Dunlop SP Sport 5000M DSST CTT Sizes & review

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The SP Sport 5000M DSST CTT is Dunlop’s Ultra High Performance All-Season run-flat tire featuring Dunlop Self-Supporting Technology (DSST) and is a Combined Technology Tyre (CTT) that merges both car and motorcycle tire development and manufacturing technologies to enhance ride quality while providing temporary extended mobility. The SP Sport 5000M DSST CTT was developed for Original Equipment use on coupes, performance sedans and sporty crossover vehicles. It is designed to provide ultra high performance and all-season versatility by blending traction on dry, wet and wintry roads, including in occasional light snow.

The Dunlop Self-Supporting Technology (DSST) Combined Technology Tyre (CTT) incorporates special sidewall reinforcements that support the weight of the vehicle even after sustaining air pressure losses that would render conventional tires immobile. While internal tire damage will likely make replacement necessary, DSST CTT tires are designed to endure being run on while flat for up to 50 miles at speeds up to 55 mph and provide drivers the temporary extended mobility necessary to drive through stormy weather and away from dangerous situations.

Original Equipment self-supporting run-flat all-season tires are most often repurchased as direct replacements for pairs and sets of worn out Original Equipment tires and DSST CTT tires are only recommended for vehicles originally equipped with self-supporting run-flat tires and a tire pressure monitoring system.

The SP Sport 5000M DSST CTT molds a high performance all-season tread compound into a symmetric tread design consisting of a continuous center rib flanked by independent intermediate and shoulder blocks that blend traction, treadwear and rolling resistance to meet a wide range of driving conditions. Full-face, engineered crosscut sipes provide more biting edges for slush and snow traction. The tires’ internal structure include twin steel belts reinforced by Dunlop’s Jointless Band (JLB) technology that uses spirally wound nylon to provide high-speed durability while it reduces weight and helps provide more uniform ride quality.


  1. The sidewall split on me at 25,000 miles. I didn’t hit anything… I was in line at a drive thru for coffee and the warning light came on… I watched the pressure drop from 35 to 16 PSI in 30 seconds… Can’t even drive a few miles to tire store with the side wall split… I was shocked to get the quote for replacement. Seems very high for a tire that does not survive 26,000 miles…

  2. For what this tire cost, this should be a much better and more durable tire. I like the fact that they’re run flats and won’t flat on you right away if punctured however, these tires do not stand up to city road conditions at all. Since Feb 2014 I have had to replace three of them due to damages from potholes. Mind you, the first pothole was a monster and even my rim got bent but the other two instances, the potholes were not that deep at all. I’m convinced these tires simply are not made to withstand regular city roads. And at $400 a pop, they’re simply not worth it at all!!

  3. The ride is very noisy and harsh. The tire is very expensive and cannot be repaired. Handling is okay. The only reason to buy this tire is for its run-flat capability. Since I’ve had 3 flats in two years I have tested this out on a 25 mile stretch at 30-40 mph. No damage to wheel. Fortunately I bought tire insurance when I purchased the car, but will have to make a decision when this expires. Is the safety/convenience factor worthwhile vs a not very comfortable ride?

  4. At 21,000 miles tread depth down to about 6/32 inch. So tread life is poor to fair. The tires are noisy and the ride is somewhat harsh. In addition these tires are VERY expensive. The only reason I haven’t replaced is because they are run-flat in function. At age 76 I am too old to be changing tires in the middle of nowhere (I have had to flats in the last two years due to road hazards).

  5. These tires are garbage. I had one tire replaced at 700 miles under warranty because the sidewall ripped. Now at 2800 miles it happened again so that’s two tires in 2 months. Each tire is $400 and is not worth it. I’m replacing all the tires with Michelin a/s 3. I don’t have a spare but I rather take the risk then pay for $400 tires every month during my lease. The ride is very harsh and the handling feels separate from the road. If you live in NYC or cities that doesn’t have PERFECT roads stay away from these tires.

  6. I have went through 4 tires already on my Q50S. 2 tires had large bubbles which was noticeable at 6 miles. The other 2 tires the sidewalls gave out driving under 50 MPhil on the highway. The front driver and passenger side have been replaced now 2x overall. Unhappy with Dunlop, this is a known ongoing issue. Overpriced and not reliable


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