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The Sport Maxx RT (inspired by Racing Technology) is Dunlop’s Max Performance Summer road tire developed for the drivers of sports cars, sporty coupes and high performance sedans. Dunlop Racing Technology combines sophisticated tire materials and manufacturing techniques to enhance road feedback and driving precision. Like all summer tires, the Sport Maxx RT is not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.

Sport Maxx RT tires feature adaptive compound technology that uses motorsports derived polymers to allow its silica-plus tread rubber to adapt to the textures of the road surface, maximizing road contact and increasing grip. This compound is molded into an asymmetric design that features large outboard shoulder blocks tied to a notched intermediate rib that enhances dry road responsiveness and cornering control. A continuous center rib and notched inboard intermediate and shoulder ribs are separated by wide circumferential grooves to resist hydroplaning and enhance wet traction. Dunlop Multi-Radius-Tread Technology distributes footprint pressure effectively across the tire and allows the footprint shape to change more smoothly as it moves from a straight to a curve, leading to better control and more precise driving.

The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced by Dunlop’s JointLess Band (JLB) spirally wound cord to provide high-speed durability and enhance ride uniformity.

Limited sizes of the Sport Maxx RT are available with Dunlop’s Noise Shield Technology, which involves the manufacturer adhering a layer of sound-absorbing foam to the inner liner of the tire to reduce cabin noise in the vehicle. These sizes are identified on the Specs page and in the search results.


  1. Took these bad boys to the track as well as 30000 miles on the street. Still has good tread depth in the center, but the shoulders are going out due to factor camber specs (-1.5 in the rear)Honestly, these tires grip alright, but they are very predictable. I’ve been able to do decent speeds on the highway during heavy rains whilst still maintaining traction as well . Great tire for the hydroplaning resistance IMO. Never had an issue with wet launching the car as well at factory power, but I wet cornering is definitely scary. A lot of understeer if you’re not watching the conditions. Dry traction on the track is great. Put down respectable times on stock rubber and the tires were very predictable. Spirited canyon runs, never had an issue, and was able to always correct if I cooked a turn. Daily driving, the tires are great comfort wise. STI’s are known for stiff suspension, but I rode these tires from Cali to Texas and back. Really comfortable. My only derogatory mark against these tires is the fact that they are SUPER noisy. I can hear everything on the road, but otherwise this is a great tire for daily driving with the occasional spirited drive. Just wish the wear pattern wasn’t so bad with my stock suspension setup. Could have gotten a lot more miles out of them.

  2. Came stock on my 17 WRX base. Why would Subaru put a summer tire on a car ment for off road and winter conditions is beyond me… If it doesn’t get below 50 degrees where you are this is a good tire… If you see temps below 50 life will —-. It doesn’t even have to be wet or icy after 50 degrees this tire doesn’t want to do anything.

  3. Mostly used on the racetrack, though I did drive around a bit with them as well. Came on my WRX STI. Pretty good grip, excellent roadfeel and sidewall stiffness, but incredibly loud. Lots of road noise, and lots of squealing near the limit too. Not the greatest tire lifetime either, but as a pure track tire, it’s not the worst choice I guess. I’d probably get the Pilot Sport 4S over this though as a summer tire.

  4. Great if you run street or on a track in dry and wet conditions. Of course horrible with ice/snow. The tread life is very short but they do hold up to nails and road debris very well. Nail in one of the tires for months and still held pressure the whole time. Not very practical on a “rally”experimental, but i think this is to widen the consumer market. Overall not too happy with the tires, I only say this because I am more traditional and like the rally part of the WRX and not the street/show car version of it.

  5. They ran well for being the tires that came on my car from the factory. All in all not bad but definitely not the best. I’ve recently upgraded to Michelin Pilot Sport 4s’s and hope to see some better performance.


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