Pirelli P Zero Sizes & review

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P Zero tires are Max Performance Summer tires derived from 100 years of Pirelli motorsport experience and developed for the drivers of powerful sports cars, sports coupes and high performance luxury sedans. Initially introduced as Original Equipment on the Aston Martin DB9, Audi R8, Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, Lamborghini Murcielago, Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT and Mercedes-Benz AMG vehicles, the P Zero lineup also includes select replacement tire sizes. Pirelli’s warranty does not cover tires that develop compound cracking due to use in ambient temperatures below 45° Fahrenheit (7° Celsius), so the P Zero, like all summer tires, is not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.

P Zero tires feature a special silica and carbon black tread compound that proves competent during the first few miles of driving when the tire is still cold, as well as consistent performance throughout the tire’s life. The tread compound is molded into Pirelli’s S-treme asymmetric design in which the location and width of the circumferential and lateral grooves minimize deformation to blend responsive handling, hydroplaning resistance and wet traction with dry road performance, even wear and acoustic comfort. Special nano-composites in the compound beneath the tread protect the casing from deterioration and merge sport handling with ride comfort. The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced by polyamide cord plies and an integration of nylon and aramid cord that controls tire profile deformation and stabilizes the tread area to enhance high-speed capability and handling.

Limited sizes of the P Zero are available with Pirelli Noise Cancelling System, which involves the manufacturer adhering a layer of sound-absorbing foam to the inner liner of the tire to reduce cabin noise in the vehicle. These sizes are identified on the Specs page and in the search results.


  1. These tires only last around 8000 miles so beware. They have no tire thread warranty for a reason because they run out very quickly. If money is not a issue the. Ya sure buy them and get a new pair every 8000 miles.. ¿

  2. These tires are noisy. The rears are bald after 24,000 and I drive like a little old lady. I average 21 mpg with a 560 hp engine so obviously I’m not burning rubber. A $130,000 BMW deserves better and quieter tires than these.

  3. As an auto shop repair owner specializing in European vehicles, I got mixed reviews from my clients regarding this tire, some loved the tire and some hated them. I decided to purchase a staggered set of 2353519 2753019 for a 2012 C350 coupe I had lowered in H & Rs. Car is a daily driver just like 99% of people that purchase tires. Most important to me is low tire noise, after 4 summer seasons these tires gave me zero noise! Traction was good in wet and dry as well. When I got the tires, they were already 2 years old prior to install. Not a big concern, as a shop owner this is something I understand that you cant always get fresh fresh rubber. Only down fault was that after one summer season the tires started to crack in the treads which I never really seen in Pirelli (very common in the Michelin Tire Line). All in all, I was very happy with the tires, I felt safe and confident driving at higher speeds (90-100mph range). After 4 summer seasons of driving and maybe 10k – 13k of mileage, the rear tires maybe could pull off one more season but again, the cracks are getting more aggressive. I dont care how many km I get out of a set of tires as long as they are quiet! Would purchase another set to try on a different vehicle. Will install the Michelin 4S as a replacement for these Pirellis

  4. These tires are freakin’ NOISY – particularly the rear! They came with my car new so I bought a replacement set. I should have known better. Buy Michelin only.

  5. These Pirelli P Zero were OEM when we purchased this 2014 Porsche 911 4S in December 2013. On March 8, 2019, we had approximately 54,513 miles on the car, and we had already gone through 4 sets of the rear tires (305/30ZR-20); the last set lasted only 9 months for 8,914 miles! This is the worst treadwear we had experienced since 2004 with three different Porsche 911s. Other than that, these tires are great in performance! By the way, the front tires (245/35ZR20) were OEM lasted 54,513 miles when we changed them out, not because of performance or treadwear, but because of age of the tires (more than 5 years). Now we have a set of four Michelin Pilot Sport 4S N0 (Porsche) XL, which we hope will do better in treadwear than the Pirelli.

  6. These have been great road tires. Good straight line stability. Excellent turn in. Shocking levels of lateral grip. Road noise is good. I had a set of Pilot Super Sports, and I would rank the PZeros as just slightly behind those. Wear has been good, but I have a very neutral alignment and never, ever “launch” my car.At current prices, these are a bargain; if you can get a set as they are constantly back-ordered.

