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Primacy MXV4 tires are Michelin’s Grand Touring All-Season tires developed to meet the needs of coupes and sedans, as well as family minivans and crossover utility vehicles. Michelin Primacy MXV4 tires are designed to offer a quiet, comfortable ride, long tread life, responsive handling and all-season traction, including in light snow.

Primacy MXV4 tires feature an all-season tread compound molded into a symmetric design that combines notched shoulders, independent intermediate tread blocks and continuous center ribs. Michelin’s Active Sipes alternately lock together and open as needed to provide increased biting edges that grip the road to provide all-season handling, especially in rain and snow.

Michelin’s Advanced MaxTouch Construction results in a tuned footprint shape that allows for long-lasting, even treadwear while their Comfort Control Technology uses computer-optimized design and precision manufacturing to reduce vibrations and road noise to deliver a comfortable ride. The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced with Michelin’s BAZ Technology (spirally wrapped polyamide, Banded At Zero degrees) to reinforce the Primacy MXV4’s twin steel belts and provide high-speed durability while enhancing ride comfort.

Max. Inflation Pressure Tread Depth Tire Weight Rim Width Range Meas. Rim Width Sect. Width Tread Width Overall Diam. Revs. Per Mile
620 A A 1,279 lbs 51 psi 9.5/32″ 20 lbs 5.5-7.5″ 6.5″ 8.4″ 7.4″ 24.9″ 836
500 A A 1,477 lbs 44 psi 9.5/32″ 23 lbs 6-7.5″ 7″ 8.9″ 7.6″ 26.3″ 791
500 A A 1,433 lbs 44 psi 9.5/32″ 23 lbs 6-7.5″ 7″ 8.9″ 7.2″ 26.3″ 791
500 A A 1,764 lbs 44 psi 9.5/32″ 27 lbs 6.5-8.5″ 7″ 9.5″ 7.7″ 28.1″ 740
500 A A 1,929 lbs 44 psi 10/32″ 29 lbs 6.5-8.5″ 7″ 9.5″ 7.3″ 29.1″ 716
500 A A 1,874 lbs 44 psi 10/32″ 29 lbs 6.5-8.5″ 7″ 9.5″ 7.3″ 29.1″ 715
500 A A 1,709 lbs 44 psi 9.5/32″ 28 lbs 6.5-8.5″ 7.5″ 9.7″ 8.1″ 28.3″ 735 ,



  1. On cold & wet, snow, and ice these are the absolute worst tires I have ever driven on.The first slippery day of the season I immediately went home and measured the tread depth. I thought I must’ve screwed up, forgotten to double check before winter, and the tires must be nearly bald. NOPE! As I’d thought, they had 2-3 times the recommended minimum tread depth for winter¿ PLENTY left.Now after driving a couple of winter months, I can confirm that for me, in winter weather, these tires are garbage to the point of feeling incredibly dangerous. The way the van will slightly slide into the worn tire tracks on an icy street is freaking scary. One icy morning I could only manage a very nervous 30 mph while many others were passing me at 40-45. Clearly their tires were fine.Even when the temp rises above freezing, the ice is melting, and there are just wet patches at a light, the tires will spin when accelerating any faster than granny speed. It’s ridiculous. I can’t wait to change these out.

  2. I have put a lot of miles on these tires in 17 months. I commute from the country into a major metroplex to work every day, a 200 mi per day round trip. The handling is excellent. They are not noisy, so I can have a conversation on my blue tooth while driving on the freeway and be able to hear and be heard. The tires have been responsive and trusty no matter what the road conditions are and I see it all. The tread wear has been excellent. I am at 3/32 tread depth and I have 72,000 miles on all of them. Yes, I still have all four tires and they are doing very well, so this is not a fluke. They wear evenly and they last a long, long time if you rotate them every 5K miles, keep them properly inflated and make sure your car’s alignment is straight. I have pickup trucks and I have bought many sets of Michelin tires for all of my vehicles over decades and I always get long life and excellent performance out of every set of Michelins I have ever owned. Michelins cost more than most brands, but you get your money’s worth out of them. I feel secure in any situation and have avoided several harrowing situations unscathed because these tires handle so well. You will not regret your investment.

