Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II Sizes & review

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The Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II is Pirelli’s eco-friendly Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season tire developed for the drivers of crossovers, sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks. Designed and manufactured as an environmentally friendly solution, the Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II delivers refined on-road manners plus enhanced wet traction and all-season capability, even in light snow.

The Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II features an updated tread compound molded into the effective and familiar asymmetric pattern of its predecessor. A larger footprint has been tuned to work with the new compound to deliver enhanced wet braking and dry and wet handling without sacrificing performance in other areas. An optimized rubber-to-void ratio helps blend dry road handling with uniform wear, while the pitch sequence and phasing is tuned for a quiet and comfortable ride. Four wide circumferential grooves displace water from under the tire’s footprint to resist hydroplaning and enhance wet traction, while longitudinal sipes promote lateral stability and high-density lateral sipes improve wet road and wintertime traction.

Internal construction of the Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II utilizes a two-ply, polyester casing to blend handling responsiveness with luxurious ride quality. Two wide, steel belts are reinforced with two polyamide cap plies to provide durability and high-speed capability.


  1. Still very new, but so far I love these tires. They are a little noiser than the OEM Falken’s on some road surfaces; but I don’t notice noise on the Interstate. The improvement in fuel economy is amazing. At least 10% improvement.

  2. So far, these tires are working out well for me. Their standing-start wet traction is FAR superior to the Michelin Defenders I changed out. Handling is quite good, noise level is, as far as I can tell, quite good. I get some “singing” on some pavement types, but it is far from unpleasant. Two things that weigh against these tires:my fuel mileage has taken a hit, and at 4,500 miles, I am down to 9/32 tread depth from the original 11/32.

  3. An amazing tire that is perfect in every aspect that matters when buying a tire like this. It’s the quietest tire I’ve ever owned and handles like it owns the road, evenwhen when going through 6 inches of water at highway speeds. The only problem is tread wear. I drove 3,000 miles (mostly on the highway) in a two week vacation and the tread went down from 11/32 to 10/32. So basically at that rate this tire will barely have less than half it’s tread on the warranty when it’s time to replace them at the 2/32 mark. That being said, with what this tire gives you, it doesn’t matter, it’s worth it and more. When it’s time to replace I’ll happily buy another set.

  4. So – I’ve had these since Nov 2019 – my Continental LX 20’s were done for and I really liked that tire. I was about to go with a new set of Continental LX 25’s when I saw a review for these at the last minute. I decided to save myself $40 and go with these instead of the Continentals. Immediately – I noticed two things. Cornering grip was much better than the LX-20 in their present state, and these tires are quiet. I mean – it’s really noticeable. I’ve had very limited winter driving, but were getting hit with our first big winter storm of the season and I’ll adjust my review when I get a little more experience on them. My first impressions so far have been really positive for this tire.

  5. I bought these tires a month ago and have racked up some miles doing local driving and also a 2400 mile road trip. So I’ve driven in on dry, wet and light snowy conditions. The tire is very well balanced in the handling department, and it sticks to the road extremely well in a predictable way. Light snow and rain traction were excellent, noise is almost non-existent (coming from the tires and not the road imperfections). I did quite a bit of research because I’m a tire geek, and these seemed to fit what I wanted. In fact they’re better than I had anticipated in all aspects. I highly recommend them.

  6. This tire replaced the factory tire which was good but wearing at 25000 miles. The smoothness is amazing with no vibration or drift. A perfect fit for the Lexus GX460. If the tire came in a 21 inch for my Lexus LX570 I would use the Perilli on it also. An amazing tire.

