not put the most worn tires on the rear due to then having risk of a quick 180 degree spin in snow. Avoid these tires unless you enjoy buying new ones again.

  20. The tires are OEM on my 2018 Tiguan. They handle great and got me through two Winters with no sliding surprises. The only complaint is the tires are incredibly noisy at 20K miles. I love the car! I will need to drive on the tires for another year until I make a decision to buy out the lease or trade-in. If I do keep the car, I will be putting Michelin Premier LTX (tires on our older Tiguan) which handle just as nice and are quiet.

  21. A friend of mine had these tires on their Land Rover and suggested I get them for my Q5. I’m no expert so took their advice. These tires are ok but quite noisy compared to my previous tires. Good performance in the snow that we experienced on a recent journey.

  22. Installed these tires on my 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee in August of 2015, purchased from Tire Rack and installed by my preferred shop. Bought them because they were highly rated at the time. They were about the same cost as they are today.The tires have 36700 miles on them. They ride fine, are quiet, and are good in wet, snow and dry conditions. They still have a +4/32 of tread on them. The first two years we put 26K miles on them, then 5K per year after that. Driving is a mix of highway and suburban roads. These tires have a tendency to pick up screws and nails. Three of the tires have plugs, including one with two plugs which is the limit. Have not experienced this tendency in any other tires I’ve owned over the last +40 years. I don’t feel we’ve gotten our money’s worth from these tires and will not buy them again. There are plenty of other choices at this price point.

  23. At 19,500 miles I need to replace these tires before winter starts in upstate NY. The depth on the tire gauge is down to yellow already. My wife uses this as a daily drive in town and some highway use. They are terrible in snow and just as bad in wet weather. I realize these are OEM tires, but I have never had this bad of a tire on a new car. Shame on Ford for actually using this tire. I will be switching to BF Goodrich Advantage T/A.

  24. These tires came new with the vehicle. I previously drove a 2014 Volvo XC60 AWD, and kept Michelin Premier LTXs on it.The Pirellis are very soft and bouncy. They are fine in good weather and on good roads, as long as you don¿t mind feeling like you are bobbing on a float in a swimming pool when driving on them. They leave the driver devoid of any feedback from the road, until the tires approach their limits, then all of a sudden they’re losing grip. In contrast I could always feel the Michelins grabbing the road, and when they were stressed you could feel it building and respond. I don¿t have confidence in the Pirellis in wet weather. This is due to the lack of feeling road connection, along with the fact that in 5K miles, this car/tire combination has already had more wet braking skids than the previous car/Michelins did in 90K miles. Due to the softness/lack of feedback, I¿m also driving much more gently on the Pirellis than I did in the past.At 5000 miles the tires are showing a lot of wear. It¿s textbook wear, center of tires, balanced, etc¿it¿s the tires, not alignment or anything else. I don¿t think they will last much past 20K miles, if they make it that far. While they were very quiet when new, road noise is increasing, and is quite loud on select surfaces of the Pennsylvania Turnpike (concrete, no construction zone or grooved pavement). I have not had to drive these in winter weather; I am not looking forward to it. If there¿s an upside to tires wearing out at 20K, it that I¿ll only have one winter with these things.Volvo should fire whoever selected these tires. The OEM & replacement Michelins on my previous vehicle were far superior; secure handling in all weather conditions, good driver feedback, engender driver confidence, all things that are lacking in the Pirellis. My only issue with the Michelins was tread life, which was 20K-25K miles. But if that’s all a lesser tire can provide, I’m buying up for LTXs when these are

  25. This is the original tire that came with my Tiguan and I once tried a Michelin, it wore out FAST. I went to summer and winter tires, saw no real advantage, just higher costs due to seasonal changing. So I have returned to this tire, one set ago. That set was low coming into winter and needed to be replaced. I did not even search for options this time as I am happy with this choice of tire.

  26. Third set of Pirelli’s on this vehicle. Each set lasts less time, almost got two years out of this set. Wheel alignment every year and rotated every 5-6K miles to no avail. Going to Goodyear, few dollars more a set but hoping to last longer!

  27. VERY good set of tires. Got 46,000 miles from them. Would like to have gotten more mileage out of them but this seems to be about average for a 60K rated tire. At $800+ for a set of four, a little too pricey for my budget.

  28. Performance, mileage, wear, noise characteristics have been very acceptable and probably still have another 10,000 minimum miles to go, maybe more. Drive mostly in the dry but several ten hour trips a year cross country through heavy rain over the years has proven to be safe and with confidence. Have replaced one tire due to picking up a heavy metal screw between the tread about 3.5 years into usage. My experience has been good with this tire since new and will very likely replace with the same tire when the time comes. No real experience in snow, acceptable in light snow and on some ice.