  3. Bought 4 premium tires. At installation I was informed that the tires had a defect. They had a bump in the tread that was evident as the tires were spun on a balance machine. When driving there is a definite bumping. It is very annoying as it comes and goes. I elected to drive them for awhile to see if the bumping would go away. It hasn’t. I am in the process trying to get a credit and intend to buy another set from a Michelin dealer instead of Tirerack. I have used Michelin exclusively on my vehicles and hope that this issue does not happen again. Performance of the tire is excellent. The ride is not good at all

  4. These tires are a perfect match for the Avalon Hybrid’s relaxed nature. Smooth, very quiet, and very good straight line stability. Driven at speeds in the range of 55 to 65 mph with fuel economy averaging 42 to 45 mpg. The best tires that I have ever owned in a very long time.

  5. These were OEM tires when we bought the vehicle new. Regular rotate, balance, and alignment. Tires were down to the wear indicators at 32k. I’m super disappointed in these. I’ve had other michelins on my VW that made it 60k. I replaced them with Conti Pros.

  6. I have had these tires on my car for the last nine and a half years and have 101,780 miles on them. The tires now have 4-6/32 tread left, but two have some cracking. These tires offer incredible handling and control. They are also the quietest tires I have had on my cars over the last 30+ years. No need for me to look at other tires since I couldn’t be happier with these Michelin Primacy MXV4 tires. I replaced them with another set (93V this time since the 94H was not available). Simply a great tire.

  7. Okay, just be warned. These were original equipment on our Odyssey. Ther were outstanding until I got to just over 30K miles then, in my opinion, they became horrible in wet conditions. I am going to replace these soon and here is why. Late summer in Oklahoma was wet at times and that’s when I got scared. I was on a weekend outing that was naturally in the rain Friday thru Sunday. We traveled to Dallas and back. During the trip both ways these tires exhibited something I had never felt on a Michelin tires on any car. I was hydroplaning frequently and it was only a steady, moderate rain. When I got to a Dallas I had the alignment checked and it was spot on. Tire pressures were spot on too. I had them rotate the tires since it had been 3K miles since the last rotation. I continued to experience the hydroplaning on the return trip and around town too since then. NOTE: I had to drop my speed to a maximum of 55 MPH to feel relatively safe. Not a good review for a premium grand touring all season tire.In all fairness, until this started happening these were the best, smoothest, quietest, most sure footed tires I had ever driven. Snow and ice traction was never great but you could get around. I would have put winter tires on had I needed to…..which I didn’t. Plus the wear was disappearing. There is still plenty of tread left. Using the quarter test, they are not down to the point I would considered needing replacement. But with winter coming, I need to feel confident in the operation ov my vehicle, these tires can live out their final days on someone’s lawn mower trailer.I’m not sure what tire I will buy to replace them yet. I just wanted to let folks know that these were the best tires I ever had until about 30K miles.

  8. I’d probably buy this tire again but it is no longer available in my size. The biggest problem regarding the question of re purchasing this tire is cost. In my opinion, Michelin is grossly over priced and no longer price competitive.

  9. Worn out after 23,142 miles and seven (7) years. Tire warranted for 60K. Camry is in mint condition with 52,000 miles (still new car smell). Rotated three times with one alignment check. Ran at 30 PSI OEM tire pressure, Garage-kept when not driven. Can you imagine spending $138 for a tire that lasts 23,000 miles? Tires wore out evenly across all four. I’m a very conservative driver .. a hyper-miler. Have a Mazda with 262,000 miles on original clutch; super-easy on tires, brakes and fuel consumption. Have seen a bunch of reviewers getting terribly low mileage as well so I’m not a fluke. Sent complaint letter to Michelin. No answer. My recommendation is to skip Michelin as over-priced with disgraceful customer service. Spent $101 ea. (before rebate) on Continental True Contacts for wife’s Corolla and they are wearing like champs. I chose those as well for my Camry this time around. True Contacts also ride better and are outstanding in heavy rain and light snow. Do yourself a favor and change the channel when Michelin commercials pop up. Everything about them is a waste of time.

  10. My 2019 came equipped with Hancook tires. What a joke. The hancook slid in rain a week after having them and 2 weeks hydroplaned on the freeway. Went in and changed tires. These were suggested. First snow and I did great. The Terrain stuck to the road and if there was no snow! Had to drive down many icy hills and these tires kept me on the road and safe. Much louder than my Hancook tires but I’ll sacrifice noise for safety anyday. Great tire and worth the price.

  11. After 31,000 miles, my experience is that the tire performs well on dry surfaces. Moderately on wet surfaces when new and performace declines with mileage. Snow performance was never great and also deterioated with mileage. Wear on the tires is poor as it needs replacement after 30,000 miles due to wear and cracking.

