Michelin Agilis CrossClimate Sizes & review

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The Agilis CrossClimate is Michelin’s Highway All-Season light truck tire developed for the drivers of delivery vans, work trucks and multi-purpose vehicles who need a durable tire that can endure high-stress use, including heavy loads and rough conditions. Available in heavy-duty, LT-metric and Euro-metric Commercial Vehicle (designated by the suffix C, not to be confused with LT-metric Load Range C) sizes, Agilis CrossClimate tires are designed to be used under load and to provide confident dry and wet traction, in addition to light snow performance capable of earning the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol.

Agilis CrossClimate tires mold an all-season compound into a symmetric pattern for LT-metric sizes or a directional pattern for Euro-metric Commercial Vehicle sizes. Both tread patterns utilize Michelin’s StabiliBlok Technology, which provides wider and longer tread blocks to manage heat and withstand the high torque loads delivered by commercial vehicles. SipeLock technology delivers hundreds of biting edges for wet and snow traction while helping to maintain tread block stability for handling and improved wear, and CurbGard Sidewall Protectors help resist damage from curbs in tight, urban environments. Deep lateral grooves and open shoulder slots evacuate water from the footprint for hydroplaning resistance, while independent tread blocks and sipes combine for confident light snow traction.

The internal construction of the Agilis CrossClimate is focused on durability under load. A robust, two-ply polyester casing supports two heavy-duty steel belts (3 steel belts in 235/65R16C and 225/75R16C sizes). A polyamide reinforcement ply helps control the contact patch and further enhances durability.


  1. my 2018 sprinter now rides like it was designed too, great handling, very quite, these tires ride great !! not a stranger to Michelin s , but glad i am finally rid of the brand X tires that came with the van new. I d have to say, these Michelin’s are worth the few extra bucks for sure.

  2. So glad I picked these tires for my 1500 Eco-Diesel. I intentionally bought a slightly larger profile (LT275/65r20) versus OEM (LT275/60r20). No change in accelleration, but huge difference in comfort and quietness for the better. They work fine for my light off-road usage, although I haven’t done anything too aggressive that most any other tire couldn’t handle.


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