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The Michelin Energy MXV4 S8 is an All-Season Grand Touring tire designed for sports sedans and sports coupes. Energy MXV4 S8 tires meet Michelin’s Green X standard* for eco-focused manufacturing and low rolling resistance, and confirms the tire’s contribution to reducing vehicle fuel consumption, emission of CO2 gases and improving sustainability through conservation of natural resources. The Energy MXV4 S8 was developed to blend looks and handling with low noise and good ride comfort and is tuned to match the needs of sporty coupes and sedans by providing year-round traction, even in light snow.

The Energy MXV4 S8 features a symmetric independent block tread design to enhance foul weather traction. It incorporates offset shoulder and diagonal intermediate blocks that are designed to “flow” through the contact patch for a quiet ride. The tire’s internal structure features a rounded casing shape to provide predictable handling, and has been optimized to equalize the tire’s footprint pressure to extend its tread life. Michelin’s BAZ Banded At Zero degree spiral-wrapped polyamide cord reinforces the Energy MXV4 S8 radial’s twin steel belts to stabilize the tread area enhancing treadwear, handling and high-speed capability.

*Specific sizes featuring Green X Technology are identified as such on the Sizes tab, as well as on the tire’s Specs tab.

Max. Inflation Pressure Tread Depth Tire Weight Rim Width Range Meas. Rim Width Sect. Width Tread Width Overall Diam. Revs. Per Mile
440 A A 1,356 lbs 51 psi 9/32″ 30 lbs 7.5-9″ 8″ 9.6″ 8.5″ 27.7″ 752


  1. This is the original oem tire still on this vehicle. Very good wearing tire so far with a lot of tread left at 31,000 miles. Dry traction is excellent, but that’s where it ends. Any water on the road will break away these tires when taking off from a standstill. Stopping on wet pavement isn’t too bad though. Cornering and handling on dry pavement is good to excellent. When it comes to snow, slush, or ice, forget it. It’s like driving a car with ski’s on it. Absolutely no traction or stopping power. If you live in a dry, warm climate with little moisture, these tires would work for you. If you live where there is a lot of rain, pick another tire. If you live where there is any snow during the winter, don’t buy this tire. I’ll keep these on for now and buy a set of dedicated snow tires (blizzak) for winter. I do not highly recommend this tire.

  2. These were OE on my new 2007 Camry Hybrid and I went with Toyota’s “tires for life” program. Replaced these originals after 31,000 miles with another set of MXV4 S8 tires due to road hazard damage, but they were also worn to less than 4mm left per tire! (Toyota gave me $22.00 credit per tire that lists at $189.00). Had to replace this next set after 25,000 miles due to damage (bad pot hole winter) but all tires worn down to 3mm left! Since tires had “hazard damage” both times, the 60k mileage guarantee on these expensive Michelin’s is voided! I agree with the poor traction in wet weather and light snow. Purchased the Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max tires this time around.

  3. Purchased these tires new for close to 1000 bucks from Johnston’s Toyota Middletown NY for my vehicle and they are completely bald and dry rotted at 27,000 miles…they wont even pass NYS inspection!! Furious with the manufacturer and dealership because they will not honor their product. Terrible in snow and rain and noisy to boot….stay far away from this product!! …you’ve been warned

  4. These tires were OEM on my car. Wasn’t big Michelin fan since my wife had similar tires on two of her Accords. They started out nice. Initial pros were they were quiet, decent wet performance, good straight line traction, rock solid highway accuracy (very few if any corrections needed) and nice initial turn-in feel. Initial cons were snow and ice traction was almost non existent and I bought high performance snow tires right away to fix that. Hard sidewalls (almost like a run flat) resulted in somewhat jarring ride over bumps and road seams. After about 10000 miles they became rather noisy on highway and cornering traction fell off resulting in noticeable understeer. Also would howl on highway off ramps, even at posted speeds. By 30000 miles tires were down to about 3/32 to 4/32 tread depth and were borderline scary in the wet, with frequent traction control intervention. Forget heavy rain at that point. This just confirmed my dislike for Michelin’s overpriced family sedan tires. These are the “green” tires. I replaced with Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2 for half the price. I will gladly take the increased performance and peace of mind over the maybe 1 mpg savings of a green tire.

  5. I have consistently had sorry service from a variety of Michelin tires. These are no exception. They have flat spots, are noisy, and will not stop on wet roads. They remind of a set I had on a BMW that let me slide through a stop sign and right into a ditch on a wet road from 30 mph. I replaced those with Hankooks and lived another day. I let the dealer talk me into keeping these tires when I bought the car. That was stupid of me. I will never buy or recommend Michelin tires for anything except swings for children and boat bumpers.

