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The Dynapro AT2 (RF11) is Hankook’s On-/Off-Road All-Terrain tire developed for drivers of pickup trucks, Jeeps, work vans and full-size SUVs who are looking for a satisfying blend of all-around performance. Designed to provide durability and versatility in varying surface conditions, the Dynapro AT2 combines off-road prowess, dry and wet traction, and the confident light snow traction that comes from being marked with the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol.

The tread compound of the Dynapro AT2 was specifically formulated to improve fuel economy and provide cut- and chip-resistance on rough surfaces. Rigid tie bars in the shoulders help stabilize the tread blocks for improved ride comfort and dry handling, and the stepped block edges reduce airborne noise emanating from the symmetric tread pattern. High-dispersible silica in the tread compound enhances grip in wet conditions, and the open shoulders and wide grooves help evacuate water from the contact patch to resist hydroplaning. Multi-directional grooves and sipes are arranged to find traction in any direction, while the independent tread blocks feature extra biting edges for grip off-road and in snow.

A durable, three-ply casing helps resist punctures and damage during off-road use. The wide footprint is computer modeled for more even distribution of pressure, aiding tread life and even wear. Two high-strength, steel belts are reinforced with two nylon cap plies to further aid durability and high-speed capability.

Note: While non-winter tires featuring the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol provide additional longitudinal snow traction beyond what all-season (M+S) tires not bearing the symbol can deliver, they do not match the capability of a true winter tire in all adverse weather conditions.

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  1. Swapped out my 18MY F150 Platinum with the DynaPro ATM A/T tires (had 27,000 miles on it) for a 19MY F150 Platinum with these DynaPro AT2 tires. This tire is very tame versus the DynaPro ATM. It is night and day better tire for road noise, ride, handling, and overall comfort. It might get 0.1 MPG better too. However, it looks super weak for an A/T tire. I hate the look on my FX4 and would not buy this tire again. If this tire can really pass for an A/T, it must just squeak over the threshold. The AT2 is much closer looking to an A/S tire.

  2. I put these on my 1965 Ford F100, it is a hot rod and I loved the look of these tires, I bought some nice American Outlaw Rims, put spacers on etc. Then dropped in a High HP and bored out 351W with a heavy duty C6 transmission. So it is a nice high horse power torque motor, anyway I thought I would be able to completely roast these tires off but I was wrong, they get great traction and handle so well that I have actually started driving faster in the vehicle and I don’t want to burn the tires bcs they are so good I want them to last. I’ve driven them in heavy rains coming to and from car shows and getting accidentally caught in the rain when out for drives and they perform flawlessly. They will pick up rocks in the tread (like all off road tires) and throw them, but that is the only problem I have with these tires. They exceeded my expectations by several fold. I have been recommending them for months. Han-KOOK, the crazy Korean tires.

  3. I bought these to replace my Grabber AT2. I ran 2 sets of those and they performed great. Only complaint was road noise and gas mileage, so I was looking for smthg a little more every day friendly. Tire dealer talked me into these “new desgin” tires. Not really impressed. They are weak looking for an AT tire. Dry pavement is pretty decent, road noise is great and mileage came up, BUT…. I would not go “off road” anything in these tires. I punched it on gravel and my truck busted loose and spun everywhere. The grabbers would spin, but they would hook and go. Same story for wet pavement. They also hang on to and sling rocks for miles down the road. I’m sure the people behind you will not like you very well. My opinion there are better choices out there. I’m not very satisfied with my purchase. I will probably be returning to the dealer to trade them in for something different. By they way, they do NOT have any staggered lugs on the side at all. Better than factory? Maybe a slight touch. Not what I would call a capable AT tire.

  4. This is my second set of Dynapro AT’s. The first set I hated, they were the old style, and made my F-350 feel like I was driving on grease. Very squirrely. I since purchased new truck with “other” tires, I thought they were good, My tire dealer convinced me to replace with the “NEW” Dynapro AT2. So far very happy. Ride is substantially better than OE, handling seems at least as good, Fuel mileage, How do you measure on a one ton truck? I have driven it in snow, however, during winter I have dedicated snow tires, so not a lot of experience there. Havn’t seen real heavy rain yet, and it is a one ton 4×4 truck. It corners like one, no mater what tire it has. Although these tires feel good and give me confidence, however, I am comparing them to warn out OE tires or dedicated Mud and Snow tire. So far, I like the tire and would purchase again. Now must wait and see how they perform over time.


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