Bridgestone Potenza RE960AS Pole Position RFT Sizes & review

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The Potenza RE960AS Pole Position RFT is an Ultra High Performance All-Season self-supporting replacement run-flat tire developed for drivers looking for enhanced ride quality and all-season traction for sports cars, sports coupes and performance sedans originally equipped with O.E. run-flat tires. It features Bridgestone 3G RFT Technology designed to offer almost the same riding comfort as conventional tires while providing temporary extended mobility for a distance of 50 miles at up to 50 mph even after a puncture has allowed complete air pressure loss. Potenza RE960AS Pole Position RFT tires are also designed to provide year-round driving flexibility by offering predictable handling, traction and control on dry and wet roads, as well as in light snow.

The Potenza RE960AS Pole Position RFT molds a dual layer, high performance all-season tread compound into a directional design that provides stability on dry roads while its tread grooves help pump water and slush through the tire’s footprint to increase hydroplaning resistance and foul weather traction. Scalloped multi-edge lateral grooves on each tread block leading edge and multiple sipes in each tread block increase the number of biting edges to enhance wet road and light snow traction.

The tire’s structure includes twin steel belts reinforced by spirally wrapped nylon, along with a casing that features reinforced sidewalls to temporarily support the vehicle after a puncture causes a loss of air pressure. Bridgestone’s NanoPro-Tech Sidewall reinforced rubber compound is molded into sidewalls that feature Bridgestone’s Cooling Fin Design to enhance run-flat performance without sacrificing as much ride comfort.

Max. Inflation PressureTread DepthTire WeightRim Width RangeMeas. Rim WidthSect. WidthTread WidthOverall Diam.Revs. Per Mile
400 AA A1,521 lbs51 psi11/32"31 lbs9-11"9.5"10.9"10.6"25.6"815
400 AA A1,477 lbs51 psi11/32"33 lbs9-11"9.5"10.9"10.5"26.7"782


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