Dunlop SP Sport 7000 A/S Sizes & review

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The SP Sport 7000 A/S is one of Dunlop’s High Performance All-Season radials developed for Original Equipment use on sporty sedans. The SP Sport 7000 A/S is designed to combine low noise, good ride comfort and dependable handling while blending traction on dry and wet roads, as well as in light snow.

The SP Sport 7000 A/S molds an all-season tread compound into an asymmetric design that features independent tread blocks on the outboard shoulder, nearly continuous intermediate and center ribs, and siped independent tread blocks in the inboard shoulder to combine dry road responsiveness with highway stability and low noise. Circumferential grooves and lateral notches help water flow through the tread design to enhance hydroplaning resistance and wet traction. The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced by Dunlop’s Jointless Band (JLB) technology that uses spirally wound polyester or nylon cord (depending on tire size and application) on top of a polyester cord casing to combine high-speed durability with a comfortable ride.


  1. Came stock on my brand new Nissan Altima and they are awful. Don’t plan on driving anywhere with any snow on the ground. I’ve lived and driven in upstate NY my entire life and these are by far the worst handling tires I’ve ever had in the snow. Very sad that I am considering buying new tires with only 12,000 miles on these. I’ve read other reviews about the tread wear being awful too. DO NOT BUY.

  2. These came standard on an Infiniti QX50 that we bought just prior to last winter. I grew up driving real and front-wheel drive cars in the snow, so I’ve been trained well. The first time I felt the back end slip out while cornering carefully in snow, I was concerned. By the third time this happened, I literally double-checked to make sure that we weren’t given the RWD version of this car. Then I checked the TR reviews for the tires — the reviews are spot on: this tire is really dangerous in the snow. They’re getting replaced before another winter goes by.

  3. An unimpressive tire, particularly the treadwear. My wife is a very average driver, and these tires only have 4/32 of tread left after 26000 miles. Performance is generally average in most respects, slightly below average in wet traction and snow performance.One tire has developed a slow leak on the wheel, apparently not uncommon for this tire. Would never buy again, and are replacing with a different brand and type.

  4. Tires were good new, but only lasted 30K miles, less than two years. Have them on my 2013 Toyota Sienna mini van that sees mostly highway travel. All driving was light and never abused these tires. Need a new set and will never go with Dunlop again.

  5. first set i drove for 44000 miles.second set prematurely wore out due to my stupidity at 30K miles.Third set last me about 35K miles, too many city miles.The only complaint is road noise.


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