Pirelli Scorpion Zero All Season Plus Sizes & review

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The Scorpion Zero All Season Plus is Pirelli’s Street/Sport Truck All-Season tire developed for the drivers of powerful crossovers and SUVs, as well as sport-tuned and performance pickup trucks looking for a combination of high performance capability with all-season utility, including the ability to drive in light snow.

Pirelli Scorpion Zero All Season PlusThe Scorpion Zero All Season Plus utilizes Pirelli’s newest high-performance, all-season tread compound molded into an asymmetric tread design. The high-silica content matrix also features special polymer blends and resins designed for balanced, all-around performance. The asymmetric pattern utilizes large outboard shoulder blocks for responsive handling and braking traction in dry and wet conditions, and the rigid central blocks further aid dry grip. The addition of special silica improves wet-weather traction, while four wide, circumferential grooves evacuate water from the contact patch to resist hydroplaning. Smaller, inboard tread blocks feature winter-focused zigzag sipes to create the biting edges needed for traction in slippery winter conditions.

Internal construction of the Scorpion Zero All Season Plus includes two wide steel belts with a spirally wound, nylon reinforcement. The ability to vary the tension of the reinforcement allows Pirelli”s engineers to tune the balance between stiffness and handling, and the two-ply polyester casing further improves ride comfort.


  1. Replaced factory Michelins after 15k. These have 25K so far and they are in surprisingly good shape. Have not had a performance tire on any SUV last me this long especially on a car that I drive so aggressively. This is the perfect All season tire for an SUV. Does really well in snow and and superb in the wet. I have purchased two other complete sets for my other vehicles.

  2. This vehicle has a sport high performance tuning, it came with continental’s, which performed ok, bit with this set, performance is outstanding. Love them!

  3. Great treadwear compared to the OEMs with foam inside. Had uneven wear first time and then had two flat tires which are a pain to get repaired. Was looking for options and when Pirelli came along, I got those. Still have about 1/10th left on the treads before I reach on the yellow marker on my tread depth tool.. I drive mostly highways and keep the pressure at around 45psi.

  4. Have been very happy with these tires. Vehicle came with summer tires and I needed to change to all weather based on driving in winter. Have taken long trips across country including British Columbia and performance was excellent throughout the trip.

  5. I did not have allot of choices for all season 21″ high speed tires to choose from… however after reading some of the negative feedback on Pirelli’s all season tires such as very noisy, rough ride and soft steer sidewalls I was taken aback…. But as in all criticism plate forms there was positive feedback as well. So I went with the Pirelli Scorpion Zero all season plus tires for my Porsche Macan Turbo and after 1250 miles of New England driving that included snow, ice and rain I must report that I’m very impressed. I would recommend these tires for any high-end SUV that needs the flexibility of driving in “All Seasons” as I have a home in Massachusetts and Florida as well and find them for both states quiet, sticky and good high performance driving tires. I look forward to my 10,000 mile review in the year to come.

  6. I had a prior set of Kuhmos that I unfortunately bought based on the price and got what I paid for. I had Kuhmos on my Audi sedans before and loved them but they didn’t stack up for an SUV. The ride quality and noise level was terrible so i ditched them with about 50% of the tread left. I did a fair amount of research before picking the P Zero Scorpion and while all wasn’t positive I found enough in comparable cars to make the purchase. Huge change from day 1 of having these installed. I am 11k miles into them and the quality of ride (noise, performance etc) hasn’t degraded as at. I am in the market for a new car and would likely opt for these over a set of Performance summer tires.

  7. I purchased these tires in August of 2017 to make sure we had new tires for a SW National Park driving tour with friends. Initially, the tires were great, quieter than the OEM Continentals, and we were happy with them. However, the rear tires wore very quickly and in less than 6800 miles were below tread depth minimums for our Texas safety inspection (confirmed by me with a depth gauge). The front tires are fine so it must be the weight distribution of the SUV, but they do not last on the rear.

  8. The primary reason for my review is that after <20k city summer miles on these stock tires on my 2015 Volvo XC60, I'm already driving on the wear bar! Really? With a 400 wear rating, I'm on the wear bar? I've had 300 performance summer treads that did better than this! Dealer didn't seem surprised either which tells me it's a regular issue. Unfortunately the vehicle required 105 weight limits alternatives but I'm moving up to Michelin Pilot Sport 4S. Stay tuned for that review.

  9. Have had these on my CTTS for about 500 miles now and my observations are below. Keep in mind that my prior tire was the Continental DWS 06 and they were pretty worn at 2/32 of tread left. As such, much of my thoughts may simply be due to replacing old tires with new.Wet weather performance is EXCELLENT. Drove during heavy downpours today and had hit several pools of water with no aquaplaning. Some of the best wet weather performance I have ever experienced.Dry handling is good. As I’m not on the limit in my pepper, it’s hard to tell much of a difference bw various tires and brands.Tire noise is almost non existent. Again, maybe due to the fact that they are new and the old tires were quite noisy when replaced.These tires are about 5 lbs heavier on each corner based on tireracks specs. As such, I’m looking at a 1 – 2 mpg lower fuel economy when compared to the outgoing DWS. They are also .5 inches increased tread width, so maybe more rolling resistance as well.Price was very competitive from Tire Rack. Got free shipping and guaranteed pricing for install. Also included was 2 year road hazard warranty.