  6. OEM tires on the 2013 Mazda 6. Tires has been extremely disappointing from day one. The good: they lasted 60k, are quiet, car is getting 36 MPG, and have had no flats. The bad: they have hydroplaned since new, they don’t like snow, they squeal with little provocation, they do not like curves. Had blamed the Mazda 6 for being such a bad handling car when all the reviews I had previously read praised the cars handling. I decided to simply drive for fuel economy and had given up on enjoying my daily commute.

  7. I am driving a Challenger R/T so you should know this is a 4200 lb vehicle. I think the tires had a lot of work to do keeping it all together. I drove the tire for about 23,000 miles then hit the Georgia mountains and even the Atlanta Motor Speedway! The tires seemed to do well but nothing spectacular as far as dry pavement cornering. Although they are very predictable you cannot take turns too aggressively with these tires. As I explained to the salesman in the store, we could barely keep up with a PT Cruiser going down the mountain with these tires.I am not allowed to post a URL but on youtube search for driving the twisties in a Dodge Challenger 5.7 Hemi you will get an idea of how the tires performed for us.Yes, the tires give fair warning but would have preferred a bit more grip.Let me say this, overall Michelin tires are outstanding, they wear evenly, they do not cup or scallop. But for my application I think I needed a different Michelin such as the Pilot Sport series and not these Energy ones. I feel that onr an SUV or a typical sedan and a normal driver you will LOVE these tires because they are quiet, surefooted and outstanding in the rain. They have good grip and during my normal commute these tires were great, unfortunately with them I am not able to unleash the full potential of my vehicle.

  8. Michelin’s website, customer service representatives, authorized tire dealers, Lexus service technicians and Tire Rack all inexplicably recommended the Energy MXV4 S8 passenger tire for my Lexus RX330 crossover SUV. What I learned is that just because a tire fits my vehicle doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an appropriate match. I performed the required scheduled maintenance for tire rotation, balancing and alignments, but after only 26,000 miles the tread wear and integrity of the tire’s structure had broken down so completely that I lost all steering performance, handling and maneuverability of the vehicle. The premature tire breakdown resulted in excessive tire vibration, 5 to 6 inches of play in the steering wheel, loss of straight line driving control, poor cornering ability and limited wet and dry traction. The authorized dealer who previously recommended the MXV4 S8’s later admitted that the tires are “too soft” for my vehicle. Now I understand why the Energy MXV4 S8 is the number 20th rated tire in its category on Tire Rack.

  9. I ride on two sets of this for 8 years and 100k miles (160k km in Canada). Over the years they did make some improvement to it. The newer set does have improve wet performance and tread wear. The tire is ride good in dry condition, decent in wet condition. It’s practically useless in the winter, I have to drive with a lot of care. The tread wear out pretty quickly. It kind of feel like riding on rubber band during fast cornering.Moving away from this and I notice my fuel economy drop by about 5%, so that one thing it does very well. Ride comfort and noise are very good. I take a lot of road trip and this has been great. I have friend sleeping in the back and they said they were never able to sleep in car before mine.

  10. Although this set of MXV4s has only 37,000 miles on it, treadwear is very uneven, even though the car’s alignment is still within factory specs and the tires were rotated religiously every 5,000 miles. At the moment, one tire has less than 2/32s of an inch of tread left. Another is at 3/32s, and the remaining two are at 4/32s.This is my worst experience with Michelins, especially for a tire that is allegedly top of the line. I am not a jack-rabbit driver, nor do I travel at more than 75 mph (when legal) on the freeways. Before I acquired this RX 350 when it was 3 years old, I drove an F-150 equipped with Michelin LTXs. These went more than 60,000 miles before they reached the recommended replacement level of 2/32s. Too bad Michelin doesn’t make the LTXs for SUVs.

  11. Excellent tires. I drive in Md, with four seasons weather. The Michelins have been very reliable, quiet, performed excellent in all conditions.I have changed these OEMs while still having 5/32 threads, but since we drive often to Canada I decided to have them replaced. Overall pleasantly surprised, after having some bad experience with Michelin tires in the past.

  12. Absolutely terribly original tire on this vehicle. Never performed well, very loud and stiff, lacked wet and snow traction, etc. And their price. Completely boggles the mind. This tire soured my experience with the brand. Glad to finally have worn them down enough to be rid of them, but they probably could have stood replacement before 40k. Down to about the last 2/32 now.