  29. We bought this vehicle new since we just retired and wanted the safety and comfort for ourselves and grandchildren while traveling. Since new, the vehicle tires I thought had a lot of noise but was smooth handling and the vehicle was comfortable for our city and highway drives. On our last trip to Florida which was close to 2,000 miles we noticed a rear wheel wobble especially at slower speeds. We had around 19,000 miles on these tires when we first noticed the wobble issues. We brought the car to our local tire service shop when the wobble wasn’t stopping but getting worse and the found that the rear tires wear fully separated on the inside edge and the fronts were starting to peel apart. Since the vehicles was still under warranty we took it back to our Volvo dealer and they agreed the tires were bad. Of course it is a pirelli issue so Volvo did not support any warranty and had to send the tires off to Pirelli for review. So much for safety even on the great vehicle so We replaced the tires ….but not with Pirellis

  30. Pirelli will NOT warranty even a single mile of this tire. Read the brochure…it states it right there. Pirelli claims this is a “high performance” tire. Yes, it costs like a good high performance tire BUT the tire does not last even, in our case, 18 months nor 21,000 miles. We have a new VW Tiquan that we now have to park and not drive because the Pirelli tires are worn down and unsafe! We don’t blame Tire Rack nor the dealership for this fact. Just don’t buy these disposable tires.

  31. Early review. Audi SQ5 came with Michelin LTX Premier. I couldn’t wait to get those tires off of this automobile. When driving on the highway, at every expansion joint I would hear a “pinging” noise like a cherry ball being bounced or a basketball being slapped. I troubleshoot tire pressure and began suspecting the sport suspension. No! It was the tires. A change to these tires completely cleared up the problem. It’s too soon for a full tire review, but at $120 a tire, less than half of what I would pay for my next choice of tire, these are a win win. Even if need to replace them in a year, I’m happy the sound is gone and these were cheap. While really listening hard for noises, you can still hear some road motion noise with these tires, but nothing like the pinging I mentioned. As these were a “close out” special, I’m very tempted to find a place to store 4 more of these, but I’m not sure how long you can store tires without them drying out. I’m just initially very impressed here. The guys at the mechanic shop all reacted like I had bought some super expensive “whoa. Those Perellis are amazing.” But I paid dirt for them. Not anticipating long life, though they’re rated for it. But maybe they’ll continue to surprise me.

  32. I have spent some time breaking in these tires in wet,dry, and snow. I was never pleased with the continental tires that came with the car. Handling is very good and these are a massive improvement in both ride comfort and road noise.

  33. These are the absolute worst tires I have ever purchased. The road noise isn’t just like jet engine noise, it’s like getting the seat in the back of the plane right NEXT TO the jet engine noise. I cannot believe a tire with this much road noise was ever produced. I have never experienced anything like it in my life. It really doesn’t matter how good any of the other characteristics of this tire are. It literally makes my wife hate her car that she drives with these tires on it. It’s unbearable on any sort of a long trip. I have never regretted a purchase more than I have these tires. They aren’t worth it for free. DO NOT BUY THESE TIRES NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!

  34. These tires are OEM for my 2018 Jeep GC High Altitude. I regularly rotate my tires but after about 18,000 miles there was considerable wear in the middle of all 4 tire treads. My guess is the temperature changes from filling tires to driving on tires caused this as my vehicle did not have a pull one way or the other. So maybe a few pounds too much air pressure, but still the tread did not last anywhere near what it should have. I live in the country with some winding roads ( about 10 miles) and then drive highway ( about 15 miles) the rest of the way to and from work. I generally don’t try have fast starts but I tend to carry speed through a turn rather than brake in and accelerate out. The traction has always been there through the turns. Rarely hit traction control spinning tires on a quick start. If the tread life was there, I’d but these again and recommend then for others. But I’m facing another unpredictable southern Ohio winter in the hills with little tread left and under 30k miles on the tires. If we have a good snow I’ll surely be in trouble.

  35. Excellent tires. I just finished a 3500 mile road trip in my mercedes ml suv towing a 2500lbs airstream. These tires performed flawlessly and I put them through some abuse. Travelled through 9 states from los angeles to yellowstone and back. Trailer and car were loaded with weight, we went upto 9000ft in temperatures as low as 40f and upto 115 f. We went off road along miles and miles of dirt tracks with plenty of rocks dust and uneven road. These tires were great. I had the p zero before which i liked but they are super soft, they stick like glue but were designed for perfance and i needed a touring tire. I looked at continental and michelin as only other brands I would consider. As I liked the p zero but wanted a bit harder rubber spoke with Chad in customer service and he said these would be good for SUV and he was right. Sometimes putting car tires on a heavier SUV can be tricky and tires are not rated for SUV i found. All in all these are great tires and dont hesitate if you are looking for a touring tire and towing a trailer.


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