  10. These are the best tires I¿ve put in my 2013 Range Rover sport HSE GT. They are quiet, comfortable and I`ve noticed my braking, and handling has noticeably improved . I`ve had the Bridgestone dueler H/P sport AS, Continental DWS and Michelin Latitude Diamaris on my current Range Rover sport and my 2006 Range Rover sport I owned for 6 years. These Pirelli scorpion zero all season plus are much better then some much more expensive tires like the Michelin Latitude Diamaris that came as factory tires on my truck. I highly recommend these tires for Suv¿s like mine. They are excellent in my opinion.

  11. i put these on our 2016 cayenne gts 5000 miles ago. very nice tire! for day to day driving in southern ca they are truly great! a few weeks ago we took a last minute ski trip to Utah. on our way into SLC it began to snow, and continued up thru park city. I was nervous at first because I know these tires are not snow weather specific and at that time was reading that chains might be required up ahead. The snow tapered off but we drove about 100 miles in 1-2 inches of snow and ice. WOW – I was pleasantly surprised how well they did! Now, if the tires were not nearly new I might be telling a different story -. Also, we just had a rare 4 days of heavy rain here last week – again, pleasantly surprised. poor drainage here causes issues fast when we get that rare downpour. these tires grip a wet road really well. they are also super quiet, smooth and seem to be wearing well.. if they last as long as they claim, i’d definitely buy these again

  12. I got sick of replacing rear tires Tesla OEM Michelin every 8000 miles on my Model X for 1000$ at Tesla service center. Purchased these and some good floor jacks and Tesla jack pads on EBay. Replaced rears 16000 miles ago and will need new ones in about 2000 miles. That’s over 2Xs the range of those horrible OEM Michelin’s or Conti that come on the cars from the factory. Plus the car handles much better but noise is 1 point higher. The front tires I would get 20000 out of the OEM Michelin’s and I am close to that now on Pirelli and I have over half tread life remaining. I am so impressed that I put Pirelli on my wife’s Model S also. My advice is to skip the jacks and Tesla pads and find a non Tesla tire shop that knows how to jack Tesla’s with air suspension and on the 4 corner jack points as not to damage the battery. This is the issue with going to non Tesla places for tires…jacking the car requires someone who knows what they are doing or an educated car owner. Anyway I searched and searched and found a Tire Kingdom where the manager explained step by step the process and they even had their own jack pads to perform my service. Never been happier. But beware! Everyone will tell you they know how to jack a Tesla…I asked for the specific steps before I committed. As with anything ICE related¿all thieves and back stabbers. The steps,are:Jack pads on car at 4 points or shop can put pads on their lift Car in ultra high modeOnce over lift or ready to jack put car in JACK modeThis suspends the air suspensionLift car. If at home put jack pads and 15 inch 4×4 to jack car. This 4×4 will allow u to place jack stands right behind the jack points in case a jack fails. I did this and one of my old jacks failed while getting new tires on rims and was so grateful. No damage to car. The 4×4 transferred the weight to the cars designated jack pad and all good. You can do this! I did!

  13. After having a mishap that could not be repaired on a Pirelli Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico and needing to replace all four I decided to give the Scorpion Zero A/S + tires a try. Given they were $100 cheaper than the Asimmetrico and the fact I was still getting a Pirelli I figured I would be ok. The process from delivery to installation was seamless. What I did not expect was the ride from these tires. The Asimmetrico I felt had a rough to harsh ride at times. The A/S + were amazing. Incredibly smooth and refined. My R design felt as smooth as one of the new model Volvos. Handling and roadnoise seems about the same as the Asimmetrico. We have had a ton of rain in the Philly area and the vehicle as been exemplary , extremely surefooted. I’d gladly buy these tires again.

  14. I had the Volvo OEM Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season , which were terrible, for 45k miles/2 years. It was so rough, even in the beginning, everyone would get motion sick on long trips!!! We are talking a family with no history or other occasions of motion sickness…The Verde tires got louder and harder over two years and in spite of not being worn out yet had to be replaced. I researched a lot and found these Scorpion Zero All Season Plus tires and tried them. There are not many tires that fit these 20¿ rims, but rest assured the Zero tires are great and get them! They ride so much smoother and quieter and without sacrificing any grip! Thank goodness!!!