  13. I haven’t had these tires for long, as I bought them on a used Camry. I just thought some of you could use the information from my review, sense they are almost worn out. They should be replaced now, but I expect that I will get 60,000 miles out of them. I know for a fact that they were rotated on a regular basis. So, they are almost worn out and they do some pretty weird things. They squirm on the road and they don’t handle wind very well. They go from side to side on blacktop and you can feel it fairly well, that is what I meant from squirm. They don’t handle well and I guess I shouldn’t expect them to. They make an awful amount of noise at lower speeds. They chirp a lot when coming off the line. They do seem to still stop fairly well. I would not replace this tire with new ones as I know for a fact that when they get older, they are not going to preform very well. I was not able to test the in the wet very much, but did some and they are a bit skid prone and break loose more often than not. So, I have to slow it down if it does rain. If this helps someone out, then it was worth my post.

  14. OEM tire bought from Sears (by my dad) in 11/13. In 6/15 with 23,000 mi on them (with regular rotation and alignment), tires barely passed state inspection with 3/32 on them. Tires have 50k warranty. Even if Michelin prorates them at 55% (=$480), low rated replacement Michelins will cost the same (or more) than Bridgestone Dueler H/L 422 Ecopia that seem highly rated/reviewed which I am considering. I have never had a set of Michelins last more than 50% of their warrantied life.

  15. I can not believe all of the bad reviews I just read on these tires. I’ve driven from central NY to WI in the middle of February on very snow covered roads, where there were accidents every 300 feet, and I laughed as I went by. These tires simply hold the road great. While driving down a country road, I’ve had deer walk out in front of me while traveling 60 mph on light snow, and can stop on a dime. Every tire will chirp if that is your driving style, and of course if that is the way you do, then you can’t expect any tire to hold up for very long. I would imagine a lot would depend on the weight of the car you are driving, and your driving style, to make a bad review. But someone driving a Sporty Mazda 6 every day for business travel, who drives like a normal person should, isn’t going to leave a review that is believable, when so many others aren’t. The tires are in comparison to Blizzack tires, for handling. I notice no road noise. And so long as the tire pressure is as it should be, there is no squirming, or rolling. Of course, since these are a lower profile than say Goodyear truck tires, there shouldn’t be any of that anyway. People depend on honest reviews, and I can’t believe what I’ve just read. No, they aren’t cheap, I’m sure if that is a concern you may find others, but these are very safe, and I will put none other on my car.

  16. I love Michelin. It’s the best in rain! However, these tires weren’t the best in snow. Although Volvo’s have that horrible traction control that doesn’t let you try to speed up with slipping tires, these Michelin’s failed to grabbed very well. These tires wore quickly. I’m down to 3/32 with only 35,000 miles on them. Smooth and quiet on blacktop…..a little loud on concrete. They wore evenly and stayed balanced well. Just disappointed with the quick wear and the snow grabbing…but Michelin’s are still the best in wet weather!

  17. Performed all right but TOAST after only 34,000 miles! Only easy to average in town driving – no burnouts, chirping or racing. Mostly used to drive clients in. Tread completely worn out and actual small chunks coming off. Brutal life span.

  18. When purchased, I thought my tires would last for 50,000 miles. They are coming apart at 49,010. My dealer tells me it is due to dry rot. How can this be? However, I would like to commend store #020702 in Albany , GA. They came to my rescue when my tires began to come apart while I was in this city. I live 55 miles away and could not have made it home without their help. They changed it for me as soon as possible. When I visited my dealer the next day was told that Michelin would not guarantee the life of my tires. Sadly disappointed.I T, Georgia

  19. Bought the Energy because of a bad “out of round” problem with a set of Goodyear Assurance. The Energys performed okay at best. The traction during wet conditions was not very good. Noise was acceptable. Dry traction and stopping was above average.Just had these tires rotated at 23.000 and the tire dealer told me I have 3/32 tread left on them and should replace. I drive City/Highway and have the tires rotated around the 5000 mark. The car was in alignment and the tires did not show any abnormal wear besides the low mileage. The dealer called Michelin and was told there was no mileage treadlife warranty on the tires. However, due to the constant upkeep and the well kept records of the tire dealer, Michelin stepped up and said 23,000 miles was unacceptable and gave me a 44% prorated amount towards another set of tires. This made me super happy due to the high cost of the tires.I will be getting a new set of Premier A/S this week, hopefully with better mileage results.

  20. 65,000 miles and still almost 5/16 tread left. Will probably replace them soon before the snow starts flying. Live in Wisconsin with lots of snow. They did well in the snow until last winter when they started to show their age with about 60,000 miles on them. Up to then they had handled well in the snow. Quiet and smooth on the highway.

  21. Smooth and quiet on highway when dry or wet, traction is average as well, but with wet traction it tends to skid when accelerating from a stop and sensitive to hydroplaning so I really have to drive carefully when it rains. Cornering is average, light snow is okay. I used it for approximately 30,000 miles, 4 years on the road, tread depth is around 5-6/32, also showed signs of dry rot.


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