  12. Checked this tire out after purchasing a new Altima in August 2016. I saw quite a few reviews complaining about replacement needed at 25-30 K. I am a ride share driver with Uber and Lyft. Needless to say with potholes and conditions in Philadelphia and the suburbs I expected the worse. These tires take a beating 20-25 hrs a week. I am turning 50,000 miles this week. Stopped at a dealer (Tire) just to get some prices. He feels they are good for another 10,000. All I do is rotate, keep the front end aligned, and make sure they are properly inflated. I am replacing with the same tire in a few months. Kudos to Michelin.

  13. This is a very good tire. I got over 56000 miles out of the 93V and could get another 5 to 8K out of them. The only minor issue is road noise sounds like it increases over time/when tires approach end of tread life, but still a very comfortable ride.

  14. These tires have performed way better than their reviews here in my circumstances. They will have over 100K miles on them when I replace them soon, and are still comfortable, quiet, and handle everything but wet roads nearly as well as new. Wet traction has decreased some with wear, but not more than seems reasonable for a nearly worn out set of tires, they still perform well in all but the most extreme rain at full highway speeds. When new they felt almost immune to wet pavement, when driven within reason. I’ve made no special effort to drive gently or maintain these, they’ve been rotated far less often than they should be, maybe 3-4 times at most, and I drive “normally” i.e. the speed of traffic in my region. That said they see a vast majority of their use on smooth pavement, going in a straight line on the highway. I suspect my tread life has been greater than many people with shorter commutes or poor pavement would see. I am considering replacing these with a different tire only because they are on the expensive side, but if I was sure about keeping the car another 100K I wouldn’t think twice about buying another set of these. Note, mine are a US made set, I’ve had much different experiences with Michelins from anywhere other than the US or France, I don’t know if these are made anywhere outside the US but be sure to verify where yours come from.

  15. I purchased four Michelin Primacy MXV4 to replace the OEM Dayton run flat tires on my Mercedes Benz. Please don’t get me wrong. My Mercedes is an outstanding car. Even with the Dayton run flat tires. However the Michelin tires made a world of difference all the way around. These tires make my Mercedes a phenomenal road machine, compared the the OEM tires.I knew that the run flat tires come with a huge disadvantage. In the form of poorer handling, tire noise, road gripping on ice & snow, water, and dry pavement as well. Additionally I was always intimidated to drive more than a hundred miles from home,, knowing that I had no spare tire. And had to drive less then 50 MPH and limited to 50 miles. What kind of engineer would design let alone recommend run flat tires for any over the road automobile? Another huge benefit of the Michelin tires was that they were far less money then the OEM Dayton run flats. I was able to purchase a new matching full size rim and carry in back. And still have hundreds of dollar left… Indeed it takes a lot of space in an already limited luggage area. But it is worth the sacrifice knowing if I get a flat miles from help. I can simply jack up my car and replace the flat tire with an equal size tire and be on my way in just a few minutes. Lastly these tires perform far better than the tires that Mercedes originally put on my car. And the legendary quality that I have come to expect from Michelin!

  16. Not the best tread wear on these OEM Honda Pilot tires. 38,000 miles and 3/32 inch wear left, after regular rotation and non-agressive driving. Comfortable and quiet ride characteristics. Good dry road handling characteristics for a large vehicle. The so-so wet road performance led me to buy a set of dedicated Sumitomo snow tires, so I can’t rate snow performance. Replacing with Good-Year Assurance /Weatherready tires.

  17. Amazing oem on my 2019 Toyota Corolla le. I’ve never ever been a fan of Michelin. I have to say this tire makes this Corolla on of the best handling and safest on ice and water tires I could ever want. I have owned 20+ cars over 40 years and these tires stick like glue while helping give 34 mpg all day long. I am a rideshare driver and log about 200 city/highway miles a day. I cannot comment on the treadwear yet and I am NOT a fanatic of rotations but i will try to rotate at least every 10k miles not the five suggested as I do it myself. I can tell you I’ve never been able to justify the Michelin premium pricing but after these I’m simply sticking with this model forever if they continue to make it. Awesome.

  18. Replaced OEM Continental with the Michelins and felt like driving a new car. Ride has been very smooth and quiet, this tire should be optional for OEM. Driven my car across multiple states on this tire and its absolutely fantastic, braking distance has improved from OEM. Road grip on wet conditions is good as well, havent driven much on snow except for some light flurries so cant comment on that. Overall am very happy with the tires, would definitely recommend this if you are in the market for new tires.

  19. I’ve replaced my old Michelin Primacy with new ones. Huge difference! Fresh threads made it a lot more quiet, braking is noticeably better, feels better in curves too. Mostly I’m amazed with the road noise: almost none. I have 2104 Lexus ES350, which is a quiet car anyhow. But with these tires it’s fantastic. I drive a lot on country backroads and their quality is so-so to okay. I run these tires at 35 PSI cold temp, just love them! No buyer’s remorse, whatsoever!

