Fuzion A/T Sizes & review

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The Fuzion A/T On-/Off-Road All-Terrain tire is designed to meet the needs of pickup truck, Jeep and sport utility vehicle drivers looking for a rugged appearance and traction in a variety of conditions.

With an open, high-void tread pattern and independent tread blocks, the Fuzion A/T features the tools needed to claw through loose surfaces in search of grip. A squared-off and aggressive-looking open shoulder design, combined with the simple sidewall styling, demonstrate the A/T’s focus on function. Winter traction is aided by siping within the tread blocks that create additional biting edges for improved grip.

Internal construction of the Fuzion A/T consists of two wide, steel belts beneath a spirally wound nylon reinforcement for added stability. The body casing features two polyester plies to balance durability and ride comfort.


  1. DO NOT BUY THIS TIRE! That being said, it is hand’s down the worst tire ever. I have a ’98 4Runner that is a beast in any condition. When my Firestone LE’s wore out, the budget was tight so I bought these. The tread looked like it would be ok. It’s not. I live in Vermont, it snows and rains here. In the winter, I have never had to engage the 4WD so often as with these tires. If there’s just a little snow, it’s 4WD. Ridiculous. Rain and or puddles are equally laughable. I don’t know where these tires would perform well, other than maybe Phoenix, and you stay home when it rains. They are a little noisy but that kind of thing doesn’t bug me much. I can’t wait for them to wear out so I can go back to the Firestone’s and keep my already bad on gas vehicle out of 4WD.


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