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The Kinergy GT is Hankook’s Grand Touring All-Season tire originally developed for Original Equipment use on vehicles from Honda, Hyundai, Kia and Volkswagen. It is designed to provide a quiet and comfortable driving experience combined with traction in all weather conditions, even light snow.

The Kinergy GT molds a silica-infused, all-season compound into a symmetric, five-rib tread pattern. The rigid center rib aids traction for acceleration and braking performance, and the high-modulus bead filler increases sidewall stiffness for responsive steering. The high-grip silica tread compound delivers wet traction, while wide lateral notches and four circumferential grooves evacuate water from beneath the contact patch for increased hydroplaning resistance. Multiple tread sipes feature chamfered edges to maximize contact area on slippery surfaces, providing confident all-season traction.

Internal construction of the Kinergy GT features two wide, steel belts with a full-width nylon reinforcement (in most sizes) for improved handling, durability and high-speed stability. A body casing made from polyester cord helps manage the trade-off between handling and comfort, while the strong, jointless bead wire enhances uniformity for a smoother ride.


  1. As for performance my experience with the kinergy gt sits at above average. As for tread wear, this is the poorest wearing tire I have ever used, that’s even compared to no name brands. I would not recommend or re-purchase this tire. I use hankook tires on my RV and I am very happy with them and the hankook brand, it just doesn’t deliver in this category.

  2. This is the OEM tire on my VW Sportwagen. This tire delivers as promised. It’s quiet as can be even after 11000 miles. It’s a bit rough over harsh road surfaces and can get a little bouncy. Other than that it’s a great tire. Bear in mind this is a Touring tire not a Performance tire and it handles like one. It’s a comfortable,quiet tire which is exactly what I want. I should mention it’s terrible in the snow or ice even with AWD. We get a lot of snow here in Maine so I put on a set of Blizzak WS-80’s as soon as the temp’s drop.

  3. I have no real complaints about the wear or handling of these tires I only have the car for a month and a few hundred miles on but I saw another post from owner of same auto and same tire and I also had a blowout and was not giving any satisfaction from company. I bought the same tire for the damaged one to keep all the same with a month old car. But from reading all the posts if I hit the mileage when it’s time to change I won’t be buying these.

  4. This was the OE tire for My 2018 VW Golf Sportwagen S 4Motion 6M/T. Balance of performance was pretty good. Deep snow was a surprising strong point of this tire on this car when the tires were relatively new. When they had less than half their tread depth left, they lost significant snow performance, but were still good enough to drive on in winter weather. Wet traction is also pretty good but not stellar when there is enough tread. In the last 4/32 of tread, these things hydroplane if you look at them wrong. Surprisingly, wet traction is still pretty good when they’re worn down, its just that you’ll have to slow way down for standing water of any depth. Noise isn’t really an issue, they’ve had noticeable, but not excessive tread noise as they’ve worn down. The worst part of these tires by far is their complete lack of treadlife. These tires carry a warranty of 70000 miles or 6 years. I’ve had them for 15 months and 28000 miles and I’m 2/32 from the wear bars. Reading their warranty, it specifically excludes tires which are OE on a vehicle when purchased new. It also requires you to rotate every 7500 miles, however the VW service schedule calls for rotation every 10,000 miles. Even if they did cover OE tires, you would still not be covered due to this. If you’re going to buy these tires, or buy a car originally equipped with them, don’t expect to get more than half their warrantied treadlife.

  5. These are the OEM tires that came with my vehicle. They are an all around good tire with nothing special about them. On wet or snow covered roads I wasn’t afraid of sliding, and was easily able to do the speed limits in the area. Dry traction was better than expected from OEM tires. Now that I’m down to the wear bars, I’m still confident with the tires traction but will have to replace them soon.

  6. I noticed 2 other reviewers indicate right rear tire issues on this make and model. Same here! Rear right tire issue and a bump now visible on the front right tire. Would not recommend

  7. So living in Rhode Island I why I wouldnt purchase this tire. Put 23k on tires and they are down to 4/32 already. What’s not helping is the tires apparently arent meant for the country’s worst roads, they are horrendous, we are driving in road plates on several main roads, then torn up roads, then salted roads, pot holes every 1/4 mile or less. AND THEY ARE LOUD. They came with the vehicle new, and are still LOUD. ¿¿¿¿¿


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