Dunlop Signature II (T-Speed Rated) Sizes & review

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Signature II tires featuring T-speed ratings are Dunlop’s Standard Touring All-Season tire developed to meet the needs of the drivers of coupes, sedans, vans and crossover vehicles. Signature II tires are designed to combine touring ride comfort with an athletic attitude by providing the responsive handling and confident cornering that enhances the connection between the driver and the road, along with year-round, all-season traction, even in light snow.

Signature II tires feature an all-season tread compound molded into a symmetric design with circumferential channels and lateral Evaqua Grooves to efficiently pump water out from under the footprint and blend hydroplaning resistance with dry road handling and noise comfort. Multi-directional siping increases traction in wet and wintry conditions.

The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts to enhance handling and treadwear while Dunlop’s Dimensionally Stable Polyester body (a special manufacturing process to pre-cure and pre-stretch the ply cords) delivers a smooth ride.


  1. I regret purchasing these tires. Two of these tires that I purchased had the inner belt separate and form a bulge in the tire. Had this happen on one of the back tires and replaced the set with two new tires. Then the same thing happened on one of the front tires. Didn’t even want to submit a warranty claim because I didn’t want another set of these tires and to go through that hassle to have it possibly happen again. My car had a terrible wobble and shimmy that continued to get worse until a tire place explained what had happened after the dealership was clueless. Extremely dangerous and inconveniencing. Will never buy Dunlop again.

  2. Purchased these tires based on reviews from Tire Rack and reasonable price. Totally a BIG MISTAKE! Tires are horrible in rain and especially snow. These are the WORST TIRES I have ever driven on. Highly recommend staying AWAY from whatever these pieces of rubber are. They do wear good, have plenty of tread after 30,000 miles, but ABSOLUTELY NO GRIP!!!!

  3. 30000 miles on a well maintained Toyota Sienna van, the tires are have wear the indicate that they need to be replaced. They have been rotated regularly, but at low speeds have the front tires have created a shimmy in the steering that can not be ignored. I took it to my shop and all they did was rotate the tire and the shimmy was gone. 65k warrenty? what a load.

  4. tread wear is very good. a good amount of sidewall on it. easy to maintain. and the tread is a wide profile. good on rain days.


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