Michelin 4×4 Diamaris Sizes & review


The 4×4 Diamaris is Michelin’s Street/Sport Truck Summer tire that provides their highest level of wet and dry traction for luxury sport utility vehicles. Used as original equipment on the BMW X5 4.6is, Porsche Cayenne S and Cayenne Turbo, the 4×4 Diamaris is also available in the large rim diameter sizes appropriate for other light trucks.

The 4×4 Diamaris molds a wet weather tread compound into an asymmetric tread design that features large outer shoulder blocks contributing to steering response and cornering confidence. A continuous center rib enhances steering precision and high-speed stability while two wide, circumferential and multiple lateral grooves channel water to reduce the possibility of hydroplaning. The tire’s internal structure includes two high-tensile steel belts reinforced by Michelin’s BAZ technology (spiral wrapped nylon Banded At Zero degrees to tire rotation) to enhance stability at high speeds while improving tire uniformity and reducing weight to ensure even ride quality.

Max. Inflation PressureTread DepthTire WeightRim Width RangeMeas. Rim WidthSect. WidthTread WidthOverall Diam.Revs. Per Mile
220 AA A2,205 lbs50 psi10/32"31 lbs6.5-8.5"7"9.4"NA29.1"715
220 AA A2,094 lbs50 psi10/32"32 lbs9-11"9.5"11"NA28.8"724
220 AA A2,094 lbs50 psi10/32"32 lbs9-11"9.5"11"NA28.8"724


  1. These tires are OEM. Had to have them road force balanced due to out of roundness from day one. Ended up having steering shimmy because of this. Dealer put “best” two on front of vehicle to minimize issues. Cannot rotate tires becasue the out of roundness issue and the shimmy it causes. These tires are way too noisy, especially for the cost. I have dedicated Michelin snow tires for this vehicle I bought at Tire Rack and I prefer them in every catagory; especially for ride confort and quietness. When these OEM summer tires need to be replaced, I will go with another tire eventhough I have bought Michelins many times in the past.

  2. Bought this tire as a summer tire (I have snow tires for winter) and I was only able to get 1.5 seasons from them. I’m very disappointed in the tire wear. Also, when these tires get close to the wear bars, they become very noisy. I would not buy these again.

  3. 4×4 Diamaris original from factory. Fronts are 245/50. Second set coming up on 40K for replacement with same. With 80K on two sets I have no gripes. I am agressive in style (less so in road manners) and make spirited light departures, push the corners and am easy on braking with engine assist….great in Sport Mode with this tranny. Wet weather handling is excellent also. Comfortable and quiet til after 30K or so and that might have been avoided with a bal and align check at 20-25K as the uneven sizes prevent rotation. I’ll buy the third set Latitudes shortly.

  4. These tires look great on the rims & initially perform well! Then they all progressively have worn down near the tread bars at around the 8,000 mile mark along with increased front end vibration at 70+mph highway speeds. Overall I might get another 2-3,000 miles (10-11,000 miles Total)if I am lucky! I Have always maintained the air pressure,alignment and driven carefully knowing that they are lower treadwear tires but this is finally enough. This has been a poor decision on my part to have stayed with the Michelin OEM Porsche tires. The original set were replaced by the dealer at 717 miles (No Cost) due to vibration. I am Starting to shop now for a quality replacement tire before these current ones wear out again. Other reviews indicate that they have worned/performed well on the BMW SUV’s but I believe they are way too soft for the heavier Porsche SUV. If my 911-4S went through tires like this I would be in the Poor House! If someone has had better tread life out of another brand for Porsche Turbos please comment. The last thing to mention is that this is the 4th set of 4×4 Diamaris Michelin’s on the original vehicle mileage of 43,468! I know- Loyal and Stupid on my part! Not anymore! Do not buy these tires for Porsche Cayenne’s unless you want to replace them every 10,000-11,000 miles at best.

  5. I have been through two sets of the 4×4 Diamaris and have been disappointed. I run a different tire and rim in the winter time…highly recommend the Pirelli ice/tire for snow. Regarding the Diamaris: The wear life is terrible, the wet traction stinks…darn near dangerous when the tread depth is lower, unless you are doing laps at the track…the firmness of ride is overkill. Oh yeah, they are not quiet on the highway and they shimmy like heck when the tread gets low. Try the Michelin Lat. HP V rated …just got a refit with these tire and love them.

  6. I bought these tires as an OEM replacement shortly after I bought my used BMW X5. Though the car handles great on dry pavement, wet conditions (or anything slightly resembling ice or snow) are more problematic. The tires are loud at highway speeds, and I’ve noticed a breakdown of the sidewalls (which is why I’m replacing them now.) After reading other reviews, I guess I should be ecstatic that I got over 30k miles on these tires, but even then I’ve been disappointed by the treadwear. To me, these are an average tire for an above average price. I wish goodyear made sizes to fit my car!

  7. 285/45 19 rear, 255/60 19 front. First set from factory replaced at 40K, second set installed by Goodyear Center with alignment….got noisy, cupped, wore quickly and, to their great credit, Goodyear replaced at 60K (20K on tires) for half price of my original ticket (half wear of originals)and an alignment credit. I then had the alignment done by the BMW dealer. That set is just shy of 40K and I’m preparing to install the third set. I think the key to good wear is heavily dependent on a true balance.This is a 2005 4.4i Sport Premium and a very spirited driver. I found the X5 to be a delight in most every respect and the 4×4 DIAMARIS, the perfect shoes for it. I have driven 90K before passing the X5 to my wife. Long trips, twisties of TN and NC, on/off ramps or city driving; all with inspiring performance of vehicle and tires. I have owned 14 BMWs including a 540i Sedan and would say that the handling of the X5 with the Diamaris is surprising similar…..not a 335 or M3, but awsome for an SUV/Crossover.I am buying a third set, fully expect another 40K and would highly recommend to anyone. Just make sure that you have a virtually perfect ALIGNMENT.I have purchased numerous sets of tires over the past 20+ years from TireRack and always enjoyed a pleasant experience.


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