  7. These are the OEM tires and at around 13K on the car, it has now been through 8 of these garbage tires. I’m used to max performance summer tires wearing quick, but this is a bit extreme. These tires do not make you feel very comfortable with the road – they don’t give you the feeling of being planted, aren’t comforting in the wet, and will leave you guessing as to when they’ll break free. As soon as I wear these last 2 out (which shouldn’t be long…), I’ll be away from these forever and will never look back.

  8. I have no idea why these drivers are only getting 12,000 miles and are showing bad wear. On my first set I got just over 20,000 miles (33,000kms). They performed spectacuarly. One of the first things I did when it rained was to see how well the grip was on an off ramp and the tires were awesome with the best grip of any tire I have ever had. The performance of the tire stuck right to the point of wearing the treads out except of course the wet grip. The wet grip got effected at around the 16,000 miles mark. Now one bad experience i have had with these tires was I bought a set of stock tire and rims still in their packaging with a complete set of wheel lugs from a dealership that were 10 years old. They lasted all of 10,000 miles before I shredded them and were sqirrelly from the get go. That’s when I was told that these tires like most performance tires actually have a shelf life that is very short. My friends Corvettes Pilot Super Sport ZP’s Just started wearing fast and felt greasy when driving after 5 years this summer. He only has 8,000 miles on them.

  9. Best tire I’ve ever had by far! They wear incredibly fast and that makes sense, because they are stickier tires that will grip with the road better. Want unbelievable performance with confidence under your feet? Then you have to pay to play. That is how it goes. So I count on having to replace my tires once a year. If the trade off for long lasting tires is safety and more importantly to a guy like me….performance, then all day long I would relinquish longevity.I’ve driven thousands of cars, I’ve owned a Viper, Vette’s and tons of muscle cars….the only other tire I’ve been exceptionally impressed with is Michelin Pilot Sport tires. Those too are really good, however if I’m looking for max performance as the title of the tire states….all day long I’m going for the Pirelli P-zero…there really isn’t a tire out there that gave me that level of confidence on the road.

  10. I bought a pair of these for my Q60 3.0t … I was excited when I got them, and it was fun until the sun went away lol these are summer tires so if you plan on using them for anything other than summer time don’t buy them. Luckily I live about a mile from my job so I don’t drive too much on these, but man. Almost spun out on the freeway during a sprinkled day doing about 50 lol smh plus once temperatures drop below 60 or anytime the tires are cold really, you might as well have on slicks. No traction at all, however during the summer time? If it’s hot? Woooo grippy for dayysssssss …. I’ve only put about 3k miles on them so haven’t seen much wear on them yet to comment on that aspect. But overall decent tire, even the all season p zero is ok , but if you’re seriously considering something like these. Go check out what Michelin has , well worth the money .

  11. I had the OEM Continentals on my S3 but suffered a blow-out at 23K miles. The three remaining tires were too worn to only replace one so I bought the P-Zero because they cost less and there was a rebate. 12k miles later I had racing slicks and had to replace 3, the fourth had just recently been replaced under road hazard replacement. 12K miles? I’m not tracking these tires and although I do drive spirited I’m not using launch control at every light. They are sticky and you will definitely notice more “sand blasting” in your wheel arches but there is no way I’ll buy these again. I have no desire to buy tires every year. Continental ContiSport Contact 5P or Michelin Pilot Sports will be next. Even my dealership was amazed at the lack of longevity.

  12. My mileage is stated for my front wheels only. The rear set was replaced around 12,500 miles. I now have 22,000 miles on the car. To put this in the simplest terms, when the car was new, I was able to brake at approximately 1.02G (sustained) but with 22,000 miles on the front set that has dropped to about 0.85G (sustained). Goes to show you how much the rubber changes as the tires wear. I have to say that with all of the Pirelli tires I have owned in the past, they all get unbearably loud as they reach end-of-life. These tires are not exception. My biggest complaint with them is how the tire performs as it reaches end-of-life. It is noticeable scarier driving my car in sunny Southern California in all CA conditions (sun, rain, temps below 55F but above 40F) so much so that I do not attempt any “fun” anymore. The traction control in the vehicle does a great job of allowing just the right amount of wheelspin during aggressive drive-off but the tires themselves have to do their portion. The car does 80% of the work these days. The worst part about the tires as they wear is that your cornering forces are significantly lowered. I have run into many instances where the tires trick the car, whether it be ABS not activating due to lack of grip or the car sliding straight while taking a corner. These tires are great for the first 75% of their life but they are not friendly during the last 25%. That could be 9,000 miles (in the case of my rear axle) or 21,000 miles (in the case of my front axle). I expected about 20,000 miles out of these tires from the factory so I got nearly what I expected, on average. I was contemplating between the Pilot 4S or the ExtremeContact next. I would happily buy another set of these if I had the money to dispose of them once I noticed the loss of grip. But I don’t have that much cash to burn so I won’t be buying another set of these and I can not recommend them.