  15. These tires came on my new to us 14′ Range Rover Sport Supercharged. They had about 75% wear when I got her. This Rover with her 5.0Liter Supercharged is rated @ 510HP and 461Ft-Lbs of Torque at the crankshaft and over 600HP with a couple plug n’ play 93Octane Tunes available. Her azz stays solidly tracked from take offs in both dry and even in wet traction… no doubt to both the AWD system and of course these great tires. They do really well when cornering and changing lanes in downtown Atlanta traffic that I equate is more closely related to “slot-car-racing” than your typical run of the mill traffic conditions I get into in the Burbs of North Fulton/Atlanta… At our shared Mountain House in Highlands NC you need a tire that can run in several inches of snow and can handle the mountainous grades in at the North Georgia and North Carolina state lines in both Rabun and Clayton County as weather can change really quick and water becomes ice with the sharp winds funneling thru the gorges and mountain bases. This is a really, really good tire for these aforementioned conditions when paired with the Excellent AWD Power-Train of the Range Rover Sport and especially the SUV’s overall power, feel, and capabilities. Highlands NC was the first place me and my daughter, wife, and German Shepherd went after having brought her home. We even did some light fire trails and twisty gravel roads on that trip and these Pirelli Scorpions All-Weather-Plus tires handled everything we threw at them even being loaded down with fishing gear, a weeks worth of supplies, groceries, etc… I just bought this tire again tonight from TireRack for around $270 each shipped and I think that is a heck of a deal… Especially when you consider what performance you are getting. I recommend these tires to anyone that has a powerful AWD or 4wD Sport SUV/Truck for mixed use driving like the Highway, City, Mountainous, and Rainy/Light Snowy Conditions we do in our Rover Sport Supercharged…-J Reagan

  16. Finding the right shoes for your high performance car can be a struggle for people that live in seasonal climate. Coming from an m4 and m3 it was always a struggle for me because I live in NY and yes I daily drive these cars during the coldest days and hottest days. Unfortunately I cannot drive with the summer tires that came with those cars and with this current car. I experimented with Pereli Verdi all season on myCurrent bmw X4M. Being that they are touring tires, I figured I have all wheel drive and it will put the power down. I was wrong! Stay away from those tires. I figured to give these pereli zero all season plus aShot. Boy what a difference! Im running them at 265 40 21 front and 295 35 21 rears. They handle great they corner great. My car is tuned at 600 hp and I kid you not it puts the power down and handles it! Doing more research about these tires, I found it they are more on the summer performance side than winter performance as the rubber compound is harder yet the ride comfort is improved as well. I don’t expect to navigate through dense snow but at least I drove through 3 inches fairly well. In conclusion these are a must for those looking for a 4 season tire for high HP cars.

  17. Wanted to buy Michelin A/S3+, but they were not available in the Macan 21″ sizes. Chose these as a next best fit and have been really impressed with their grip. Turn in is of course slower than summer rubber, but feels as good as the A/S3+ tires on my other cars. Time will tell, but so far I am very pleased with these tires.

  18. Very happy with the Pirelli Scorpion Zero All Season tires (made in Rome, Georgia) as they compliment my Volvo XC60 T5 AWD Inscription (built in Sweden not the PRC). Wife says she loves the quiet smooth ride and stability on rough deteriorating California roads. They look great too! Picked up a nail near the sidewall yesterday. Had to replace one tire and the Tire Rack folks were great on the phone (barely took 10 minutes) and had my new tire on the front porch next day! Definitely recommend!

  19. Recently purchased, 550 miles on them. I have a GL550 with a renntech tune, dynoed at 590lb ft to the wheels. So far great traction in 70 degrees. I can punch it, the fronts will break loose around 35mph but I’m used to that. Great traction for an all season in the wet, cornering etc. I’ll update after more mileage. Far better than the OEM Pirelli’s or Conti DSW I had on my ML550 that was tuned.

  20. These are the second set of Perillis on this car. The first set lasted over 60k and were getting down to the wear bars, but we picked up a nail in a sidewall, so we changed all four. This set is very quiet, grip the road like glue, so far we’ve driven in dry, wet, and a light snow, these are just amazing. Can’t speak for their longevity yet, but if they are anything like the last tires, I doubt it will be an issue.

  21. I had the Pirelli Scorpion Verde tires on my 2018 XC90 and it had a terribly rough ride, even on air suspension. I live in Brooklyn NY so the city streets are horrible. Just swapped to the Pirelli Scorpion Zero All Season plus and the ride comfort is an absolute improvement. The dampening of the potholes is great. The noise is almost unnoticeable now. Highly recommend it if you live in a city with rough pavement. The car feels so pleasant to drive in the city now. Haven’t driven on snow yet but I swap to Continental Viking Contact tires on 19″ wheels anyway. Had those last winter and they’re amazing.

  22. Previously had the Continental DWS 06. They were an excellent tire but worn down after 22 k. These tires are excellent. Great traction, great in rain. This will be the first winter coming up and I am sure they will be great as previous reviewers rated them excellent in winter. Very pleased thus far.


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