Michelin Latitude Diamaris Sizes & review


The Latitude Diamaris is Michelin’s Street/Sport Truck Summer tire that provides their highest level of wet and dry traction for luxury sport utility vehicles. Used as Original Equipment on the Range Rover HSE, the Latitude Diamaris will become available in the large rim diameter sizes appropriate for other light trucks.

The Latitude Diamaris molds a wet weather tread compound into an asymmetric tread design that features large outer shoulder blocks contributing to steering response and cornering confidence. A continuous center rib enhances steering precision and high-speed stability while two wide, circumferential and multiple lateral grooves channel water to reduce the possibility of hydroplaning. The tire’s internal structure includes two high-tensile steel belts reinforced by Michelin’s BAZ technology (spiral wrapped nylon Banded At Zero degrees to tire rotation) to enhance stability at high speeds while improving tire uniformity and reducing weight to ensure even ride quality.

Max. Inflation PressureTread DepthTire WeightRim Width RangeMeas. Rim WidthSect. WidthTread WidthOverall Diam.Revs. Per Mile
220 AA A1,929 lbs51 psi10/32"35 lbs7-9"8"10.9"9.1"29.5"705
220 AA A1,874 lbs51 psi10/32"33 lbs9-11"9.5"11"9.6"28.7"724


  1. I slapped these tires on my lowered and supercharged 02 Silverado and never looked back. Handling, dry takeoffs, wet roads, this tire handles it all with ease. I never thought that a tire could make such a HUGE difference in handling…I thought a little, but never this much. I’m thoroughly pleased with the performance of these tires.

  2. This is an outstanding tire. On the Range Rover Sport on 20″ wheels it helps create a ride that is both remarkably quiet and comfortable yet stunningly grippy on normal pavement conditions. I’ve enjoyed driving this car/tire combination so much that I have hardly put any miles on my Porsche 911 4S since buying the Range Rover. I have not driven the Range Rover with any other tires so it is difficult to compare apples to apples but I do have a fair amount of experience with high performance vehicles and tires. It is hard for me imagine that there is a better tire out there for the Range Rover Sport. Love it and would absolutely buy it again whenever the current tires wear out.

  3. I’ve had three sets of these on my X5 over the years… I’ve tried others and they just don’t stand up to the Diamaris. My vehicle has a lot of extra horsepower (550 hp due to an aftermarket supercharger and other mods) so the traction is very important. These tires deliver.

  4. These came as OE on both my BMW X5 2003 4.4i and 2006 4.8is. Admittedly they have excellent dry performance, good wet performance but are a bit on the noisy side with a comfort level only slightly better than RFT’s. Take note that the tread wear rating is only 220… for good reason, you’ll be replacing them VERY, VERY quickly. Save yourself around 35 – 40% and give the Continental Extreme Contact DWS tires a spin. They have great reviews, a tread wear rating of 540 and include a Mfr Road Hazard Warranty.

  5. some actual information about the tires and their characteristics would be much more helpful than these people bragging about their multiple vehicles and rated hprsepower of each! (I hardly drive my Porsche now… has nothing to do with the tires!)

  6. This has been a great tire. 32,500 miles and down to the wear indicators. I drive combination of city/highway and never had an issue with these tires. Handling is very good, considering they are on a heavy range rover. Been off road quite a bit, but never in very severe conditions and never had an issue. Very little snow/ice so can’t say much about that. Because they have been so good, will most likely put these tires back on next time.

  7. Tires came out of the block responsive and quiet. After 5000 miles the rears are gone and the road noise from all 4 is excessive.For what I paid I expected better.


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