  13. Garbage. Literally needed to be replaced after 9k miles. NINE. Heard horrible road noise from the rears and thought something seriously must be wrong w/ the Cayenne. Couldn’t be the tires I thought – they are a year old and I don’t drive that much. Nope. Took to my Porsche dealer… rears measured a 1, fronts measured 3s on the wear scale. Don’t waste your money on these.

  14. Aggressive drivers, do not compromise, get this tire. There is a reason they are OEM tires on Porsche 911s and have earned an N1 rating. If you like to launch your car from a stop and don’t want the tires to spin, get this tire. If you want absolutely perfect cornering, get this tire. If you want a tire that behaves in the rain as though it is not raining get this tire. If you’re a namby pamby driver that drives a Porsche for show and worry about replacing tires within 15k miles or road noise, don’t get this tire.

  15. Great tires in warm climates. Even when cold they have done well, and not what others have said. I’ve been caught in an unexpected snow storm and they obviously were not the best but it did fine around 40mph. You can tell the significant loss of traction at cold temps but they will do fine as long as you are not stupid and are driving normal.

  16. I’ve had Pirelli’s on previous vehicles of mine (P-ZERO NERO) and thought they drove and handled great. These tires however, except for dry road handling, are awful! I’m not talking about snow or ice, I know these are summer tires, they’ve never touched that stuff before. I’m talking about how the tire handles bumps in the road. This tire is awful, I feel my 2017 Jaguar F-Pace S drives like a Jeep Wrangler the way it rocks and bounces all over any bump. The tires also have a very disappointing tread life. I have just over 20,000 miles on them and they need to be replaced. I live in Southern California and drive 70% highway / 30% city driving. After a lot of research and speaking to a Tire Rack technician, I’m installing Continental Extreme Contact DWS 06 tires this weekend and I can’t wait!

  17. Ford Mustang GT PP, almost entirely driven on highway to and from work. The front (255/40r19) has been wearing as expected with 30k, looks fine. The rear (275/40r19) have been the worst experience I’ve ever dealt with on tires.After 12-14k, I called Pirelli to express my displeasure as the rears were completely bald. I don’t mean down to the marker, I mean there was NO tread in the center. Never did a burnout, never raced, just commuting. They offered 20% as long as I got it serviced at a dealer, which stinks because I change my own tires and could have saved the money, but whatever, they needed the tires back to inspect for abnormal treadwear. Some shops couldn’t find the tires because Pirelli bumped the part number (danger sign #1 that something was wrong in the first place). On my second set of rear, another 14k later and now the left side is close to replacement and the right side is completely bald. I must have gotten an old batch and new batch mixed in my replacement, which is danger sign #2 that Pirelli is still pushing bad tires out the door rather than scrap them. I will never buy Pirelli anything after this.Others with this tire size have all had similar experience.

  18. I have a 2017 focus st (fwd) came on the car from factory and replaced the fronts at 5,000 miles.. so I bought them again instead all 4 this time well 6,000 miles and threads showing… if your looking for a tire for performance but will last a bit these are not it.. any rain forget about traction in a front wheel drive sports car

  19. So far I’ve had 2-track days, and 1.5 summers on these tires. Traction is excellent both at the track and on the road. I had the Conti summer tires before this set, which had tremendous wet and dry traction, but poor cornering stability and felt bouncy. I like the P Zero’s better overall. As would be expected, the difference in grip between the P Zero Nero a/s and the P Zero summer tires is night and day. I don’t particularly like the Nero (even during the winter), but this tire is excellent. Although, these are this OEM summer tire for my vehicle, I purchased the Bentley edition, which are 4 lbs. lighter per tire, and may help track performance. I can’t speak to tire longevity but my current set is still going strong despite some track use.

  20. I bought a pair of these in July of 18. I then swapped to my winter tires in November and back to these with another new pair in May of 19. It’s now August 1st of 2019 and my front tires are 3/4 or more worn out. Treadwear indicators are getting close. I emailed Pirelli since I have about 15-20k miles on these when you subtract the winter driving. I can’t believe they would make a tire that wears out in less than 25k miles. However, they do, and they make no apologies for it. They then have the AUDACITY to suggest you buy a different tire from them. Here was their response when I emailed them describing the situation:Thanks for reaching out so we can explain that the performance compound on the P Zero is not backed with mileage coverage.

