Fuzion SUV Sizes & review

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The Fuzion SUV is the Fuzion brand’s Highway All-Season tire developed for the drivers of crossovers, sport utility vehicles, full-size vans and light duty pickup trucks. It is designed to combine much of a passenger tire’s quiet comfort and a light truck tire’s good looks with all-season traction, even in light snow.

The Fuzion SUV’s tread rubber is compounded to blend good wear with dry, wet and wintertime traction. This compound is molded into a symmetric tread design featuring tie-barred shoulders for on-road handling, independent intermediate blocks for foul-weather traction and a continuous center rib for straight-line tracking. Four circumferential grooves channel water to enhance wet traction while sculptured block edges and sipes increase the number of biting edges to generate traction in light snow.

The Fuzion SUV’s internal construction includes twin steel belts reinforced with spirally wrapped nylon for strength and durability. Fuzion SUV tires feature a polyester cord casing to enhance ride quality and Rim Guard rubber ridges on their lower sidewalls to function as bumpers to help protect wheels from curb damage.


  1. These are extremely noisy tires on the highway and in the city. I get a harsh howling noise starting at 35-40mph and it continues on to 65mph and above. If you don’t mind the noise, then go ahead and buy them. They get good traction in any weather conditions and they have good grip when turning. I’ve also experienced sidewall gashes on 2 tires. I wouldn’t recommend them.

  2. Bought a full set of these Fuzion tires for my 2006 Chevrolet Silverado Crew Cab 2 wheel drive to replace some Firestone Destinations. Had two outer tie rods replaced and a front end alignment done at the same time. New shocks all the way around, new driveshaft u-joints, new rotors all around, and two new front wheel hub assemblies and still shaking. Once they warmed up, they’d vibrate and shake the whole truck. Took the truck to a different tire dealer and they could not get the tires to balance, but when I took it back to where I bought them they claimed that they were fine…which they were not. Tires never would completely balance correctly for a smooth ride. The wore out Firestone tires rode better. Do not buy these tires just because they are a good bargain price and look good. Spend more for a better quality ride. I will not buy another set of Fuzion tires again. Buyer beware.

  3. I know a Geo Tracker is not a good vehicle for a tire rating, so keep in mind what these tires are installed on. First, they wear like iron. After several years of driving, the tread has worn very little. Road noise? How can you calculate this in this car? I seems anyway, to be almost negligible. Wet traction? I have none. When it rains I avoid using the car. After a couple of unpleasant unexpected spinouts, I avoid wet pavement. Snow traction, even in direct 4 wheel drive, is almost non-existant. Hard pack snow driving is terrifying. No traction at all, especially braking. Stepping on the brake pedal results in all 4 wheels stopping, and the car not slowing down. My main complaint is however, only one of the 5 tires is round. The other 4 are so egg-shaped, they could not be balanced when new. I am really not complaining, the car is a handful to drive no matter what, and requires your undivided attention at all times,and the tires were cheap, so I didn’t expect much. The out of roundness however kind of makes me not recommend these tires.

  4. Easily the worst tires I’ve ever purchased. The road noise that comes off of them is very loud. I’ll never go cheap on tires again

  5. Worst performing tire I’ve ever had. Tread wear is fantastic but that ends up being a negative because it’s hard to justify spending money on replacing tires with good tread left. Terrible tires.

  6. I live in Central Mexico so lots of cobblestones, topes, rocks, and dirt. No snow ever. Tracker is actually a 2007 although not a year choice available on the chart because Trackers were only in USA until 2004. Made in Argentina for the markets in Latin America until 2008. Great value, great traction wet or dry, and really durable.against cuts and sidewall damage. That is huge here in Mexico. Ditched a set of Coopers and no regrets.


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