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The Grandtrek AT20 is Dunlop’s Highway All-Season light truck tire that was developed for the drivers of pickups and sport utility vehicles. The Grandtrek AT20 was designed to deliver low noise, a comfortable ride, and year-round traction, even in light snow.

The numerous Grandtrek AT20 sizes developed for the aftermarket are branded with UTQG Ratings of 500 A B and have been designed to provide a balance of traits appropriate for today’s lavish pickups and luxury sport utility vehicles, while the few Original Equipment Grandtrek AT20 tires developed several years ago are branded with UTQG Ratings of 300 B B and appear to place emphasis on low rolling resistance to increase the vehicle’s fuel economy above poor weather traction and treadwear.

On the outside, the aftermarket tires feature Dunlop’s advanced all-season compound molded into a tread design that combines independent intermediate and shoulder blocks with a continuous center rib to enhance dry traction and treadwear. Then crosscut sipes, wide circumferential grooves and deep lateral grooves provide the biting edges needed to enhance poor weather traction. On the inside, twin steel belts stabilize the tread while a Dimensionally Stable Polyester cord body and bead design promote ride comfort, handling and treadwear.


  1. Got these with the 4runner. they are great on road but any off road, they give up. just spin. got stuck in about 4″ of snow and had to push the truck out.

  2. These came new on our 2016 CRV touring edition never liked these tires from day 1 noisy and they were harsh over seams and road imperfections now with 28000 miles 2 down to the wear bars 2 at 3/32 and worst of all every tire is cracking in the tread and around the outer edges of the side walls I would never buy another set of these I cant believe these cost 200.00 each with a 300utog and a B traction rating the only good thing about these tires is that they hold air pressure never more than a pound off and I check pressure every 2 weeks

  3. I drive in central Pennsylvania and I can tell you these are by far the worst performing tire I have ever driven in the winter. They were ok on dry highway driving and adequate for dry city driving. However if there is any amount of snow slush or ice on the road even in 4 wheel drive your confidence will be greatly reduced. I have been driving for 30+ years and I had more confidence in a rwd 1978 coupe than I do with these tires on a modern 4×4 with traction control, locking diff and ATRAC. I was stuck in the driveway in approx 9 inches of snow. I’m deciding what to replace these with now, as these are just not a safe tire for any type of winter driving in PA!!

  4. These tires came on my new Toyota 4Runner and they have been very poor for anything other than clear dry roads. Living in Wisconsin I would definitely not recommend these tires. They are awful in rain or snow and down right dangerous in icy conditions. The tire life was about average and they should be good for about 60,000 miles, but you can get a much better tire in this price range.

  5. This tire set came from the factory on my new vehicle in 2015. To me, a disappointing choice by Toyota to equip a great truck with these tires. If I only knew then what I know now.

  6. This is a great highway tire, quiet and responsive on dry pavement. Wet and snow performance is dismal.


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