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The Optimo H725A is one of Hankook’s Grand Touring All-Season tires developed for Original Equipment (O.E.) use on sedans, minivans and crossover vehicles. The Optimo H725A is designed to provide sporty looks, predictable handling and year-round traction, even in light snow.

The Optimo H725A features an all-season compound molded into an asymmetric, independent block tread design to provide traction on dry, wet and light snow-covered roads. The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts (reinforced by a nylon cap ply in selected higher speed sizes) to stabilize the tread area and a polyester cord body to help cushion the ride.

*Specific sizes featuring low rolling resistance technology are identified as such on the Sizes tab, as well as on the tire’s Specs tab.

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  1. My wifes car came with these tires from the factory. Overall with trips from NJ to upstate NY and central PA these tires are good for the long haul. With conservative and moderate driving habits these tires handle most situations ok. The tires that are on the front currently seem to be wearing differently; the compound seems harder and less compliant than the rear tires. At this time we plan on replacing the tires because she does not feel confident with traction in wet/heavy rain. In anticipation of winter we will replace these tires. As the rear tires are lower on tread depth, they are getting noisier.

  2. Poor grip on highway during rain…required travel at slower speeds than other cars. The tread split open to the belt after 30k miles when not even close to the wear bar. They were original equipment on the VW. Due to poor performance in the rain, I would not drive on these again.

  3. I’m writing this review for anyone who may buy a Volkswagen that has these tires on it. These tires —-. Sometimes I am a spirited driver, other times I am not, either way, the tires do not get good traction, especially in the rain or snow/ice. If I am at a stop light and I accelerate(gently), my tires are always trying to find traction on the road. I also have to go around corners slower than most other cars when it’s raining to avoid slipping and sliding. The tires only have 30K miles on them so they aren’t even bad yet. I’m upgrading to another brand now because with winter coming I’m not going to chance getting into an accident with these things.

  4. I’m really just writing this for the benefit of anyone else considering this tire. This is the OEM tire that came with our new 2014 Jetta 1.8 Turbo SE. It’s OKAY. That’s all I’m giving it. These tires see about 70% freeway 30% city/urban driving. I’m primarily comparing this tire to the Pirelli P7 Cinturato Plus, which is what I have on my 2004 Saab 9-3. My pirellis’ are consistently better than this Hankook in almost every way. Braking stabilty, steering response, road noise, snow/wet traction. They are more expensive but, in my opinion, well worth it. Good: Responsiveness – A lot of this could come down to the brand new car the tires are mounted on. The 2014 Jetta has pretty crisp turn in (slightly vague VWish overall, but acceptable). Road Noise – Again, something that is highly dependent on the car’s insulation and road conditions. These tires seem relatively quiet on most roads but can get loud on overpasses.BAD:Wet Traction is poor. Haven’t tried in snow, but I’m not too optimistic..Conclusion: They’re not the worst tire ever, but you can do better..

  5. This was the OE when I purchased my car. The first set of tires went 110,000 miles so I bought these again and they were excellent through the next 100K miles. As you can imagine, this is mostly all highway driving at fairly high speeds (I commute over 200 miles per day). The road I drive has been under construction throughout the life of my car. The tires handle the uneven surfaces, bumps, pot holes, etc. excellently. They also handle wet conditions very well, including water pooling up between construction barricades. Their flaw is that they are very poor in winter conditions. Prior to moving and buying the Jetta for fuel econonmy, I owned 2 Ford Explorers and a Jeep Wrangler, so to me the low-profile Jetta with these tires corners very well in wet and dry conditions, but I don’t know how they would be on a more high-performance vehicle.

  6. These were the OEM tires on my 2013 Jett Hybrid. The noise, dry handling, and comfort is fine. But the wet traction is horrendous, even to the point I would consider it unsafe. On wet roads, the tires will lock up with just light-moderate braking, and with light acceleration the wheels will spin every time. And this isn’t on flooded streets – it’s on damp/wet streets after the rain has stopped. It’s been this way since new, and now it’s getting worse even with 30% of tread left. I would consider a claim on these tires since they are so unsafe on wet pavement, but I don’t want another set of Hankooks.


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