Pirelli P Zero Corsa (PZC4) Sizes & review

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The P Zero Corsa (PZC4) is Pirelli’s Streetable Track & Competition tire developed using knowledge gained from years of Formula 1 racing experience and designed for some of the highest performing vehicles on the road. Introduced as Original Equipment on the Ferrari F12tdf and McLaren 570GT and 570S, the P Zero Corsa (PZC4) is for drivers looking for on-track capability plus the ability to drive to and from the track. Pirelli’s warranty does not cover tires that develop compound cracking due to use in ambient temperatures below 45° Fahrenheit (7° Celsius), so the P Zero Corsa (PZC4), like all summer tires, is not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.

P Zero Corsa (PZC4) tires mold two motorsport-derived, high carbon black tread compounds side-by-side into a low-void, asymmetric design. The compound utilized in the outer shoulder focuses on maximum performance and helps to improve wear and remain consistent in the high temperature, high stress environment encountered during aggressive use, while the inner shoulder compound is designed to provide high speed grip. The asymmetric tread pattern prioritizes ultimate dry performance, with large outboard tread blocks and a nearly solid center rib to deliver responsive handling, impressive lateral acceleration and traction at high speeds. The continuous inner rib and high-stiffness inboard shoulder design provide quick steering response and a sporty look. Three wide, circumferential grooves aid in hydroplaning resistance, but with tread depths starting at 8/32″ or less and a dry-focused tread pattern, high-speed driving where standing water is present increases the risk of hydroplaning. Drivers should reduce speed and drive cautiously if they encounter these conditions.

The internal construction features a Formula 1-style, high strength, high-stiffness bead with an elastic property that allows it to give without breaking for responsive handling, durability and uniform ride quality. The body casing is two-ply rayon, with two high-tensile steel belts and a hybrid nylon and Kevlar ZeroDegree cap ply (two ply in select sizes) reinforcement supporting the tread, providing high-speed stability and handling response and increased durability.

Limited sizes of the P Zero Corsa (PZC4) are available with Pirelli Noise Cancelling System, which involves the manufacturer adhering a layer of sound-absorbing foam to the inner liner of the tire to reduce cabin noise in the vehicle. These sizes are identified on the Specs page and in the search results.


  1. With only a very limited amount of miles driven, and most of it at just acceptable temperatures, these are outstanding track tires. Getting to the track is obviously limited by various speed limits and law enforcement establishments. And not the least in not wanting to be arrested. With such a vast amount of power to the rear wheels and such a sophisticated suspension system its very easy to over drive any set of tires. These tires provide all the grip that any driver would want to the point of OMG adhesion. Lateral grip and acceleration is fantastic and predictable. Break away easy to realize. Street able use just fine. Who really cares about comfort and noise. These are flat summer ultra high performance rubber. Better than Trofeo R’s ? Need to find out

  2. I decided to move from the norm Cup 2’s and decided to try these tires out for a Driver Education event. I got the tires mounted and trailer-ed the car to the event with 0 miles on them. Tires felt great for the first day with only 4, 20 min sessions on them. The issue occurred the second day at the end of the day when I had a rear tire collapse mid turn going about 45 mph. Luckily it did not end up in the wall in the next high speed turn. Tire pressures were moderate, sticking to what everyone uses on street/track tires, even what was recommended by my race shop. I have the habit of checking my gauges for psi differences and all was well when the tire failed. Luckily i lost a rear and not a front, and the reason i say this is because after inspecting the other 3 tires i saw that they were all missing the center thread, it was ripped off in chunks. The outer edge was missing as well from one of the fronts, in chunks! I do understand that may have been induced by lack of camber but every other tire brand I have bought has tapered out, not gone in chunks. What my race shop and I do not understand is how the center thread starts loosing chunks. After removing the tire that failed it seemed the inner sidewall failed, and you can read the threads an see that the tire was “rolling over” just fine. From this experience I can say that I will not be using these tires again, especially not for DE Events. As another shop stated to me “they are good rain tires, and that is pretty much it”.

  3. Very good tire for track use. An average of one second faster than PZero or Sport Cup 2 in a 2 mile track. Accuracy while cornering and breaking is great.Life is short, in my case 700 miles driving home for the track and racing in the track. Once they wear and loose grip they really start to tare and rip apart very fast.

  4. I’m running 275/35/20, and 315/35/20 on a 08 gt500 with a few hundred hp over stock. I have these wrapped around a second set of Shelby wheels for some Nice weather driving, but primarily bought for track use. Here’s the thing with these tires they are a great track tire, not a great street tire. The tires really come alive after you get some heat in them on the street you can’t keep heat in them enough for them to really perform well, on top of that they like to fling pebbles at the underside of your car once they get a little warm they get pretty sticky. Now the positive, great track tire! You get theses warm and they are a very predictable great traction tire, the handling braking and cornering are the best features of this tire, they get great acceleration traction after they are warm, but if they aren’t warm, I’ll spin in first 3 gears, I’ve noticed that when they do spin the car is more predictable, this car has a tendency to break traction in the upper rpms on a hard pull, with the old tires the car would violently get sideways fast, with these tires I’ve noticed the car gives you a little more time to react, gives great driver input and will boost your confidence in your vehicle.


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