Firestone All Season Sizes & review

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The All Season is Firestone’s Passenger All-Season tire developed for the drivers of coupes, sedans, family minivans and crossover vehicles looking for a tire that combines year-round capability and ride comfort with long tread life.

The All Season molds a silica-enhanced tread compound into a symmetric design for easy rotation in order to promote even wear. Four circumferential grooves help guide water through the tire’s footprint for improved wet grip, while deep sipes provide the biting edges needed for traction in light snow.

The tire’s internal structure includes a one- or two- ply (depending on size) polyester body casing beneath two wide steel belts with spirally wrapped nylon reinforcement to deliver durability, ride quality and stability.


  1. Got these for my daughter seven months ago before she headed off to college thinking that if she had problems, she could go to the nearest Firestone, and there are several between our house and where she is going to college. One out of four has repeatedly lost air pressure. The sidewall on the same tire today (1/29/19) began to peel on the inside diameter of the outside wall, not the crown. So, It’s not because she hit a curb, which she said she has done anyway. She is going to the closest dealer tomorrow to get it exchanged. Hopefully, they do the right thing.Aside from that, these are some very noisy tires even for a Fiesta and she has only put 8k on them.

  2. Purchased over my preferred brand based on price, performance ratings, and that the car will no longer be driven as commuter nor ever in snow. I am very surprised how loud the tires are. On the same roads that I’ve commuted with this car for 200k miles, these tires sound like the road has been grooved. I can even feel the vibration at my feet. The sound and vibration was not there on the way to get these mounted, so it can only be the tires. The BFG ATs on my truck were probably quieter. Disappointed to say the least, but these will have to serve the purpose for the small amount of driving the car will have over the next several years until the tires age out and are replaced.

  3. This tires came with 2013 Jeep first time it. I drive back woods country road are dirt & rock mix. When drive on hwy go stores & see doctor 74 miles both way! Firestone tires about years old wear down get lot road nose!

  4. Had these tires balanced 3 times for vibration problems around 55 to 60 mi./hr. Tires are noisy when going around a slight curb. The tires are not comfortable ride, very hard ride. Tires had to be filled with air on two occasions. I asked the mechanic why? Response was” It’s cold outside”. The car is parked in the garage!

  5. These tires are a lot like the old FR710 they replaced: good, not great. They are a bit loud and rough, but the handling and traction are acceptable. It’s a little too early for me to comment on the tread wear, but they seem to be wearing fine so far. There are certainly better tires out there, but for the money, they are a good buy. You probably won’t find anything better at that price point.


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