Pirelli P Zero All Season Sizes & review

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Ultra High Performance All-Season tires are for driving enthusiasts who want a combination of a performance appearance, responsive handling and Z-speed rated (or higher) durability along with all-season traction, including in light snow. Ultra High Performance All-Season tires branded with the M+S symbol are often used as Original Equipment (O.E.) on sports cars, performance coupes and high performance sedans.

O.E. Ultra High Performance All-Season tires are typically purchased as direct replacements for worn-out pairs/sets of the vehicle’s original tires. They can also be used for other vehicle applications in complete sets of four or axle pairs if available in an appropriate size, load range and speed rating to match the existing O.E. tires’ performance category and specifications.


  1. This is the tire that came with the car. I don’t think it’s quite up to the car’s power. It breaks traction easily even in second gear on dry pavement, and in the wet it’s pretty greasy feeling, both in a straight line and while cornering. Feedback is good, though, and dry grip levels are good. The feedback allows recovery from slides fairly well. And although wet performance is not great, it’s surprisingly fine in snow.

  2. These tires are simply not suitable for use in anything other than the lightest amount of snow fall. The minute you have more than 3 inches of snow, these tires perform like summer tires. Virtually no traction, almost guaranteed to get stranded somewhere. I have great concerns for safety when driving these with these tires on my car out on snow. It’s almost as if Pirelli did not test these tires on actual snow. Will never buy again. Blizzaks from Bridgestone are the gold standard for snow performance.

  3. Looking forward to putting these on the rear of my Hellcat and upon installing them, one of them was outta round, road force tested to 81#. They sent me another tire to replace it and said it should load force test to 18#, the best I could get it to was 51#. Decided to live with it before my wheels where ruined from continually changing tires. Tire rack did discount the tire for me but I will not be getting Perelli’s again after these are worn out.

  4. Possibly the worst tires I have ever owned. The majority of my driving is highway with minor side-street stop and go driving. The tread-life is dismal and regardless of the fact that these are all season tires once the temperature gets below 50 degrees traction plummets. They ended up bubbling 2 tires even though for the life of me I cannot recall hitting a pothole. Ultimately I replaced these with a new line from BRIDGESTONE the POTENZA RE980AS. So far after 1000 miles they handle as I expect an all season tire should down to near zero degree temperatures.

  5. Decent traction and performance, but very worn and noisy at 18,000 miles. Minimal tread left. I just replaced them. Was hoping for 35,000. Very poor.

  6. These tires are a huge upgrade from the oem Dunlap tires that came on my Infiniti Q50. The ride is much better as is the handling and traction.

  7. Three years and almost 28k miles and the tires are no where near the wear indicators. They have served me well in snow and ice and hold great in the summer on backroad adventures. My curiosity wants to try another tire when it comes time to replace but I’m afraid I’ll be disappointed. Not sure why some rate these so low for winter traction, I made it home from a 25 mile commute in 10″+ wet snow when 3/4 of the city ended up stuck and abandoning their vehicles. Drove in an ice storm the year before without issue. In heavy rain the car goes straight through deep puddles. They hold line well with spirited driving in the dry/wet in summer. I estimate I can get another 10-15K out of these tires no problem.

  8. These tires came on my E350 when I purchased them. I made sure they were new. The tires were manufactured in 2014 and had 90% tread left on them. I always had high expectations for Pirelli; this tires shocked me, in a bad way. I am a big car guy and keep my car maintained very well; these tires were always properly inflated (checked every 2 weeks) and were rotated and balanced (i do that every 7,500 miles). At first they were good and had no complaints, however, I noticed that these tires are very prone to becoming flat. I had about 3 flat tires with this set, and my other car has Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 that has 25,000 miles on the set and I only had a flat once (maybe thats just bad luck), but I always had to add air to these Pirellis, even though the rims were perfectly fine. What scared me the most is that these tires are extremely poor in the rain. I was surprised at how awful the wet traction is. These tires are very prone to hydroplaning and wet grip is very low. This was not a one time thing, but multiple times. The dry grip is decent, the ride quality is also good, and they are quiet, which are its pros. What drew the line for me was when a section on the front driver tire between the sidewall and tread, developed a dry rot crack and started pouring out air. I replaced all four tires with Michelin Pilot Sport A/S3+. Day and night difference, no questions asked. Maybe I had a bad experience with these Pirellis but I will never buy Pirellis again.

  9. With a lower tread-wear rating you’d expect these to have better grip than the P ZERO ALL SEASON +. I’ve ran both these and the “Eco” P ZERO ALL SEASON + and whether it’s the added silica in the tire or something else in the compound, the P ZERO ALL SEASON + are superior to these in every way. I was disappointed to say the least. It’s like a cheaper 70% version of the better tire, but it falls short across the board. I know we only have 5000 on them, but these should be the best they will ever be.

  10. I live in Minnesota. These tires were OEM on a car I recently leased. I was pleased with them through three seasons, then winter came, demonstrating why people sometimes refer to all season tires as no season tires. Their performance in snow has been extremely disappointing, to the point where I’ve worried whether I’d get home or end up stranded at the side of the road in 3″ of snow. I’ve had to break off making turns and continue straight several times already this winter because the tires wouldn’t hook up – the car pushed so badly it was clear I would not make the turn. Getting going in the snow is also a battle between the available traction and my car’s traction control devices. If I lived south of the snow belt, I would have been happy with them but, living in a place where snow is common, I’m going to have to switch to snow tires for the winter.

