Pirelli Winter Cinturato Sizes & review

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The Winter Cinturato is Pirelli’s Studless Ice & Snow winter tire developed for drivers of compact coupes and family sedans looking for confidence and safety in winter’s worst conditions and an enjoyable driving experience on clear roads.

Winter Cinturato tires mold a special winter tread compound into an arrow-shaped, directional design. The tread pitch sequence and sipe density are engineered to optimize mechanical grip on all surfaces, for improved mobility on slush, snow and ice. The innovative and connected tread grooves efficiently evacuate water and slush to reduce the risk of hydroplaning, and the resulting block design features a high level of lateral stability for confident handling and travel at highway speeds.

The Winter Cinturato tire features a wide and stable footprint to evenly distribute pressure across the face of the tire, improving traction while braking and enhancing wear characteristics.

Winter Cinturato tires meet the industry’s snow service requirements and are branded with the three peak three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol.

Install Winter Cinturato tires in sets of four only.
Due to the traction capabilities of Pirelli Winter Cinturato tires, Pirelli recommends using them only in sets of four to provide the best handling characteristics and tire performance.


  1. Of all the snow tires I’ve bought over the years, these Pirellis are at the top of my list. These Pirellis are great in the wet, the dry, all while having phenomenal snow traction. I have a very long driveway and a lowered B5 Passat and so far not even nine inches of snow has caused any concern. Being a snow tire they are a little louder, but these are very quiet for snows. A little noticeable around town but after 30mph or so they’re pretty quiet. I’ve put 15,000 miles on the tires so far and rotate them at 5k, tread-wear has been good and the tires are wearing nice and evenly.

  2. These tires are amazing. I’ve only had a few drives on them, but wow! I’ve never had a winter tire that would bite so hard on tough cornering in mid-to-deep level snows, with ice underneath. Also, there are wet, icy roads right now, after a cold snap, which can be very slippery. This tire feels like the car is glued to the road. Had to avoid some sudden debris on the freeway during slippy conditions and the car responded like the road was dry. Noise level is very low, even on main highways, ice braking is on par and the grip adds confidence to tough winter driving. I’ve driven on 4 other brands’ winter tires (Bridgestone, Goodyear, Hankook and Continental) and these Pirellis are far and away the best winters I’ve ever used.

  3. I purchased these tires with steel rims for my recently purchased Fiesta ST. Due to purchasing the car in late November, I knew I had limited time with the Summer only tires from the factory. I saw these and thought I would give them a try. My impressions as of late are that these are great winter tires, even for the winter driving enthusiast. On the dry pavement, these tires have great lateral grip. There is some flexing in the corners, however I equate that to the high sidewall I have specifically set up with my car. Road noise is very low – lower than the stock summer tires. Surprisingly, the time they make the most noise is when you’re turning at parking lot speeds. Where I find these tires really shine though is in slush. These tires cut right through the mucky wet snow with ease, and keep you in control. Likewise the snow performance is very good as well. Ice performance isn’t what I’d call great, but what tire that isn’t studded is going to excel on black ice? Rough ice (like frozen slush) performance is good. Overall, I believe these to be great winter tires, especially for the price they are sold at. They provide surprising performance in dry conditions, and keep you in control when things start to get hairy. Despite being winter tires, they don’t emit a much road noise. I’d almost recommend these as all-season replacements, however I think they might be overkill in that respect!

  4. I have approximately 500 miles on this tire. I bought these without any reviews based on how much I liked a set of Cinturato All Season Plus tires on another car. They are very quiet for winter tires, and seem to work pretty well on snow covered, icy and dry roads.

  5. tires that were selected were slightly too narrow and the rim of my tire got damaged in the first three inches of snow but they grip like ——– the car is a snow shovel.

