Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R Sizes & review

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The P Zero Trofeo (Italian for Trophy) R is Pirelli’s Streetable Track & Competition tire developed for the Chevrolet Camaro Z28. Based on over 100 years of Pirelli racing experience, the P Zero Trofeo R is designed as a track-focused, dual-purpose tire that provides the ability to win trophies on-track, as well as be driven on the road to and from the track. P Zero Trofeo R tires are not intended to be driven at high speeds in wet conditions where there is the risk of hydroplaning in standing water, nor in near- or below freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.

P Zero Trofeo R tires employ brand new HAOF (highly aromatic oil free) compounds and a redesigned asymmetric tread pattern. The outboard area ensures the required rigidity to cope with the stresses during cornering, typical of racetrack driving. The solid shoulder – similar to a slick but more rigid – maximize lateral grip when cornering at very high speed and quickly changing trajectory on the track. This special mix of shape/functionality has enabled the achievement of very consistent performance. The inboard area’s wide central ribs ensure precise trajectories and control the stress associated with accelerating and braking on the track. The transversal grooves with special pattern provide constant traction and assist braking. The wide circumferential grooves enable water drainage to promote traction in damp conditions. Its internal structure features an advanced belt design and undertread materials to optimize footprint pressure and increase stability while restricting tire growth at high speed from centrifugal forces. Bead geometry and materials improve fit between the tire and rim to increase bead and sidewall stability.

Beginning with a molded tread depth of 6/32″, P Zero Trofeo R tires will not require shaving for track use, however they will benefit from heat cycling before competition to enhance wear and promote more consistent performance.

Warning: P Zero Trofeo R radials meet DOT requirements, however they are not recommended for driving in wet conditions where standing water is present and there is the risk of hydroplaning; drivers should drive cautiously at reduced speeds if they encounter these conditions. This is especially true of shaved or worn tires. And like other Streetable Track & Competition tires, these tires are not intended to be stored, serviced nor driven in near- or below freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.


  1. Good grip as new”to be expected” SHORT LIFE expend HEAT CYCLES OUT even if present and visible treads.WEARS ODDLY to the point that i almost thought i need a new alignment. -3 track days (NOT weekends)

  2. I live in Florida and the hot weather is perfect for this kind of tire. I drive highway everyday and when the temp is up on the tire wow!! smooth sticky grip very responsive to quick changes in direction with no stagger. The low roll is very little. the wear is expected but, the performance is good. What I really like is the size width and the side wall how it wider that my stock 10″ which helps on the roll. And yes if you live in Miami like I do the highway is a track with the drivers we have.

  3. I am on my second set of Trofeo R’s, my first setup made it through 7 track days, 3 of which were wet. In the wet when the tire is new its grips pretty good, not great, but good, as the tire wears and or the condition of the track surface they can be pretty slick.In the dry is where this tire excels: I drove 920 miles (each way) to Laguna Seca and did 6 – 20-minute sessions and the tires look great. I was able to reel of consistent 1:47’s on a warm day, I have never been on the track before but feel confident I could easily get low 1:40s with some more time on the circuit. My car produces around 380 whp and I can get it to rotate with the throttle. The grip is consistent, and predictable, for DOT tire, this is a super tire, the mileage won’t be great but overall, this is my favorite “drive to track” race tire.I still have tire left for a track-day this week.Get them heat cycled for sure.

  4. My experience with the Trofeos is all track miles. The Trofeos are the best performance tire short of slicks. If your going to run on the track I suggest getting them heat cycled (HC). HC definitely extentends their performance window. Tire pressure is important – 32-33 front, 34-35 rear is where they seem to perform best.