  11. No wonder Ford switched to Michelins on the 2018 Gt the tires are trash. I’m used to driving on hard as a rock bridgestone run flats on my bmw but on my 17 gt these tires are absolute garbage if it gets a degree below 40. Some of the highlighted features I have found of these tires are they skip when you turn and barely can catch traction in the rear if you aren’t babying the throttle. I can’t speak for summer performance but so far despise these tires with a passion.

  12. Not bad, they have proven to corner at high speeds pretty well and also create a huge storm when doing donuts and burning out. They smell awful when you loose traction and hit some wheelspin. But for the most part, good tires

  13. These were OEM tires on my vehicle. The handling of the tire in both wet and dry conditions is fine, and they did fairly well in Western NY winter snow environment last winter. I became disappointed with the significant noise level and humming noise that started around 15,000 miles. Treadwear with rotations every 5k miles looks like I’ll get maybe 20 to 22,000 miles before needing to change them out. At the price level of this tire I don’t think I provides good value.

  14. OEM on my Volvo. With a 500 wear rating I expected to get more than the 30650 miles on this tire. Started louder road hum at about 15000 miles.While wet and dry traction and handling has been very good even though worn, snow and ice was very poor from the start.Replaced these with Goodyear EAGLE EXHILARATE…very few miles on them, but, they seem better than the PZERO.

  15. Very disappointing, very noisy, treadwear very disappointing. This is the second CTS I have leased that came with these tires. I will not have any vehicle that comes with these tires again.

  16. These tires have been excellent so far. If I had one complaint it would be road noise they are louder then the tires they replaced. But they do grip much better and ride better. I would buy these again

  17. This is my fun car and I tend to drive it somewhat aggressively. These have held up very well, though I do swap them out for some dedicated winter tires once it gets cold outside. They are a bit noisy as others have said (noticeable, but no droning like big mud tires), and they aren’t the smoothest, but they’re meant to be a performance tire and they have tons of grip. I like them and I’ve been satisfied, but I think when it’s time to replace them I’ll still shop around a bit before making a decision about whether I’d buy again.

  18. So far, I have been very happy with these tires. The price was excellent, ride and handling are very much improved over the stock OEM tires, and they still show virtually no wear.

  19. I’m writing this review because these P Zeros were original equipment to my new Volvo S90 and failed WAY too early. The P Zero plus has a 50,000-mile warranty while these are only covered for a year with NO mileage attached to it and I now know why. I was driving on the highway in rainy weather at about 55-65mph when my car hydroplaned and pulled me towards a semi in the adjacent lane. Fortunately, I caught it quickly and was able to keep my car on the road. Unfortunately, my tires were in dire need of replacing despite passing inspection no problem just 2 months and a couple thousand miles prior. The front tires were worn down to the wear bar and the rear tires were COMPLETELY BALD. I felt stupid at first for not noticing, but then I realized how much the tread must have deteriorated over only 2 months since the inspection and that ticked me off. The only tires that shouldn’t last more than 20K miles are super high-performance tires on high-performance vehicles that are driven as such. My Volvo, while it does have low profile tires, is what some would call an “executive” sedan… it is NOT a BMW M8. I got nowhere contacting Pirelli, which had a very rude customer service rep answering the phone. After some online digging of my own, I discovered that the P Zero All Season + tires were covered by a 50,000-mile warranty but my original equipment P Zero All Season tires were only covered by their standard 1-year warranty, which doesn’t even include tread depth coverage. So only 17,000 miles into these tires, they are bald and need replacing. All my vehicle/ tire experience has been with low profile high-performance tires and I have never had a set wear down as quickly as these. TL;DR Please don’t buy these tires. Get another brand or at the very least the “plus” version of these that has a decent treadwear warranty.

  20. Car came with a new set of Pirelli P-Zeros 2 years ago, I’m already replacing them at 28,000 miles. The tires couldn’t possibly have more miles on them, I bought the car with the tires with 5,000 miles on it. They ride pretty well, but only in good conditions. I’m really disappointed in the tread life and that I have to already put new tires on this car. Cannot suggest to anyone

  21. DO NOT expect to get more than 20K miles out of a set of these tires. I had my lease turn in inspection today and 3 out of 4 tires failed due to a 3/32 tread depth. No mileage warranty on these tires! DO NOT waste your money on this garbage. I see tires priced below $120 each that would probably outlast these tires and even if they didn’t you could buy two sets for what you would pay for this junk. This is a family car not a Ferrari! I have never had to replace a tire that had less than 25K miles on it! If you intend on leasing a Volvo and these tires are on it be prepared to replace them before you turn it in. We put under 6K miles per year on this car. We shouldn’t have to replace ANYTHING!

  22. I put these tires on a 2017 q50s and they are are huge upgrade from the factory Dunlap tires that were on it. They give excellent grip and handle excellent and are wearing much slower then the OEM tires.

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