BFGoodrich g-Force Rival S Sizes & review

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The g-Force Rival S is BFGoodrich’s Extreme Performance Summer tire developed for sports car, muscle machine and pro-touring car driving enthusiasts who want their tires tuned to lower their run times in solo, autocross, track attack and hill climb events. Created with razor-sharp reflexes, the g-Force Rival S is designed to raise the limits by delivering extreme grip that’s extremely predictable. However, like all Extreme Performance Summer tires, it is not intended to be serviced, stored or driven in near- and below-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.

BFGoodrich g-Force Rival S tires feature an updated tread compound designed to offer maximum dry and improved wet grip, as well as offer quicker warm-up in competition conditions, yet continues to earn a 200 Treadwear rating in Uniform Tire Quality Grade (UTQG) testing. This Silica-infused compound is molded into asymmetric tread designs shared with the original g-Force Rival that are performance-tuned to match tire width (265mm and narrower sizes feature a 3-rib design, while 275mm and wider sizes use a 4-rib pattern).

Large, solid outboard tread blocks and BFGoodrich’s Extreme Tread Edge (ETE) shoulder design wraps the tread compound farther down the sidewalls for predictable feedback and maximum cornering grip from start to finish. Lateral groove draft angles promote consistent performance and wear, while chamfered block edges resist feathering under extreme cornering and braking.


  1. This review isn’t for people that autocross as you already know why you are buying this tire. For those that don’t know, this is an autocross tire. It has about half the tread depth of a normal tire and it wears quickly. It is 200 treadwear going on 50 as you scrub off the initial layer of tread. In normal driving you might get 15k miles out of these tires, but you would not be smart to buy this tire for normal driving. It’s not very good in the rain at all. It rained hard to the point where there was standing water on the road when I was driving home from a track day and even at full tread depth the car hydroplaned going straight on an empty road without me touching the brakes. The tire is noisy and ride quality is poor. The tires heat up quick, get greasy and wear quickly enough that they don’t make a good track tire unless perhaps your car is very lightweight. They are one of the top two tires at this time that you can buy for autocross, the other being the Bridgestone RE71-R, but these only make these in a size that fits the C6 Z06. They are a really good autocross tire. They have a lot of grip and are predictable at the limit though at times less communicative than I’d like. They grip in the dry right down to the cords and they have tread right out to the shoulders so you can dial in -3.5 degrees of camber and not worry about it. I’ll probably have to replace my most recent set after about a year of autocross and I won’t think twice about buying another set.Look up your local autocross club and you can discover why this tire exists.

  2. These tires are used for competition and getting to/from competitions ONLY. They are quick and responsive, I would not expect a lot of hydroplane resistance but they are fine if you are caught in a shower on transits.Excellent autocross tire if you are constrained by a 200 tread wear rule.

  3. As with most of these reviews, YMMV. I have run the same set of tires on two road courses and I have found the grip to be great on the track at 80 and 90+ degrees ambient. I ran a 50-minute session in 90+ degree heat, on a 17-turn track and they stuck.As you look at this tire’s reviews in general some common themes come out.-It gets greasy when hot -Like ice on water-Little warning before they give way-They wear fastMy Car a 3,600 LB modified E90 M3 running -3 front and -2 rear camber, 4-square 275x35x18’s, H&R Race Springs +more. I have been on two tracks in Solo and a combined Instructor/Solo run group with the same set of tires and will be on them a 3rd time in a week – I might get 4 track weekends out of them or more – it depends. Also, in recent sessions, points racers were out practicing or tuning before their points race so I ran with real racecars on full race vs. DOT race tires. Those drivers, cars and tires will humble most weekend hacks like me quickly. You are likely not a unique snowflake.1st track the left front was shredding, melting and peeling back the edges of the tire – fix 4-PSI higher on the left side as my heavy car was rolling over the tires on soft springs for a heavy car. If I didn’t do that – my review would say they shred, wear too easy and melt. It’s not all/only the tires. +4PSI, it improved a lot. -Greasy when hot: I would have said that too, but it only happened in 3 corners at one track and I know one had a 700 foot oil slick from a lost motor. My car did snap oversteer once, but that was the rear diff locking up on a much faster corner exit then usual as I wanted to catch a $170k+ car. I would have blamed the tire for that. -Little warning before they give way: They are mostly silent until you are sideways in my experience – so don’t do it often. -Like ice on water: What TRUE summer tire isn’t? In the end, I will likely try another tire next time – still-hunting for my beloved g-force TA KD replacement.

  4. I’ve raced a whole season with these tires only using them for Autocrossing in local events and 3 SCCA competitions. I am now over 115+ Autocross runs and now feeling like they have heat cycled out; However most of those runs were some of the fastest I’ve ran yet. Corner grip was amazing, point the car where you want it to go and hang on. Slaloms characteristics felt great, once I was in my rhythm it was a matter looking ahead to the next element. With nothing else in my size, this will be my fastest tire. If you are looking to autocross a heavy big and power car this is your tire.

  5. Good lateral grip. Able to put power down on corner exit. Steering response and forward bite not quite as good as the Bridgestone RE-71R.

  6. These tires are summer use only. I have not driven in rain as of yet, so I have no comment. These were purchased for Solo / Autocross, “Driver Skill Testing”. I do not care about Noise, Comfort, or Tread Wear. These replaced another popular 200 tread wear tire. I’m more please with the BFG Rivals as they fit my vehicle setup and driving style better.


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