  5. These were OEM tires for the 2014 adn 2015 Z/28 – dry traction was outstanding and total miles on tires at 4,020 was more than I expected based on my prior experience with Pilot Sport Cut 2 which were about 3,000. I did not track miles on this set, so maybe that added to miles on tires. When they came off they had just about 3/32’s in tread left – so could have gone a bit longer. However the tires were almost 4 years old (car mfg Nov. 2014), so they showed some signs of cracking on the sidewalls. It was time for a new set.Unfortunately these tires are no longer available for the Z/28 – unless you purchase the Porsche NO version, which has added about $180 per tire to the price. So this time I decided to try the new Goodyear Eagle Supercar F1 that comes on the ZL1 1LE, and is price comparably to what the Trofeo’s were without the NO rating. It should be noted the Goodyear are 29lbs per tire and the NO Trofeo are 26lbs per tire, so some good weight savings there.Overall the Trofeo’s performance level is beyond what you can apply to the street and is a tire, at the price point, that should be saved for serious track work. It is an amazing tire for the track and I will get a 2nd set of wheels and will use these tires for track days.Great tire, but you have to really want the premium performance to pay the price of entry!

  6. I’ve actually got these tires on my Exomotive Exocet, a track focused Miata based kit car. I’ve done two track days on them so far and they’re pretty good once they head up. They really don’t want to grip until they’ve got a good amount of heat in them, my 1600lb car struggles a bit to work them up to temperature, especially on cool mornings. Last weekend at Laguna Seca it would take two to two and a half laps during morning sessions before they’d get hot enough to really stick to the ground. Once they were on, though, the were really good!

  7. THIS TIRE IS NOT A GOOD CHOICE FOR ON ROAD USE. This tire is great for a prepared surface, but will puncture very easly on sharp stones. Also once up to race temp. will become sticky and throw stones everywhere.

  8. Best cup tire ever for Audi R8. 1.2Gs in the corners, superb ride quality for both DD and Highway, better wet handling than Hoosiers or Michelin Cups, and longer life than both due to thicker inner and outer shoulders. Should not be used or stored at temperatures under 40df, but otherwise works great as a primary set of tires.

  9. Tire is obviously not a good choice for the wet although it does manage better than some other tires in its class. Otherwise streetability is without issues. Dry track performance has improved slightly over the PZero Corsa semi slick it replaces although wear is marginally increased. It’s also a slight step up on the Michelin Sport Cup + in terms of overall track performance and exhibits similar longevity.

  10. This tires came on the 2015 Z28. When I took the Z28 in for it first oil change ever, the dealer to told me that my tires needed to be replaced? These tires are only good for a track day, with one or two uses after that. I was very disappointed with this tires… GM needs to do a better job with their tire selections. I paid too much for the Z28 to have to replace the tires in three months.

  11. These are the factory tires for my 2014 Z/28. Brand new hands down these are the best dry weather tires I’ve ever experienced that can also be driven on the street. Downside once you drive them on the track the tires are pretty much toasted after that. After my break in oil change at 1,500 miles I took the car to the track for the first time and after that the tires were completely worn out as if I had put 15K miles on them. after wards I had to baby the car to get the 6K miles out of them for not wanting to pay $2,200. for new tires within the first year. Theses tires were designed for one thing just like the car they were made for and that is for “barely” street legal track purpose and nothing more. If your looking for tire longevity then buy a different set of tires and if your trying to get longevity out of these tires than don’t take your car to the track and do only highway miles and refrain from aggressive cornering. Other than the price I loved these tires capabilities on the track and would buy them again as track tires and have a separate set for regular driving.