  21. I drive aggressively, but not crazy. These tires held up really well and performed beyond expectations. I got 19″ for the comfort factor and I’m glad I did after driving my brother in law’s Cayman S with 20″ wheels and sports package. They were not cushy but made the potholes bearable. They were loud at high speed, but around town I didn’t notice a lot of noise. I got way more mileage than I expected from them. I did have some problems keeping the air in them at first, but after they seated well, I had no problems. I would highly recommend for the south Florida heat and rain!

  22. I have owned 17 cars, and driven almost every size and brand of tire on the planet, and these are some of the worst tires I have ever owned. If it is the perfect day, and you are going in a straight line, then they are a good tire. They do not hold well in turns, they make noise or “chunk” when making slow turns, and even in mild rain they feel like ice skates on the road. I would not pay $50 for a new set of these, save your money and go with another option

  23. I got these tires with my performance pack ecoboost and the tires worked while in dry condition I wouldn’t say they are the best. In the rain they are horrible, all the reviews say good traction in dry and wet. This wasn’t true in my case as the tires keep losing traction when giving little throttle and ended up completely hydroplaning. After this incident I quickly took off the tires and nittos since Michelin didn’t have super sports available.

  24. I have over 20,000 Miles of experience on these N spec Porsche P Zeros through multiple sets. I have also over ten years of track day experience; while certainly not a pro I know what a good street tire is. As a point of reference this review is based solely on combined highway and city driving, in wet and dry conditions. On dry roads these tires do get the job done well enough to keep them if they came with the car. Under wet conditions, I would use two words to describe these tires; nervous and potentially unpredictable as they begin to wear. On roads with less then ideal surfaces, like I95 in Florida in various states of disrepair these tires are horrifyingly bad. I have switched to N spec Michelins Performance tires, and the difference is night and day. If you enjoy the occasional spirited drive and are in an area with frequent rain, I urge you to switch out your rubber. The first generation of Super Sport also outperformed Pirelli’s R comp Corsa tire. Which begs the question, has Pirelli ever really made a good tire??

  25. Bought these to use for a track day and with the intent on using them for daily driving after their track stint. What I didn’t know was how well they would do at the track day- to my surprise they had very good grip, great response, predictable characteristics and wouldn’t get greasy. They did so well I used them at a second track event and pushed them harder. Lots of feedback at their limit and would finally fade a bit after 20 minutes of hard lapping. Using them on the street now and they are quiet, comfortable and feel like a sophisticated tire. Not bad for a tire design that has been out for years!

  26. Bought my 17 Ecoboost Mustang PP New with these tires being factory equipment.Drove the car back in forth to work for the 2000 mile recommend break in period and then straight to Track. Have put a estimated 400 plus Laps on them. At VIR / NCCAR. I’m new to HPD track days but these tires never made me feel uncomfortable going into turns or at full throttle down the straights or bouncing off the bumper’s.A race slick would be better I’m shure but these events run rain or shine. I would comfortly say there the next best thing. Some cupping on top but not bad considering the punishment I’ve put them through in the summer heat at the track.They have a new tire coming that’s street legal but geared more for Track Days.I’m excited!

  27. Excellent summer dry performance tire. Sticks to the road like glue, excellent for cornering, confidence when pushing performance of car. My SUV is heavy and high powered and these tires are very very good for dry summer driving. However there are some down sides, the compound is very soft which allows for great grip but because of this the tires wear quickly. In wet they are just about average but I do feel they are a bit more slippy than conventional tires. They are low profile and with soft compound I have cracked my rims on city potholes.Tire wall also damaged from hitting kerb by accident as they are so soft. Excellent performance tire, be aware they are soft and wear quickly.

  28. Our 2019 SQ5 is neither being driven hard nor is it particularly heavy. I really like the performance, but tire wear is terrible. at 12,500 I see I will need new tires. Wear bars will be surfacing at 13,000. We like the performance, but very disappointed in the miles/tire. Especially at this price!

  29. They are softer than other brands and wear faster, BUT I achieved a better braking distance allowing me to break deeper into turns. So depending on how much you drive, how ambitious you drive, as well as where you driving, these tires can provide you with a whole lot of fun and CONFIDENCE in your grip on the road with improved braking. Well, that’s my 2 cents!


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