Hankook Dynapro HT RH12 Sizes & review

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The Dynapro HT (RH12) is Hankook’s premium Highway All-Season tire developed for the drivers of vans, pickups and sport utility vehicles. Dynapro HT tires are designed to combine long treadwear, good ride comfort and all-season traction, even in light snow.

Dynapro HT tires feature a computer generated symmetric tread design that promotes even wear, low noise and all-season traction. Stable shoulders aid steering response while lateral notches increase traction in wet and wintry conditions. Independent intermediate tread blocks feature an interlocking geometry that allows them to generate traction in rain and snow while preserving block stability for handling. A high-stiffness continuous center rib enhances steering response and straight-line tracking. Four circumferential grooves help channel water to resist hydroplaning and help maintain wet traction, while zigzag sipes located across the tread design increase the number of biting edges to improve wintertime traction.


  1. These were on my 2014 Ram when I bought it used. Seemed like decent tires until winter hit. Even in 4WD I have trouble getting through a couple inches of fresh snow. Snow and Ice traction is terrible. Would be a great highway/summer tire, but winter lasts a long time where I live now and these will be coming off very soon

  2. I tow a 10K trailer a quarter of my miles and these Hankooks performed great. Considering most other truck tires I have tried wear out here in Texas around 25-30k, these did great, am buying again.

  3. Bought a set for my 2015 Tacoma. Truck came with a set of Maxxis tires. These ride much smoother. Great ride. Tires do not slip in the rain. Very quiet. They work well for my driving style and needs. All in all happy with my purchase. Report back after a few thousand miles but first impression is very good.

  4. Ditched Bridgestone Deuler after 40,000 miles and got Hankook Dynapro HT. this is more of summer tire i guess, much better than Bridgestone that i had before, much softer and great traction. its bang for the bucks and i will probably buy them again 🙂

  5. These tires are awful. I have never had the need to replace tires that were pretty much new. The tendency to hydroplane is pretty bad. Light rain and wet roads aren’t a problem , but a hard to steady rain turns these tires into a handful quickly. Had a situation where I was getting pulled off the road due to extreme hydroplaning on the front right and rear right tire. It took me by surprise because at that point there wasn’t a ton of rain on the road. I was able to slow down and steer out of it , but this was after an afternoon of hitting puddles and having the steering wheel jerk pretty hard. The next day I ordered a set of Michelin Premier LTX’s from Tire Rack. The Michelin is a good tire i have it on another vehicle. I had a set of Dyna Pro’s on a 2015 F-150 that were pretty good, this seems to be a different pattern/build for the Expedition. I’ve had some other Hankook tires that were pretty good as well , but i definitely would not recommend this model.


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