Hankook Optimo H725 Sizes & review

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The Optimo H725 is one of Hankook’s Standard Touring All-Season tires developed for Original Equipment (O.E.) use on sedans, minivans and crossover vehicles. The Optimo H725 is designed to provide sporty looks, predictable handling and year-round traction, even in occasional light snow.

The Optimo H725 features an all-season compound molded into a symmetric, independent block tread design to provide traction on dry, wet and light snow-covered roads. The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts (reinforced by a nylon cap ply in selected higher speed sizes) to stabilize the tread area and a polyester cord body to help cushion the ride.


  1. These are the 2nd set of these tires I have had for this vehicle. The first started to crack between the tread. Took them back to dealer, they contacted Hancock. The new set was depreciated. 80,000 mile warranty, but you still have to pay for a manufacture deficit. When rains (heaven or light) and you come to a complete stop. The tires spin, no traction whatsoever. I would recommend anyone to buy this tire.

  2. These tires were on the car when purchased new. Tolerable in wet and dry conditions for first 9 months. First snow showed totally terrible handling and traction. Can’t understand how Chrysler would sell an AWD vehicle with such terrible tires, worse winter handling than 2 wheel drive. Finally replaced them today. Probably had 12000 miles of tread left, but, it was time.

  3. Theses came on a new 2015 purchased inFeb 2016. Today it has 27,500 miles and the front tires have virtually tread and the back might havea couple 32nds

  4. These came on a 2014 Dodge Charger AWD I recently purchased. Tread on then was still good and I thought there would be no reason for getting new tires right away, but I was wrong. The tires are not great on wet roads and any sort of snow or ice makes them pretty much useless. First light snow we had I was sliding everywhere. Even with the all wheel drive they were not good. If you live somewhere with even light snow I would not recommend these.

  5. My issues were not so much performance-related as they were related to treadwear, or lack thereof. We’ve had two complete sets of these tires on the car over the 60,000 total miles the car has been driven. These were acquired following a puncture at around 20k, so they’ve had about 40k on them. Despite being rotated on schedule, these tires aren’t up to taking the punishment when mounted on the front of our AWD Lincoln MKT. Worse yet, failure came quickly and without warning — the last few millimeters before hitting the wear indicators, the tires went from functional, to cords showing through almost overnight, despite the car having had a four-wheel alignment done halfway through the wear cycle. I would still consider running these tires, as their wet-weather traction is quite good, but there’s no reason I should be two sets in when this car is more or less my wife’s car and never driven aggressively. If the price point was lower and this could be defended as a value buy, that would be one thing. But with better-performing tires from more reputable brands just a few dollars more, we’re moving away from Hankook altogether.

  6. Miles Driven: 63,168. I have 63,168 miles on these tires from factory. Car ride likes a dream I now use my car doing Uber and people love the smooth ride. Original tires still have great treads left on tires. I would purchase same tires no complaints here at all.(this is the factory set that came on my vehicle) I am very surprised to see the negative reviews, because these have been such great tires for my ride. I will post total miles driven before replacing tires.

  7. Original equipment on vehicle. Most terrible tires I have ever owned. Should have never taken possession of vehicle with these tires.


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