  7. Replaced my Michelin Pilot Sport for these and immediately noticed an upgrade in ride comfort and noise as compared to the Michelin.The Michelin’s were awesome for grip and stability however they only lasted about 25k. After getting used to the difference in handling I would say that the Pirelli Scorpion II are a better choice for my vehicle. Also drove through two days of rain with these and had no issues… drove comfortably at 80+ MPH without ever experiencing hydroplaning or grip loss…

  8. I purchased these tires to replace the original Bridgestone’s on my Outback. As the Outback is AWD I don’t use snows for winter driving even though I am in Western NY where we get 100 inches of snow annually. So light to medium snow and hardpack handling was important to me I’m selecting new tires. I did take a chance on purchasing these tires in November before Tire Rack conducted their winter driving test on these tires, but I was pleasantly surprised. The tires handled quite nicely in light snow and hard pack and I even tried them out with some “spirited” driving on heavy, wet snow in an empty parking lot and the control was very reasonable. The dry and wet handling is also very good – especially in heavy rain. And the braking and comfort are a significant improvement over the OEM Bridgestone’s. The only area of concern was the gas mileage. With the Bridgestone’s I would consistently get 10-15% over EPA ratings. However, with the Pirelli’s I was struggling to get close to EPA ratings. I know that tire design is a series of trade offs – great wet traction and braking so there may be a penalty for that extra grippiness. It may also be that these tires require a longer “break in” period before the initial sticky layer wears off as I am starting to see some improvement in my milage now that I have over 2k on them.I should also add that I am a long time Tire Rack customer – keep coming back because of the service, selection, price, and knowledge base.

  9. I replaced a set of General G-MAX AS-05’s with the Pirellis. I loved driving the Generals except for the noise level. The Pirellis are much quieter than the Generals but don’t handle as well. The Pirellis ride smoother but are bouncy over the rough stuff. I intended to get a set of Vredestein Quatrac Pros, but the Pirellis were on sale for an attractive price and were rated about as well as the Vredestein. Depending on the mileage I get from the Pirellis, I’ll probably go with Veredestein next time unless something better comes along.

  10. I spent a lot of time researching reviews to find the quietest tire. I can’t believe what these have done for my CR-V. Cabin noise is almost nonexistent. I had Bridgestone Ecopias that were so loud. It sounded like a wind tunnel. Pirelli tires turned my my car into a luxury ride. Only tire I’ll ever buy again.

  11. I have purchased mainly Michelin for all my family’s daily drivers for close to 30 years with the exception of a few sets I tried and have hated and changed back to in a few weeks. I am now a Pirelli fan with these new Scorpion Verde II and as long as they keep the same quality standards I will be a customer for life. Only one small dry back when the tires are cold and below 30 degrees they ride a little rough but smooths out quickly when the reach temp.

  12. Have put it through paces with quick acceleration and stopping. It responds superb compared to the Firestone Destination LE2 they replaced. Most impressed with ride quality and specifically road noise reduction on both concrete and asphalt. Makes riding in the car a real joy.

  13. I purchased these tires when the toyos that came with my murano where bald at 20000 miles despite religiously rotating them at 5000 with every oil change.I went with your advisors advice and these tires completely changed the whole car…….amazing,a little pricey but well worth it definetely buying again.

  14. I absolutely love this tires. I bought them because of my fear of driving in the rain. Since I got them in late Spring I have driven through two extremely treacherous rainy conditions. These performed better than I could have imagined. I felt totally confident when driving through deep rain and blowing winds on and off the highway. These tires made my SUV stay put, no wobbly motion, they hugged the road. I’m so happy and can drive in complete confidence as never before in the rain.

  15. Got a set of these to replace the Michelin Premier LTX’s on my Jeep Grand Cherokee after reading the reviews. The Michelin’s were noisy, and had less than desirable traction when it was wet out. The Pirelli’s are night and day different in feel, noise and traction. Where the Michelin’s were squirrely in the wet, the Pirelli’s are sure footed. Where the Michelin’s were noisy at highway speeds, the Pirelli’s are luxury car quiet. Cant comment on snow traction since it’s June, but I feel confident that the Pirelli’s will perform very well.

