Hankook Optimo H724 Sizes & review

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Hankook Optimo H724 is a Standard Touring All-Season tire. Standard Touring All-Season tires are for drivers who want a combination of sporty appearance, long wear, predictable handling and S- or T-speed rated durability, along with all-season traction including in light snow. Standard Touring All-Season tires branded with the M+S symbol are often used as Original Equipment (O.E.) on sporty coupes and sedans.

O.E. Standard Touring All-Season tires are typically purchased as direct replacements for worn-out pairs/sets of the vehicle’s original tires. They can also be used for other vehicle applications in complete sets of four or axle pairs if available in an appropriate size, load range and speed rating to match the existing O.E. tires’ performance category and specifications.


  1. I¿ve had no luck with Hankook. I¿ve tried to like them but this is the second set I¿ve had, one set on a Ford Explorer ( not 724¿s) and this set on my Grand Caravan. I was exited when I saw that these were brand new on my `new to me¿ caravan as I have read nothing but good things. They are e a great highway tire. Smooth and quiet and they seem to handle ok in the dry. Thing is, they have little traction…….they drive straight and quiet but they spin out at nothing. They spin in the wet, dry, on light snow and don¿t stand a chance on any sort of ice. I had to buy a spare set of wheels with winter tires on them just to get out of my drive!The outer shoulders of the front tires are almost down to nothing and I¿m not pushing hard. I think that might just be that mini vans are big and heavy so roll the tires a bit when cornering. I¿m not going to change them out for other tires yet because that would just be a waste of money but I¿ll not buy anymore Hankooks.

  2. Worst tires I’ve ever owned. NOISE! NOISE! NOISE! These tires will hold up. Tread wear is good. Handling, etc. is fine. After about 25,000 miles, they make so much road noise it’s like riding on the hood of a semi. This is the second set of these tires I’ve owned. (Shame on me for buying another set.) I would NEVER buy these again and don’t recommend them for anyone.

  3. These are the original tires with just over 32k miles. No problems at all. Looks like I’ll get at least 50k miles which is great for the Florida heat. I’ve rotated them 4 times and they are wearing evenly. I would highly consider replacing them when needed if the price stays in the $50 range per tire or less. Above that I’ll research more. There’s approximately 9k miles of straight highway driver. Remainder of miles are local rural roads.

  4. At only 21000 miles I can already make out the wear bars in the tread. I haven’t seen a tire wear out that fast since the days of the gas station Atlas Plycrons of the late 60s. What really gets me is I had a set of Hankook Optimo 727s on my previous Jeep Patriot that lasted to 50,000 miles, replaced only because I didn’t think it was wise to face another Wisconsin winter on 50k miles tires. The replacement set of 727s had 35K miles on them went I traded the Jeep and still had way more tread left than the 724s. For wet traction, these tires narrowness helps but lately I have had the Traction Control kick in on surprisingly mild starts in the wet. In the snow, once again, the relative narrowness helps them dig in. I used to do ice racing when I was younger, so I know my way around ice and snow. While they are no Blizzacks, they never left me stranded, either.


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