Michelin CrossClimate+ Sizes & review


The CrossClimate+ is Michelin’s Grand Touring All-Season tire developed for the drivers of sedans, coupes, station wagons and crossover vehicles looking for refined comfort on the daily drive and confident performance in the dry and wet plus premium light snow traction. The CrossClimate+ meets industry severe snow service requirements and is designed to be a one-tire solution for drivers in environments that experience all four seasons, but don’t receive sufficient snowfall to require a dedicated winter tire.

The CrossClimate+ features a multiple condition-focused compound molded into a highly directional tread pattern with nearly solid transverse ribs for handling stability and dry traction. Wide lateral grooves and open shoulders provide a direct path to evacuate water from beneath the contact patch for hydroplaning resistance, while the bevel-edged tread blocks provide grip on damp surfaces. 3D self-locking sipes create additional biting edges for foul-weather traction, and Emerging Grooves in the shoulders help retain confident winter traction as the tire wears. The biting edges combined with the specialized compound deliver the traction needed to receive the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol.

Internal construction of the CrossClimate+ consists of a single-ply polyester casing supporting two steel belts. A polyamide reinforcement aids in handling performance and provides high-speed durability.

Note: While non-winter tires featuring the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol provide additional longitudinal snow traction beyond what all-season (M+S) tires not bearing the symbol can deliver, they do not match the capability of a true winter tire in all adverse weather conditions.

*Specific sizes utilizing Michelin Total Performance eco-focused manufacturing methods are identified as such on the Sizes tab, as well as on the tire’s Specs tab.

Max. Inflation PressureTread DepthTire WeightRim Width RangeMeas. Rim WidthSect. WidthTread WidthOverall Diam.Revs. Per Mile
600 A A1,521 lbs50 psi9/32"17 lbs5.5-7"6"7.9"5.9"25"832
600 A A1,356 lbs51 psi9/32"19 lbs5.5-7.5"6.5"8.4"6.6"24.9"835
600 A A1,565 lbs50 psi9/32"19 lbs5.5-7.5"6"8.2" 25.6"810
600 A A1,709 lbs50 psi9/32"21 lbs6-7.5"6.5"8.7"6.9"26.1"797
600 A A1,653 lbs50 psi9/32"22 lbs6-7.5"7"8.9"7"26.3"791
600 A A1,653 lbs50 psi9/32"22 lbs6-8"7"9.2"7.3"25.9"803
600 A A1,609 lbs51 psi9/32"22 lbs6-8"7"9.1"6.8"26.7"777
600 A A1,929 lbs50 psi9/32"23 lbs6-8"6.5"8.9"6.2"27.6"753
640 A A1,609 lbs50 psi9/32"21 lbs7.5-9"8"9.2"7.2"25.3"821
600 A A1,521 lbs50 psi9/32"22 lbs7-8.5"7.5"8.8"7.1"25.9"802
600 A A1,653 lbs50 psi9/32"23 lbs7.5-9"8"9.2"7.2"26.3"790


  1. Although I have not put a lot of miles on these tires as of now, they performed very well in a pouring rain storm with no loss of traction. The noise level is not an issue, and their dry traction has been as good as advertised. No experience yet in any type of snow or ice.

  2. I bought this tire before I took my family on vacation 1st week of July. I bought them towards the end of June. I had them put on a recommended installer. First thought was very stable in corners, I was hoping for rain before I took trip, guess what, I got it on the way home. Even though its a TDI, once the turbo spools it pulls hard. In a pouring rain, I launched the car and the tires took every bit of it without slipping at all. I was IMPRESSED. We took a trip from St. Louis to both Carolinas, we seen pouring rain through the mountains, car felt incredibly stable. On the hot summer highways tires did great. Braking was well maintained to, even when you have to slam on breaks due to other drivers, tires never faulted. Only issues I have, which I can overlook, on certain types of pavements you will occasionally get a tire noise. This is nothing that a conversation or radio couldn’t cover up. The second issue which still doesn’t bother me because I knew the tires were made for XL rating, it does ride a little stiffer, so major bumps you will feel more than the standard tire that comes on the car.I believe tires are the best investment you can buy for you car, and I love my Michelins. I have them on most of my cars. I will buy these again. I wish they made them for full size trucks and older Dakota RT’s, I would buy them too.great product, I will update once I get use of them in first winter weather.

  3. Best all-season tires I’ve ever driven–it can handle everything: snow, wet, dry, a little ice. These will never outperform true winter tires or true summer tires, but for one tire year round, these tires can’t be beat. First, I was surprised at how responsive the steering is–just point them where you want, and you almost never have to make any corrections mid-turn. The car goes exactly where you want it the first time, every time.They performed beautifully in the VERY wet Bay Area 2018-2019 winter, and I was amazed at how much traction I had driving around Tahoe during ski season. The first trip I worried about coming downhill on an unplowed street to a four-way intersection, but these tires came to a stop well ahead of the stop sign. I also had the traction to go around several cars that got stuck in slush and old snow near the medians.At 10K miles, the tread barely shows any wear and the ride is still supple and smooth, with no loss of handling. Hopefully that’s a sign that these will last at least 2 more winters!The only drawback has been slightly worse fuel economy (though I’m seeing the numbers creep back up now that I’m past 10K). These things are way more quiet than my OEM run-flats, but they can produce some strange noise depending on the pavement.Overall, I’m VERY happy with these. I can’t recommend them enough to anyone looking for a true all-season tire. They are worth every penny, and absolutely worth ditching run-flats for–and I drive on really crappy NorCal streets and highways!

  4. Bought these new tires for our low mileage 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE. My wife’s most important requirement was wet traction. This tire is a 10 for wet traction in my opinion. I was concerned that it would be loud given the tread pattern. I’m pleasantly surprised that they are quite quiet and ride comfortably. Definitely a step up from the Continental Pro-Contact DWS these replaced. Looking forward to seeing how they perform in the ice/snow of NJ. So far, top ranked of the many tires I’ve purchased from Tire Rack.

  5. i drive a 2007 Hyundai Sonata SE 2.4L and these tires are a huge upgrade from my last. All 4 were put on my vehicle on 6/17/19 and so far I’ve put 3,778 miles on these tires. The grip on these cross climates’ is insane!! To give a better outlook on that statement, imagine cornering 80mph on wet pavement and not seeing a difference….. personally I WILL be buying these for my Sonata when in need them in the future. I have only been pleased by their performance.* My rides in general have been smooth (“it’s like you’re driving an SUV” – my girlfriend). On top of that, I have noticed no difference on the treads in 3,778 miles!!! Fingers crossed they perform well in the NY winter!!!*No snow experience with these tires. Tires were install with new shocks and struts + wheel alignment


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