  16. These Prielli tires are a great upgrade from the short-lived OEM Kumhos! The Tire Rack reviews have proven accurate so far. I’m impressed with the dramatic improvement in handling as the car feels more aggressive in the turns and almost sporty (it’s still no a Corvette). The ride is improved and much more quiet (yea!) on all types of pavement. Mileage seems to be good and unchanged. I’m really impressed with the value and performance of these Prielli tires!

  17. This car came new with 225/55R18 tires, but 225/60R18’s are much quieter (or, in the Pirelli, 235/55R18). I tried these when my Michelin Premier LTX’s became loud after 40,000 miles; within 20 miles I decided to return them. But the next tires, Michelin Primacy Tour A/S’s, took 2 weeks to arrive, so I drove 2,000 miles on the Pirelli’s in my Uber car. The Pirelli’s need little steering effort; when parked it’s as if the car is on ice. They excel at muting the impact noises of expansion joints, rough pothole patches, and cobblestone. Below 45 MPH they’re remarkably quiet, below 15 MPH they’re totally silent. BUT…at 60 MPH on a curve, the car drifts slightly. This worried my passengers. On straight highway (I-5), the car required constant steering microcorrections. This tendency to veer could be mitigated somewhat by applying this car’s “4WD Lock” (electronically implemented interaxle differential lock). The Pirelli’s have very little resistance to hydroplaning at 60 MPH when hitting standing water. Last but not least, every single last bump in the road transmitted to the steering wheel. It vibrated constantly. This lack of surface roughness isolation may have contributed to the fact that, during these two weeks, both my water pump bearing ($950) and my timing cover gasket ($900) developed leaks. So…the only car I can see putting these tires on, is one where the driver likes gliding around corners in a controlled drift, and the vehicle has full-time 4WD with traction control, and does not have engine bearings or gaskets. A Tesla. Provided it’s never driven at 60+ MPH in heavy rain. The Michelin Primacy Tour gives a far superior feeling of being in command of the road, tracks very straight, and has 90% of the hydroplaning resistance of the Premier LTX, which is quieter and softer-riding than the Primacy Tour but has too soft a sidewall, which makes this car “porpoise” over railroad tracks and expansion joints on the freeway. The Primacy Tour A/S is my choice.

  18. I drove to Calgary from Vancouver and back. So far it’s excellent. It was a pleasant 10 hours ride. I have confidence in cornering in wet and dry conditions. It is a total improvement from my OEM(Bridgestone Ecopia).. I will test it on a snow condition if it snows in the winter. I will try to make a follow up review when it snows 🙂

  19. I had Pirelli P-Zero Nero tires on another car some time ago which were horrible in the rain (great on dry road) and was hesitant to buy Pirelli tires again. So far these are excellent, already drove them in a major downpour on the highway and they were outstanding. Dry pavement has also been very good and so far these are some of the quietest tires I have had.

  20. As soon as I bought them I noticed a complete difference from factory michelin tires . First thing was how quiet they are . Just that alone would keep me happy . Great grip in rain and comfortable ride. Did not know tires could make such a difference. Im an Uber driver i spend a lot of time in my vehicle . To soon to see how they wear .

  21. So I have hearing issues, tinnitus, noise sensitivity and so on. When I’m purchasing a tire I’m always looking for the quietist tire I can buy. These Pirellis are very quiet. On smooth road surfaces, it’s like your riding on air. Totally changed the ride experience from the cheapo Master Craft tires that were on the vehicle when I purchased it. The humming/growling noise the Master Crap, oops, Craft tires delivered would spike my tinnitus on long rides. I do tend to notice the bumps in the road a little more, but factor in the quiet ride and better handling the tire delivers, the bumps become negligible. On rough road surfaces there is an increase in cabin noise but so far it’s benign. Thanks Pirelli and Tire Rack : )

  22. Balanced 4 times in 6 months. cannot stop vibration. local firestone claimed one tire has a knot. replaced under road hazard. (still has to pay out of pockets for all wheel balancing and mounting and balance), but still vibrating even after the new tire. The hunt for the vibration continues…worst tire experience ever. would never ever buy another set of Pirelli


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