  6. Great tire…even though they are a “snow” tire we run them all year. Tread wear and traction are excellent.

  7. I finally had the chance to test these tires out today. I have only had these tires for 2,000 miles and today was first snow. I bought this tire as the tread pattern looked very aggressive equal to the high performance A/S tires I use on My 2010 Camaro . These tires added more NVH as expected when compared to A/S tires that I normally run on my car. I ran in 3-4″ of wet slushy snow that was lightly freezing . Temp was 32-33 degrees. This tire out performed any expectations I ever thought I would get from a snow tire. It was follow the slowest leader today, 45-50 mph on a 65mph road. It was a 4 lane divided highway, I was able to run in the passing lane with full confidence that traction was not going to be an issue. That lane I ran in for many miles was 100% snow, slush, freezing slush covered. Great tire, no issues of traction. I will be adding more reviews as I drive in different kind of snow conditions. Great tire, highly recommend!

  8. 12″ of snow over the weekend, these tires have been amazing. Acceleration is definitely the highlight of these, braking and cornering are about average for this class of tire (studless snow & ice). Biggest negative about these is they drone at highway speed.

  9. I don’t have many miles on these yet but we recently had 2 different types of snow events that I’ve driven on with these. First snow was a very wet and slushy snow, these tires did wonderful the tread design really helps channel the slush out of the tire. The second snow event was this weekend when it was much colder and we had a very fluffy snow. Again I had no problems with traction. The unplowed streets were no problem, and even the packed and frozen parking lot had plenty of grip. so far I am very happy with these, we’ll see how they do as they wear.

  10. Coming over from the stock all season tires into these for winter was the best decision I could have made this winter season. The night before writing this review there was a 12 inch snowfall and I had to travel home from work. There was absolutely no issue with driving, it almost seemed as if the roads were cleared, even making it down my not plowed neighborhood roads and into my not shoveled driveway without hassle. I have experienced no issue with getting moving from standstill even while in deep snow with the tires. My vehicle cornered nicely even while in deep snow. I would highly recommend these tires to anyone that needs to do winter traveling.

  11. Got these tires for winter on my MINI. I drive about 75 miles per day to and from work. Half on highway and half on secondary roads. I live in the Snowbelt of western NY (think Lake Effect snow). We have had now accumulations of 4-6 increase and single digit temps in the last wee and all I can say is wow. Slush and slop on highway handled no problem. packed snow and ice also very good traction. I can home 2 days ago to a total of 10 inches of snow in driveway plus the plowing at end of drive. These tires bit right in and got me in with ease. They are a little noisy on the highway but they are a dedicated snow so you have to expect that. GREAT TIRE!

  12. I drive a fairly even mix of highway and city and the tires have performed well in both. They are very quiet on the highway. The traction has been good in sleet, slush and light snow. We have not had a deep snow yet this winter to test them. They are performing much better than the all season tires I had on the car.

  13. Winter tires are hard to choose, so I based my decision on a few key items why I chose PirelliDo i think that a world-class tire manufacturer would produce a sub performing tire? And price. Could have easily spent a lot more, but by choosing these tires I figure that I came out way ahead. Premium manufacturer, great price, and amazing performance in fresh snow and ice packed highways.

  14. These have been great in the few snow storms we’ve had this winter. Took a gamble on a new winter tire, and they are worth every penny. One complain is dru traction is awful. Car was fitted with summer tires before, these simply can’t handle even 1/2 throttle on dry pavement. Wet and snow braking are by far their best qualities, though snow traction is rather impressive. When I’m passing Subarus and 4x4s on the streets, there’s something to be said.

  15. Hi only had the tires on the 323i (5sp) for about a month. So far I’m very happy with the tires. We had a little bit of snow in NYC about 3″car handled fine no real issues. I did push the car in a safe area to test the limits of the tires. The grip was ok and recovery was very reasonable for the conditions. I did the test with the DSC turned off to get a good feel for how the tires were working. As for driving on dry roads and in the rain the car has felt great no issues. The DSC light has not been blinking so the tires are staying planted to the road. I did notice a little bit of tire noise but not enough to make it a issue for me. Most snow tires will make some noise so I’m ok with the level so far.

