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Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D Performance Winter / Snow tires were developed for sports cars, coupes and sedans that come from the factory equipped with low profile tires mounted on large diameter alloy wheels. Designed to perform in cold winter temperatures, SP Winter Sport 4D tires provide traction on dry, wet, slushy and snow-covered roads.

SP Winter Sport 4D tires utilize a motorsport derived silica-plus tread compound that delivers high levels of grip, particularly on wet roads and in low temperatures. This compound is molded into a directional tread design featuring long V-shaped grooves that help resist hydroplaning to maintain good traction on wet and slush-covered roads. Dunlop’s 4D Sipe System combines their 3D sipe technology with transverse sipes to create independent micro-blocks that generate better footprint pressure distribution to enhance snow handling and cornering grip.

The SP Winter Sport 4D tire’s structure includes twin steel belts reinforced by Dunlop’s JointLess Band (JLB) to optimize the contact patch shape and minimize deformation at high speed.

Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D winter / snow radials meet the industry’s severe snow service requirements and are branded with the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) symbol.

Install Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D tires in sets of four only.

Do not mix radial winter / snow tires with tires of other construction, size, ply rating or pattern type. Dunlop highly recommends fitment of four winter / snow tires of the same type and rating for optimum mud and snow traction as well as to maintain vehicle handling characteristics.


  1. I purchased a winter tire package with these tires in September 2018. I put them on around the week before thanksgiving. From the very start the tires had a bad vibration. Went and had them rebalanced which did not get rid of the vibration. Returned and got another set of the same tires. New tires had the same bad vibration. Waiting from a reply on where to go from here on this situation with these tires. So from my experience so far with 2 sets of these tires is not good.

  2. As a life long Upstate New York resident, I have always been a fan of buying “true” snow tires. I deal with highway, hills, dirt roads, city roads, just about every combination of surface you can encounter. I purchased these in the Fall of 2015 for my “new to me” 2010 Jetta 5 speed. At the time, these were a new tire from Dunlop and very little information was available on them, so in my mind it was risky business. I was lured in with great cash rebates and reviews of the older D3 tires. I was also sold by the description, a winter tire designed for the black top, because hey, most of the winter it’s dry, right? Oh was I disappointed.These are fancy all season tires and calling them snow tires seems insulting. They are made of incredibly stiff rubber, which is the opposite of what you want in the snow. Unfortunately, that first winter we had virtually no snow, only 12 inches for the ENTIRE year, so I sailed by without a worry in the world. Enter 2016, and a move to Ithaca NY (very hilly). We immediately began getting dumped on, but thankfully I had my trust Dunlops ready to go! Well, the first 1-2 inches these felt fine, just a little spin on take off. But as the snow built, they totally fell apart. 3-4 inches, I had to maintain high RPMs and turn off traction control to have any resemblance of traction. At 6 inches, my only chance was staying on flat roads,and even there traction was almost nonexistent. Beyond 6? Forget it, you’re staying home.Pros are GREAT wet/rain traction, great dry traction, awesome handling, and long wear life. Cons are terrible snow traction, nonexistent ice traction, LOUD after a few thousand miles.Summary – These might be decent on a HEAVY, 4WD/AWD vehicle, but if you’re running a FWD car (especially a Jetta like me) LOOK ELSEWHERE. I’m going to use these for my summer tires (great wet traction) next year and buying Blizzaks this year for the snow like I should have in 2015.

  3. These tires meet my expectations. I wanted winter tires that would respond well in dry or light snow conditions as I mainly drive on plowed streets and the OEM tires are terrible in cold weather. These far outperform the OEM all-seasons in the cold (dry or wet) conditions. In deeper snow, they are better than the OEM tires. If you will be driving in a few inches of snow often, you may want to look elsewhere. As far as road noise goes, they seem to be quieter than the OEM tires. I can also feel the road more (bumps and rough spots) with these tires, but it’s a small trade off to have proper tires for winter. As far as road noise goes, they seem to be quieter than the OEM tires. I would recommend these for anyone who drives on dry or lightly covered roads in winter.

  4. I use these year round here in Norther Michigan and in Massachusetts. Wish they still hade the run flat version, maybe that was in 3D, not sure why they don’t have them. Anyway, this tire is a brilliant and essentially year round friend. Very quiet and smooth all seasons with performance both for higher speeds, snow and ice, wet and dry. Off street as you would consider in normal life Norway. Fuel mileage as good as standard tires. Excellent value. All above may be dependant on driving skills.

  5. I put these on my new 2016 Impreza (16×7 Moda rims) and so far they have been excellent in the couple of storms we’ve had in Denver. I’ve driven them out in the Summit county mountains over completely snow covered passes and they performed perfectly without hesitation. I was mainly concerned with noise and comfort and these perform as well if not better in that regard than the stock Yokohama Avids. The only shortfall I’ve had noticed is lateral grip on light snow – you will slide if you make a fast left turn at 15-20 mph (the Subaru handles this case like a champ though, you still have control and the car stays aimed in a predictable manner – other cars might not fair so well.) Compared to the Goodyear Triple Treads I have on our Town and Country (which still perform better than stock) these are a dream. I could see buying these again but might also give the Blizzak WS80 a chance as they are priced the same and may have better lateral performance.

  6. Tires are good. Have a nice look to them. Good for when the weather gets below 40. Wanted something performance wise because we don¿t see a ton of snow here and wanted a nice ride on dry roads below freezing. Very impressive in the rain. Drove in snow covered roads doing about 40-50mph no problem on straightaways. So far it¿s been solid for the money. Always feel good behind the wheel when things get dicey outside. Obviously wouldn¿t recommend using these a lot in temps ranging from 45 degrees Fahrenheit and higher. Ride won¿t be as firm as the tires start to get too soft.


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