  12. Well this is a quick update. I just fitted these tires on a brand new set of 17×9 RPF1 wheels to be used for “spirited” driving in canyons and on the track. I did a quick Sunday night shakedown of this new package and alignment, and thus far everything is golden.Alignment – Camber – Front -2.8L/-2.7R – Rear -2.4L/-2.2RToe in +.06 Front / +.01 RearFTG Front – 25″ / Rear 25 1/4″Initial impressions show that these tires feel extremely soft and absorbent. With the combination of much lighter/wider/smaller wheels, aggressive alignment and these oversized tires, the car feels nothing like what it did before on the OEM sized Direzza ZII*’s. They absorb road imperfections better than anything I’ve had previously. But the turn in is what is most intriguing. There is a taste of yaw upon turn in which is reminiscent to the DZ101 but then immediately points down into the apex aggressively, making it feel like i’m about to drift. It wasn’t until i started getting on the throttle earlier did i feel confident going faster through turns. If i didn’t get on the gas immediately upon releasing the brakes the car would pitch in to the apex wildly. Considering my spring rate is still too soft all around, this is undoubtedly playing a role as is the alignment. After getting up to speed through ACH and running over 70 miles all around, these tires surprisingly wore down to the edge of the sidewall. They are loving the extra bit of camber which was exactly what i hoped. The level of adhesion felt good, but the conditions I’ve set made cornering a bit tricky yet utterly taming any sense of understeer. This car is nose heavy and managing understeer is just a part of the character. This setup has dominated this trait and it is clear now i need to fix the springs rates for better weight balance. I have plenty of upgrades waiting to go on, so as of now i will hang these back up and wait until the car is better sorted. But as of now, the tires are felt great on the road and wore well.

  13. Used primarily at Circuit of the Americas, these tires provide 95% of the grip of Hoosiers, but with a level of comfort on the highway that surpasses even the PSS. A set of these tires is good for 4-6 track days, with enough tread left for a 750 mile highway drive home. When new, I was able to maintain 1.3g in corners. Special thanks to Tire Rack customer service professional Nick, who helped me find a couple of sets of these in a pinch. I’ll definitely be coming back for more.

  14. These tires were a custom fit for my 2016 smart. I really like the tires tons of grip. I picked these up after going through a set of nitto NT01. These tires definitely a quieter tire but a little tricky to predict when they are cold.

  15. I’ve been running these on my 09 GTI and the grip is just incredible. Mainly track days at Thunderhill and Laguna Seca, but the perfect tire to be able to drive to the track, on the track, and home from the track. Tire wear has been considerably good on the track, and they are very comfortable for the street.

  16. Outstanding! Previously used Yokohama AD08R for past three seasons. Measured 1.2G continuous on skidpad (deserted repaved Catholic Church parking lot on a Sunday afternoon) with Aim Pista data logger vs. 1.1 G with Yokos. Stock suspension but tweaked alignment. Went to ABCC today with SCCA for track shakedown. Lots of confidence inspiring grip. Have not checked lap times vs. Yokohamas yet. Not as much noise feedback when nearing the limit as the Yokos but it is there. I like them.

  17. I run these on my turbo civic. The car was my daily the whole year of 2018 so the tires saw rain or shine with plenty of abuse. I wish they had more ratings and that they broke up categories. For example in the rain I have no traction if boost hits hard but I have never had problems hard breaking in the rain. Other than that now that the weather is cooling off (Sept 30th Toronto Canada) I no longer get traction in 2nd gear and 3rd only from low speed, my tires are at the end of their life now and I am looking into new tires but these are still one of my top choices.

  18. These are the best dry weather tires I have ever had on any car. All 9800 miles were street driven and mostly spirited back road runs in warmer summer months. The grip is unreal with any temp in them. They are however a very rough ride and unsuitable for regular driving/commuting. They pick every rock and loose piece of debris on the road. I will be using a set of these on a spare set of rims for the track and using something with more streetable manners on the road.

  19. I have had a staggered set on this car in a 205/225 50 15 setup since May. These tires are my daily tires for average driving, and autocross. While I have loved almost everything about these tires for daily driving, they have left a lot to be desired as an autocross tire. Unfortunately they are geared more to track driving, and during autocross I was struggling to get the tires to temp fast, and they cooled off very quickly as well. This resulted in me struggling with all but my last laps in a set. The 60 tread wear, even on a light car like the Elise has resulted in a very small number of KM’s before looking to swap them do to wear. I have not tracked the tires, but I’m assuming that they would be better suited to continual lapping to keep the heat in them. I would not reccomend them for autocross though.


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