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The Kinergy PT is Hankook’s Standard Touring All-Season tire developed for the drivers of coupes, family sedans, minivans and crossover vehicles looking for a tire that combines low noise and a comfortable ride with long life. Designed for year-round use, the Kinergy PT delivers traction in dry, wet and slippery conditions, even in light snow.

The Kinergy PT utilizes an abrasion-resistant, carbon black compound for low rolling resistance and long life. The compound is molded into an asymmetric pattern featuring optimized block stiffness for handling and durability. The computer-designed profile helps to evenly distribute weight across the contact patch to further aid wear, and in addition to the high-stiffness center rib, improves braking performance. Wide, circumferential grooves work in conjunction with lateral notches to evacuate water from the footprint and resist hydroplaning. The aqua slant sipes create extra biting edges for traction in wet or snowy conditions.

Internal construction of the Kinergy PT features two wide, steel belts with a full-width nylon reinforcement for improved handling, durability and high-speed stability. Folded belt edge strips resist belt edge separation while aiding stability, and the strong, jointless bead wire enhances uniformity for a smoother ride.


  1. Hankook Kinergy PT H737 205/55R16 91H2006 Civic Coupe EX Manual Transmission. Tires were bought and installed on 3/26/19 at Walmart. $86.59/tire. After 8% sales tax and installation, $10/tire roadside hazard, it cost $492.84 for 4 tires total. The tires were manufactured 5 months ago. 2.5 hours to install on a Tuesday. Noise: They’re quietRain: The tires are just fine. I had full control at 55-60 mph in heavy rain. At big highway turns and ramps, I follow the yellow speed limit signs and slow it down to usually 45mph. Those signs are there for a reason. Trust me, I’m an engineer. Snow: Cleveland got hit with a snow storm on 3/30/19. There was no salt on the road. Weather turned from rain, to sleet, to snow. In the sleet, the road was slushy. I was driving at 50-55mph with no problems in a 60mph zone. I slowly changed lanes at 50mph and hit a line of slush but maintained complete control. On my home, the roads were covered with snow. Maybe 2 inches. I stopped on a moderate hill at a red light, I gave it too much power in 1st gear and the tires slipped a little. I reduced my rpms and made it up the hill. On the highway, I slowed down to 35-40mph. Most cars did the same. I never lost control. The off ramp was fully covered with about 3 inches of snow. I almost didn’t see it and had to make a quick 45 degree turn at 30mph and had full control. I stopped at a red light from 15mph at 0 degrees incline with 50% brake. The ABS did not turn on and I did not slide. At another red light, I used 100% brake at about 10mph as a test. The abs turned on and I slid maybe 3 feet. I then made a sharp 90 degree turn in 3-4 inches of snow at 13mph and understeered a little. The car corrected itself after a couple feet. Nothing unfamiliar for any driver with any all season tires in the north. In summary, these are good tires. Warranty is great. And you will be just fine if you drive safe. But if you drive like a jackass in the rain or snow, no set of tires will save you.

  2. I used to have goodyear accelerate tires on my corolla and the road noise was painful for the last 2 years. Just replaced all four of my tires with the hankook pt and I am surprised at how comfortable and noise free my car feels now. Great great set of tires.

  3. Did my homework on this set of tires last year, I wanted the longest lasting tires I could get, I don’t want to buy another set of tires for as long as I’m gonna drive my luxurious V8 Cadillac. And they have lived up to expectations. It started with a smidge more than 11/32s of tread, I have driven my 105 mile daily commute for 45,000 miles or half the treadwear warranty and I have 7/32s of tread. I had it aligned when I bought them and have rotated and balanced them every other oil change. Ok so what else can I say about kinergy pt besides they last long? Dry traction is excellent, wet traction is good, snow and ice is its weakest point but they have been completely acceptable. My 4.6 Liter land yacht goes in the direction I command it to, rain or shine. In snow it has kept going in the same direction a few times. Never felt unsafe. slow down and grip returns. However the price of gas has forced me to give the Deville to the Mrs. and buy a new to me Toyota Prius for my hour long highway commute. It came with cheap tires from a brand I never heard of, 5/32 left on them, no rush to get tires today. I was thinking about going with a tire designed to get higher MPGs like a Michelin Energy Saver A/S but they’re more expensive and I don’t think they’ll last as long as these Hankooks have. So again I’m choosiing this tire, to try to save money by buying less tires. Then I saw there wasn’t many reviews on them so I started writing one. I normally don’t write reviews, Thanks for reading my review, drive safe!

  4. These tires are a definite improvement in almost every area over the Michelin Defenders previosly on my car. The one iffy area is snow traction, and I encountered some nasty highway slush the day after the tire were installed, so my criticism is based on unsalted roads, highway speed, and new oily, unbroken in tires. Noise, ride, day to day handling and price are all very good.

  5. Comparing to the former set of Falken Ziex 950. I was surprised to find out my Falken tires were average in comparison to other tires like Goodyear and Hankook, etc. These Hankooks have good cornering response as well as less noise. The rain traction is excellent because the tread has 4 deep wide grooves, along with good sipes. I’ve noticed less rolling resistance because when I let up off the gas, these tires want to KEEP rolling. I love the new technology in them. I haven’t had a chance to test it in Canada winters, though. I am confident they will be good and I will update if something changes.

  6. PROS: Wet traction is great. Living in Florida, wet traction is of paramount importance to me, and my car feels totally planted at all speeds in the wet. Ride quality is significantly improved. I actually feel like I’m getting the ride quality I should be with 65-ratio tires now. Handling response is predictable and good.CONS: Noise levels are average. The Kinergy PT has cut out the most-irritating high frequencies from road noise, but road noise is still very noticeable on coarse surfaces. After 6 months, I’d buy the Kinergy PT again. It’s a tire that stands competitively with Michelin and Goodyear even before you consider the value proposition. I will try to update this review as the tire wears.


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