Bridgestone Potenza RE050A Pole Position RFT Sizes & review


The Potenza RE050A Pole Position RFT (Run Flat Tire) is Bridgestone’s Max Performance Summer run-flat tire developed exclusively for the Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZO6. The Potenza RE050A Pole Position RFT is designed to combine athletic capabilities on the street along with temporary extended mobility for a distance of 50 miles at up to 50 mph even in the event a puncture allows complete air pressure loss. Like all summer tires, the Potenza RE050A Pole Position RFT is not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.

The Potenza RE050A Pole Position RFT features a high-silica content tread compound molded into an asymmetric tread design with stable shoulder elements, large tread blocks and a continuous center rib on the outboard side to provide responsive handling and traction on dry roads, while wide circumferential and lateral tread grooves pump water out from under the tire’s footprint to enhance hydroplaning resistance and aid wet traction.

Another continuous circumferential rib adjacent to the inboard shoulder blocks enhances wear quality to help reduce noise throughout the life of the tire, especially on cars with alignment settings that specify negative camber. The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced by spirally wrapped nylon to stabilize the tread area and enhance high-speed capability, as well as Bridgestone self-supporting run-flat technology specifically tuned to support the Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZO6 even after a puncture causes a complete loss of air pressure.

Max. Inflation PressureTread DepthTire WeightRim Width RangeMeas. Rim WidthSect. WidthTread WidthOverall Diam.Revs. Per Mile
280 AA A1,201 lbs51 psi10/32"31 lbs9-11"9.5"10.9"9.6"25.6"814
280 AA A1,201 lbs51 psi10/32"31 lbs9-11"9.5"10.9"9.6"25.6"814


  1. Purchased a used Z06 that came with fresh RE050A Pole Position RFTs. First experience with these tires was at Deals Gap, NC where I spent about a week on “The Dragon.” At the end of a few spirited passes the G-meter registered 1.05.Just recently I took these tires with 10,000 miles to Sebring for two days of HP driving. The tread was around 70% of new in the back (thanks to a countless number of burnouts) and 80% up front. The intent was to run these tires for a day to “finish them off” and then swap into a set of Hoosier R7’s. Over the course of two days the tires were subjected to 2x :25 warm-ups, 8x :30 hot laps and 2x :30 open events, nearly 12 :30 events– the tires are far from finished! In fact the rears still have around 50% of their tread at the center. The front edges show small amount of chunking and cutting which is to be expected. Tires pressures started the day at 26psi and would elevate to 35-36psi by the end of the session– at 35psi the car really starts to get loose. This stock Z06 turned lap times in the 2:30’s (152 mph on the back stretch) and would surely do better with a more experienced driver. That being said, they are not Michelin Cup Sport tires by any means, but 90% of them. What you do gain is a tire that subtly gives up grip with an increasing amount of audible indication, rotates quickly, well planted and is more than ample for :25 sessions. The only cars faster were those with more HP and running slicks or other Z06’s on cup tires. The trade-off is an excellent tire that would likely last 40-50,000 miles in a street application, has RFT capability and enough performance to get people asking, ” what tires are you running?”I ordered a second set for the Z and will install them when I finally run the edges off the front or get the rears to the wear indicators. I envision these second set lasting the remainder of the car’s life. The tires tested are 4 years old front and 3 years old rear according to the DOT date

  2. My car is actually a 427 convertible, so either a steel-framed convertible Z06 or a GS convertible with a Z06 drivetrain – depending upon one’s perspective.For some reason these cars came with the ZR1-spec 285/30-19 front, 335/25-20 rear Pilot Sport ZP setup, which makes no sense to me since the extra size isn’t needed for brake clearance (as it is on the ZR1), and nobody’s going to seriously track a convertible. So I sold off the stock tires and replaced them with Sport Cups for Autocrossing, and got a set of Z06 18/19 wheels for street use.In the Z06/GS runflat world, there are only four choices aside from racing tires – Pilot Sports, the two OE Goodyears, and these. I’ve never used the Goodyears, but my assessment of their performance tires has been generally that they make a great one…occasionally, and now is not one of those occasions.These are, I think, a generation older than the Pilot Sport; however, since I’m not racing, these seemed like a much better deal, being about 3/4 the price of the Michelins. And I’m happy. They’re a little noisier than the stock Pilots (remember also I’m comparing different sizes), but they ride better. The steering precision and cornering stability/communication is amazing, as good as or better than anything I’ve used on any car. They don’t have quite the ultimate grip of the Pilots (and nothing like the Sport Cups), and they also need some heat; they’re a little slippery until they’re warmed up. But they’re plenty good for my application, which usually involves little more challenging than blasting through deserted roundabouts at 3x posted.I’ve got 12000 miles over two ‘seasons’ on them (IMO review of tires when they’re brand new don’t tell much except that they’re better than the old worn-out set you replaced), and they’re essentially as-new. They work fine in rain as long as I’m sensible. I’ll keep buying these until/unless something better comes along at a similar price point.

  3. The Bridgestone RE050 Pole Positions are brilliant when new and for the first 10,000 miles. Then the rears progressively degrade until worn out at around 25,000 miles on my Honda S2000. The fronts last almost twice as long. I live in the northwest cool wet climate and the tires are OK in the spring and fall but best in the summer. Forget driving these in the winter, unless it’s a sunny dry day. The Bridgestones suit the S2000 handling characteristics well, allowing some lift throttle oversteer near the handling limit. But they break traction quite suddenly so you have to be gentle when near max g cornering. Ride comfort is OK but the S2000 is quite a stiff riding car. The Honda is also not exactly quiet so it’s hard to evaluate tire noise.

  4. Drove through most of the lower 48 on these tires. When new they were QUIET, now they produce noise that is noticed, but nowhere like the Good year tires. I went through 2 sets of Goodyears in 30,000 miles; these Bridgstones have 30,000 miles and the wear bars are still way down there. Unless some one I know and trust says they found something better, I’ll stick with them.

  5. After 40,000 miles I need fronts, but rears are still good. Far superior to the OEM Goodyears. Highly recommend for GS or Z06.

  6. I bought these tires for my Corvette GrandSport Coupe and they have been great. I’m on my second set, first set went for 24,500 miles and I think I will get a little under that number this time around. I live in North Carolina so I’ve able to drive year round as long as their isn’t much snow on the ground. I’ve also used them on a road course and at a local drag strip. They are very predictable and communicate well when at the limit. I would recommend this tire to anyone who wants a versatile runflat tire that last a long time.


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