  20. These replaced the Continental Contour ContiSeal tires that were OEM. The Continentals hardly lasted 15,000 miles (look up the class action settlement regarding the ContiSeal tire and the Dodge Magnum, Dodge Charger, and Chrysler 300). The Michelin is a very quiet tire with good steering response. However, at 30,000 miles they have begun to hydroplane at 45+ mph and there is only about 1/32″ of tread remaining above the “wear out” bars. When inflated to Dodge’s suggested pressure of 30 psi, the edges of the tread wear out quickly. At 35 psi, there is still pronounced edge wear. At 38 – 40 psi the wear is very even. The 40 psi inflation is used when driving on trips at highway speeds of 70 – 75 mph. The tires were rotated every 5-6,000 miles. There was no noticeable difference in the wear on either the front or rear when rotating. It looks like the tires could be left on the same axle for the life of the tread. They have reliable traction on ice and snow. I suppose that these would still be drivable at 40,000 miles, but with winter coming, we are not taking any chances and will replace them with Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady tires soon.

  21. I have 56,000 miles on these tires and they are good for at least 5,000 more.I rotate (and pressure check) religiously every 6,000 when I get oil changes.I live in Florida and I often drive 80MPH on the open road. I love my car and I drive a lot, more than 23,000 miles per year.

  22. On my second and last set of Michelin Primacy tires I will buy for a Sienna. The first set for my van brand new lasted 35000 miles with regular rotations. The second set has only lasted 26000 miles with replacement already needed due tread-wear. No help from Michelin backing up their warranty on either set. For what they charge for their tires they should have better quality and service. Never again. This Michelin man is no more.

  23. These tires came OEM on my car. They need to be replaced before winter due to normal tread wear. (It’s time.) I love their handling, as I drive like a bat out of ____ usually, though not so much if it’s not dry. I recently caught a nail and what looked like a washer and a chunk of rock or road tar in my front right, toward the outer wall, but right in the deep groove. Midas said they repair for free, but said it wouldn’t hold, no point. They did put the donut on it and told me to think about it. As if I’d buy tires from there; they just happened to be close. Anyway, W-mart patched/plugged/whatever the puncture a couple of weeks ago. I drove on it a lot locally to make sure it would hold, and it has. I had to take my daughter to college two days ago, and drove on these tires, bleeding the last miles out of them that I could, 1,300 miles in 48 hours. Went through some nasty road construction areas, and I must say, the fact that I didn’t lose that messed up tire, (had flares and fix-a-flat on board), inspires massive confidence in the MICHELIN name. People have said you’re just paying for the name, but I am pretty —- sure had they been a lesser brand, my roundtrip wouldn’t have had a happy ending. I’m ordering the exact same tire within 30 days. (Not doing any driving this weekend; bushwhacked.) I do rotate regularly and check my tire pressure often, esp. since the puncture. Overall, these are the best OEM tires ever, and they obviously are meeting their tread wear rating. Confident in their ability. Just use your brain and be a little cautious in the winter.

  24. This set of tires was purchased to replace the horrible original purchase tires when the vehicle had only about 22,000 miles. They were far better than what came on the vehicle, but did not come close to living up to our expectations, nor to the warranty. The place they were purchased and installed wouldn’t even touch them when a rotation was requested, after only about 35,000 miles usage. That’s how worn out those tires are! They have been rotated, the tire pressure has been monitored properly and they simply were tires that were no good and not close to being worth the price or expectation of wear! In fact, they were so bad that this has put me off ANY Michelins! Don’t waste your money!

  25. Original tires that came with the car. Mostly highway driving with city thrown in as required. Rotate and realignment check every oil change (7-9k miles) with Firestone alignment special ($89 for life of car…). Good wear and low noise. No winter driving (Arkansas…). One tire was replaced by dealer after it was found to be defective at (30K). Another tire is beginning to be out of round and is noticeable at 70 mph but not a big factor- it’s on the back. Time for new tires as tread wear is beginning to show. Might make it to 100,000 within a month or so- looking for tire specials in the meantime. This is my second Accord with these tires. I recommend them. Safe driving!

  26. These tires are nothing short of amazing! My current set has over 71,000 miles on them, and they are not ready to be replaced. They are merely needing a rotation. I am extremely happy with their performance and quality. Even my tire technician is amazed by them! I highly recommend these astounding creations!


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