  16. Here in Southwest Idaho we have had a record snowfall EVER this year 2016-2017! I have gotten to work every day, never gotten stuck and able to handle heavy snow and ice better than any 4×4 or SUV! I have a little Fiat 500 Sport 2012. Our little communities have still not been plowed, yet I still get through. These are the best snow tires EVER. I had our local Star Tire place install these tires and he asked why pay so much for tires? Well, here is the proof!!! Love these tires.

  17. I put these winter tires on a Spec944 (track car) that I drive year round. They are so far superior to other snow tires I have tried. In the snow (light snow) they are equal to other snow tires. In a recent storm, I was doing great while I could see other cars sliding and slipping in the slush. In the dry, they are more comparable to my summer performance tires (way beyond a normal winter tire). They have excellent turn-in, and a dry grip level unexpected from a winter tire. Wet weather is outstanding as well – grip is good, and the tire did not hydro-plane even in deep puddles.I would definitely recommend this tire!

  18. A good, solid winter tire which likely exceeds the capability of my vehicle (a lowered ’92 miata).To be honest I purchased these tires because they were SO inexpensive that I couldn’t say no, while being offered by a premium manufacturer. I’ve driven in snow, slush, and hard-ice packed slush that’s exceeded my ground clearance and gotten around just fine. And in the dry, I’ve beat on these tires mercilessly. They get power slides several times a day which is definitely not what these tires are meant for, but for the price I don’t feel any guilt. It’s great having my miata avialable year round. I doubt it would outperform the Blizzaks on my other vehicles, but like I said it’s still very good and it’s unlikely I could do any better with a RWD car with <4" of clearance.

  19. Woke up to find temperatures had dropped from 32 deg F to 15F so took a test drive. Conditions were 1 to 3″ of dry choppy snow on top of a glazed ice surface. Paved county road with long moderate to steep hills and numerous curves. Stock tire size for car used instead of the -1 size of 195/65r15Acceleration from a stop rated only “good” with traction control kicking in much earlier than I had anticipated. The thin layer of dry snow on top of ice offering only a poor traction surface(?) Under these conditions there is no snow to snow contact which in theory would give better results. Light throttle applications were no problem but gassing it a bit would cause traction control to kick in. Braking traction was also limited somewhat as ABS kicked in early and often as the snow slid over the ice surface. However I was able to stop in time with the aid of ABS to avoid several deer that decided to jump out and cross the road in front of me. No problem maintaining traction and momentum climbing hills. Should have tried a hill start but didn’t think of it.Regardless of the good only rating above, response to steering inputs were well followed and the tires gave a confident feeling in turns at sane/moderate speeds and up to the 55 mph posted limit on one gentle sweeper. Steering control at lower speeds while braking with ABS engaged was very good with only larger inputs causing some loss of directional stability.On the return home the State highway had been scraped clean of snow and I found performance on the glazed surface (remember temps were +15 F) was much better than the loose snow over ice results. The tires would accept much larger throttle and brake applications before ABS or traction control kicked in. Rating Very Good. 31 deg F black ice may be different One caveat, tires were inflated to 33 psi with ambient temp at 45 deg F. Loss of air pressure from the 30 degree drop in temp could have resulted in less then optimal performance.

  20. By far the best winter tires I have ever owned (and I have owned many different brands). Ice and light snow traction is great! This is my second season with them and tread wear has been great for such an aggressive tire. More often then not I find myself looking down at my speedo wondering why everybody else I am passing is going so slow; only to realize they are driving at a respectable rate for the conditions with all season tires; it is just that these tires are that good they make it so you do not realize it is ice. More than once I have drove to my destination not thinking anything about he road conditions only to step out of my car and realize it is slippery not just wet out. On dry pavement they are quite (still can tell they are snow tires). If I would have one very very minor criticism it would be that there cornering ability is noticeable compared to a all season touring tire at 70+ mph, but that is not really an apples-to-apples comparison. I am just mentioning it so people realize that there is some minor compromises.


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